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0844, 23 Jun 21

Biden’s Border is a Humanitarian Disaster

This is a direct result of the new federal administration’s policies.

The tented camp in the Fort Bliss military base in El Paso, Texas, is the temporary home for over 2,000 teenaged children who have crossed the US-Mexico border alone and are now awaiting reunification with family in the US.

Findings from the BBC’s investigation include allegations of sexual abuse, Covid and lice outbreaks, a child waiting hours for medical attention, a lack of clean clothes and hungry children being served undercooked meat.

The BBC has spoken to camp employees about these conditions and seen photos and video smuggled out by staff.


HHS did not respond to the specific allegations of neglect in Fort Bliss uncovered by the BBC, but says in a public statement that it is “providing required standards of care for children such as clean and comfortable sleeping quarters, meals, toiletries, laundry, educational and recreational activities, and access to medical services”.



0844, 23 June 2021


  1. Merlin

    I flew in and out of Biggs just once long, long ago (early August, maybe?) and my impression of Fort Bliss was one of a million acres of no thank you. They have a lot of space, but I don’t remember the environment being all that hospitable. Other than simple proximity to the border, probably not the best place to house a tented camp of children.

  2. Mar

    They’re storing kids at Lacklacd AFB, where did my basic training. Not sure where they will put them, maybe the
    Korean era dorms.
    Are they affecting basic training or paramilitary training?
    Venice if the were guarded by the DI’s, especially the bad asses.

  3. Mar

    More evidence Senile Joe is not all together there:
    President Biden raised eyebrows Thursday in North Carolina with a bizarre statement in which he claimed that “Latinx” people are less likely to get vaccinated against the coronavirus because “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

    Biden traveled to Raleigh as part of a a nationwide “month of action” campaign meant to boost vaccination rates before the July 4 holiday. However, the president’s exhortation for people to get the shot was overshadowed by his strange aside, in which he also confused the Tuskegee Airmen — the heroic African American pilots of World War II — with the victims of the infamous decades-long Tuskegee syphilis study.”
    We are witnessing elder abuse of the president.

  4. Tuerqas

    People, people, nothing to worry about here. The masses that vote Democrat have a lot of poverty and need. These camps are just training them up (or down) to expectations for a life of the common Democratic votership. All they will be programmed to remember is that Republican equals a wall and Democrat equals that they finally got into America.

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