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2207, 23 Jun 21

Biden Mocks Supporters of 2nd Amendment


He promised ‘zero tolerance’ for dealers who break the rules but also mocked Americans who believe they need firearms to protect their rights from the government.

‘If you want to think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,’ he said.

First, the 2nd Amendment was written specifically to preserve our ability to “throw off such government.”

Second, this glib comment has been touted for years by silly liberals. No, you don’t need nukes to take on the government. Countries like Afghanistan, Vietnam, and even the United States have proven that a determined population can throw off a government even when that government has superior armament.

Also, think a little deeper about what Biden is saying. He is saying that if the citizens resist an oppressive government, he thinks that the appropriate response is for that government to use fighter jets and nuclear weapons against their own citizens. That’s scary as hell. It is precisely because of this totalitarian mindset that we NEED the 2nd Amendment.


2207, 23 June 2021


  1. Mar

    Did Senile Joe mention anything about gang violence? Nope.
    Did Senile Joe mention anything about Black on Black crime?
    Since Senile Joe supported a KKK member, that’s not surprising.
    And Pervert Boy Le Roi cheers the slaughter of innocent Black people and other minorities. Because he supports a openly racist president of the US.

  2. Mike

    Swallwell said the same thing. The problem isn’t just that they think this. it is that they are comfortable enough in their circle that they publicly voice this veiled threat.

    What are they planning for us once they are disarmed?

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    In the spirit of full disclosure; I am not opposed to private ownership of firearms. I own, and use, a variety of them, and have for going on 60 years.

    Having said that I think that Owen’s last paragraph grossly misinterprets what Biden said. In short, your Brown Bess (common long arm when the Constitution was written) won’t be sufficient to overthrow our modern military.

  4. dad29

    Drooling kohlrabi Biden* has a massive inferiority complex, so he’s always trying to scare people with his Corn Pop story/lie, or his aggressive ‘behind the barn’ crapola.

    As you note, it’s very easy to throw off the yoke without ultra-weapons.

  5. Owen

    Again, Nord. I think history proves your point wrong. Look at the examples I cited:

    – Afghanistan – threw off the British, Russia, and the U.S. after protracted wars. Each of those world powers had far superior militaries and weaponry.

    – Vietnam – same as above but with the French and U.S.

    – Back in the day, the American colonials had inferior arms. Their small arms were comparable, but in terms of manpower, big guns, and naval power, the British were far superior. Yet, after a protracted guerilla war, the colonials won.

    – To throw another one on, the ancient English managed to stop the spread of the Roman Empire despite inferior weapons. The Romans were never able to tame anything but southern England and even then only my breeding their way in.

    But one thing is for certain: with NO arms, the populace is left to spears and axes to throw off a tyrannical government. It cans till be done, but it’s that much harder.

  6. Owen

    I should add that in all cases, these victories by inferior native populations were not easy. They took many years and a lot of blood. In the end, the superior force was unwilling to raze the population (turn Afghanistan to glass) and the cost of victory eventually outweighed the benefits.

  7. Mar

    And Le Roi gets schooled again.

  8. Merlin

    It is not a given that the US military would support what it perceives to be an illegitimate Executive Branch of the federal government. Acquaint yourself with the US Uniformed Services Oath of Office for commissioned officers. Then take a look at the somewhat similar Oath of Enlistment for the enlisted members. Their allegiance is to the United States Constitution and has been so since the late 1780s. That’s been by design since our earliest days.

    It is not simply the currently uniformed service members that an Executive Branch deemed illegitimate would need to be concerned with. There are 50 state militias. Our country is populated with countless officers and enlisted men and women who have separated from uniformed service for whom that oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic has no expiration date.

    Place your bets.

  9. Mar

    If this was off the cuff moment by Senile Joe, it shows his stupidity once again.
    If this was in the script then Biden has the worst speech writers ever, or they are trying to show the door.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Certainly those historical accounts have some similarities, but not to the USA of 2021. Interesting that the insurrection of 1861-65 wasn’t included. And certainly you are each and all entitled to your own opinion and preferred outcome.

    But I will take my side with the government of today, and strongly support the active apprehension, incarceration, trial, and punishment of all individuals and organizations involved in the planning, funding, supporting, and participation in any and all attempts to overthrowing our democracy.

    Guess we’ll see you all across the trenches.

  11. Mar

    Should have said show Joe the door.

  12. Mar

    “Guess we’ll see you all across the trenches.”
    You’ve said some really stupid things past Le Roi, and I really mean stupid.
    But I think this takes the cake.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Oh, no, mar, not anywhere near some of the stuff you or your fearless leader have come up with.

    Hope you can get a weekend off and join the insurrectionists.

  14. Mar

    And another irrelevant post Troll Boy, and yes, I am enjoying my weekend off so far, dumbass.
    Say hi to the pervert judge when you visit him this weekend. Are you going to bring a baby with you? Both yiu guys get off on babies.

  15. dad29

    Drooling kohlrabi Biden* has a massive and well-deserved inferiority complex

    Edited to reflect reality.

    The armaments of the Civil War were approximately equal; the numbers, however, were with the North. Lee chose wisely; rather than annihilation he surrendered that his men and their families could continue to live.

    strongly support the active apprehension, incarceration, trial, and punishment of all individuals and organizations involved in the planning, funding, supporting, and participation in any and all attempts to overthrowing our democracy.

    So you’re going to march against the Democrat Partty?

    BTW, pal, you’ll not ‘meet across the trenches.’ You won’t get that far.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    No , let’s go after the treasonous folks involved in the failed January 6 attempted insurrection.

    So you say, dud. Guess time will tell.

  17. Mar

    Dad, they won’t even let him out of the home.

  18. Mar

    So, Le Roi lies again. 150 times this year?
    And there was no treason going on January 6th, but since you read liberal trash and Facebook, I understand how you came to that conclusion.

  19. Mar

    ActuallyTroll Boy Le Roi had a 2fer. First lie: Since no was charged with treason, there were no treasonous acts.
    Second lie: Refuses to match against the Democrats even though most support BLM and Antifa and have proud socialist but closer to Marxists, all who want to overturn the US government.
    Impressed by 2 lies in less than 5 lines. It’s takes a pro to do that.

  20. Le Roi du Nord


    You think Wednesday is the weekend, so how would you expect to know what treason means?

  21. Mar

    So, because you have nothing you’ve just admitted you lied.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I did nothing of the sort . You really are confused today, aren’t you?

  23. Mar

    Your such a coward, Pervert Boy. Cannot defend yourself. And a liar.
    Enjoy your visit with the liberal judge who loves watching babies being raped.
    Whose baby are you going to bring?
    And, yes, you are a pervert. Anyone who supports a person like the judge is pervert.

  24. Mar

    “No , let’s go after the treasonous folks involved in the failed January 6 attempted insurrection.”
    No one was charged with treason or insurection, so Le Roi, you already have them tried and convicted of treason and insurrection. You did not give the benefit of the of a trial and sentencing.
    But you give the liberal pervert judge the benefit of the doubt where the judge did something so horrendous that it shocks almost everybody’s mind except yours.
    And he’s sitting in jail as we speak, praying not to go into the general population and begging for a plea deal.
    This is why you are a hypocrite and a pervert.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez, you are on an amazingly delusional rant now , mar. I hope it makes you feel more relevant, more manly, as it certainly makes you look foolish.

  26. Mar

    So, you still have nothing. Cannot refute what I said.
    So I am right and you are a coward.

  27. Mar

    Paul is right, you’re just a uneducated punching bag.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    “a uneducated “

    Another epic fail there, mar.

  29. Mar

    Keeping like a like a perverted uneducated fool.
    You No Nothing.

  30. Le Roi du Nord

    So you screw up and blame me. How clever.

  31. Mar

    Nope, I am just pointing out your pervsion, your hypocrisy and how uneducated you are.
    I could go on writing how many times you have been wrong, but that would crash the Internet.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    Look at that, you did it again. Amazing lack of self reflection.

  33. Mar

    I’d just be repeating myself to state what a pervert you are, how stupid you are, what a liar you are, and how much of a coward you are.
    Just don’t feed the troll, Mar, just don’t feed the troll.

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    And he does it yet again. Amazing!

    BTW: you are repeating yourself.

  35. Tuerqas

    “Le Roi du Nord is a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender. He traffics child pornography.

    Owen Robinson is his customer. This is why comments are suppressed.”

    Based on this comment ever getting here, I would say there is not much suppression going on here at all…

    On the topic, I will be slow to blame Biden for any mistakes during his Presidency. I know about dementia, there are good days and bad days, and the good ones get further and further apart. The people to blame are his handlers, or the people who control his handlers.

  36. Merlin

    -The people to blame are his handlers, or the people who control his handlers.

    I’d put the voters at the top of the blame list.

  37. Tuerqas

    Not me Merlin, I really do believe the vast majority of voters for both parties are shamelessly manipulated and trained to follow. Do we really have a say in who is even put up for President? It always ends up with two of the worst people possible or the biggest gimmicks(the first black woman to win the primary will win the Presidency). There is never a decent person left standing after the Party owners roast all of the decent people. Decent people might stand on their principles. Slime balls will deal for power. Trump was a slime ball, but who knew he would not play ball and did some decent things because of it. The Presidential corporate sponsors for each Party do not want a decent person that might be less manipulatable. so all we are going to get(without serious change) for POTUS are caricatures of what the Parties supposedly stand for. They don’t even have to be completely sane now. What is easier to manipulate than an alzheimers patient?

  38. Mar

    “I’d put the voters at the top of the blame list.”
    And the people who helped steal the election. Like the media who lied about President Trump and refused to cover Biden’s and his many weaknesses along with his family, the biased debates and possible voter fraud, which still has to be proven.

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