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0747, 08 Apr 21

Biden to Bypass Congress to Further Restrict Civil Rights Today

Biden has learned his lessons well from Herr Evers and others. Why bother with the legislature if it might be icky?

Later on Thursday, Mr Biden will say that he has given the Justice Department 30 days to propose a rule that will help reduce the number of “ghost guns”. These guns are self-assembled, which means they do not contain a serial number and cannot be traced.

I’ve been around guns and gun people all my life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase “ghost gun.” This appears to be a bit of showmanship. On the issue itself, there are only three reasons that guns don’t have a serial number from a manufacturer. First, they were filed off. Second, someone built the gun from parts. There are a lot of hobbyists out there who like to build their own guns instead of just buying them. Third, the gun is old from a period when serial numbers were not required. Whatever the case, if a person sells it, whether or not a gun has a serial number doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not the seller is required to run a background check. That is regulated by whether or not the seller is a licensed dealer or not. But the background check is on the person buying the gun – not the gun.

Here is what I think this is intended to do. The background check form has a spot to enter the serial number of the firearm if it has one. But the government doesn’t need that information to process the check. I think this is designed to give the government an excuse to deny background checks based on the form being incomplete. This is designed to just make it more of a hassle by throwing up bureaucratic roadblocks.

Mr Biden will also give the Justice Department 60 days to come up with a rule on stabilising braces for pistols. Under the rule, the braces, which can be used to turn a pistol into a short-barrelled rifle, would be subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

So killers will use a short rifle. This is an overreaction that doesn’t actually do anything other than annoy people, but it does allow politicians to say that they are “doing something” when they are not.

The Justice Department will also be asked to draft a “red flag law” which states can then use to create their own legislation. These laws authorise the courts and law enforcement to remove guns from people thought to be a risk to the community.

This is still a state issue, so it really depends on your state. The Justice Department can wrote all the samples they want. All it does is waste taxpayer money.


0747, 08 April 2021


  1. MjM

    Owen snarks: “So killers will use a short rifle.”

    BwaHA! Only in (anti-gun) Hollywood movies!

    Yes, your common street thug is gonna go shell out $1000-$4000 for an AR/AK, Evo, or MP5 pistol. And that background check, felon! Unlike your fraud vote, gonna need ID. Shopping Amazon for a $400 goofy looking “brace” for your stolen Glock 17? Don’t forget the trench coat so’s you can hide it all before holding up that Quik Mart, bro.

    Seriously. We have a “president” who, on one hand thinks passenger trains are faster than jet planes and on the other hand believes jet planes can fly at 21,000 mph, has crammed 18,000 kids in cages (sorry… “Migrant Facilities”), and who just nominated a lying nutbag to run the ATF.

    Expecting anything reasonable or sensible from this dain bramaged idiot will, at the very least, be disappointing

  2. dad29

    All it does is waste taxpayer money.

    You got the general idea.

  3. Mike

    Criminals have been sawing off barrels and grinding off serial numbers since guns were invented. These laws won’t stop anything.

  4. MjM

    CORRECTION: Babblin’ Joe nominated Waco wacko David “Zombie” Chipman to head the American Federation of Teachers, not the ATF.

    Really! No malarkey! ….

    “I’m proud to nominate David Chipman for the director of the A.F.T. . David knows the A.F.T. well.” – Babblin Joe

  5. Mar

    Gee, supposed gun owner and gun rights advocate, Le Roi, has been silent in what his hero, Senile Joe has done here..
    I guess when Le Roi boasts he owns guns, well he really doesn’t.
    Or perhaps, Le Roi is cheering on his hero to make guns illegal.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar, in many ways. You are sure having a difficult time saying anything truthful. Is it genetic, or are you self taught?

  7. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy.
    So, you don’t own a gun? Ok,I guess that was a lie.
    You support gun owners rights, as you said before, I guess that’s a lie also.
    When are you going to engage in serious conversation Troll Boy or are you just reduced to a babbling idiot?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar. Your confusion over the English language and your lack of comprehension doesn’t look good on your C.V.. Seek help.

    You want a “serious conversation “? Then quit acting so juvenile. Call someone a “babbling idiot “ isn’t a good start.

  9. Mar

    Then stop acting like a troll and a babbling idiot.
    I’ve tried, Tuerqas tried and you refuse act in a civil manner.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    I have never called you an idiot, babbling, or otherwise. Nor have I called you a pervert, pedophile, murderer, or uneducated. If you want to have a civil conversation, then act in a civil manner.

  11. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy.
    Still waiting for the time you posted something relevant.
    I guess you can’t do that.
    I guess you are just a coward.

  12. Mar

    And oh by the way, Le Roi, I don’t like about things you have said, I don’t about things I have done, I don’t lie about what is in the news and I don’t intentionally misspell your name.
    So, if you want to find a disrespectful person, look in the mirror.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Try again, mar, you aren’t making any sense. Again.

  14. Mar

    Now you are playing the roll of a clown and a troll. Good job.
    Still cannot say when you posted anything relevant to a conversation.
    How pathetic.
    Way to go Clown Troll Boy.

  15. Mar

    I’m not going to speak for Owen or Jed, but you must really hate their ass to post all the crap that you do.
    And you must really hate them when you admit you are a troll.
    How disrespectful.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I don’t hate anyone, not even you. You made that all up.

  17. Mar

    Yes, Le Roi, and I am the King of Sweden.
    You are a liar and have no creditability.
    And you are a vile and hateful person.
    Oh, and another troll post from Troll Boy.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    If so, why do you claim to live in Arizona, Carl XVI Gustaf ? Or are you just making up the story as well?

    And I don’t hate you either. And no matter how many times you spread that lie, it won’t become true.

  19. Mar

    Again, Troll Boy, when are you going to post something relevant?

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    Explain, if you can, how your claim to the throne of Sweden is “relevant “ to anything other than your inability to tell the truth?

  21. Mar

    Le Roi, you are equivalent of the last man drafted in the NFL draft.
    Google his nickname, if you don’t know.

  22. Mar

    And again, Le Roi, when was the last time you posted anything relevant?
    And are you ever going to post anything relevant again or are you just going to troll and hate?

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