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1221, 08 Apr 21

The Gun “Epidemic”

Words matter.

“This is an epidemic, for God’s sake, and it has to stop,” Biden said in a Rose Garden speech.

Sit back and think of all of the government overreach we have experienced in the last year under the auspices that we had to do it to fight an “epidemic.” The government shut down businesses; forced people to stay home; forced people to wear masks; suspended civil rights to assemble, petition government, due process, speedy trials, etc.; changed election laws; funneled trillions of dollars to special interests and corporations; restricted interstate travel; nd on and on and on. The government did all of that to fight an epidemic.

So by calling violence committed with guns an “epidemic,” does that give Biden, Evers, and others the same cover to do the same thing to fight it? Could the government suspend carry laws, force gun registrations, and more to fight it? If not, why not? Do you think they won’t try?

There is a reason that Biden’s handlers put that word in his mouth.


1221, 08 April 2021


  1. Mar

    Meanwhile, liberals are revamping the police departments and defending them, liberal DA’s are letting criminals go and cities and states are emptying out jails and prisons.
    And the problem are ghost guns?
    Meanwhile, over 830 people have been shot this year in Chicago, with 152 dead.
    A liberal mind is really hard to understand.

  2. Mar

    Should be liberals are defunding the police.
    Liberals defending the police? Ha!!

  3. Jason

    Is it a good time to mention all the gymnastics that the administration has been doing to avoid using the word “crisis” regarding the southern border…

  4. Merlin

    They sure behave as though they know the outcome of all future elections.

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