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1441, 07 Apr 21

Harris Ignores President’s Border Assignment

I suspect that Harris is too much of a political animal to want to be tied to the humanitarian catastrophe occurring at our southern border.

Kamala Harris has still to visit the US-Mexico border or even hold a press conference about her new duties in the two weeks since being tasked with addressing the migrant crisis.


The Vice President spent Easter weekend at her Brentwood home in Southern California where she baked a ‘beautiful’ roast pork with rice and peas, but did not find time in her schedule to visit the nearby border.


In the past two weeks she has also visited Connecticut for a talk with the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven, traveled to Oakland to meet with Gavin Newsom to show support amid his potential recall election, and made a trip to a bakery in Chicago.


Harris has also been busy moving into her new residence at the Naval Observatory just days after she complained about living out of suitcases while it was being renovated.


On March 24, she was tasked with leading the efforts to tackle the ‘humanitarian crisis’ amid a surge of migrants trying to enter the US since Joe Biden‘s administration came into office.


1441, 07 April 2021


  1. MjM

    Crisis? What crisis?*

    It’s not even as bad as “let them eat cake!”. She actually TAKES the cake.

    (*w/ apologies to Supertramp)

  2. dad29

    No worries. Biden* already forgot he gave her the job.

  3. Merlin

    Can’t blame Harris for not wanting to be the face of Team Biden’s biggest mess. She’s not there to take the beatings. Let short-timer Joe own it.

  4. Mike

    Like it or not she was tasked with this so she owns it. MSM won’t report it that way though.

  5. Tuerqas

    Oh, I bet MSM will find plenty of isolated half truths to make her look good. And I could write the MSM tag lines right now. All failures will start with some form of the words “Former President Trump…”.
    and it will include phrases such as ‘Republican roadblocks’. Then it will include a success story about little Jose getting out of his Trump kennel to be re-united with his loving family somewhere in the states.

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