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2136, 02 Mar 21

Wisconsin Vaccine Registry Site Delayed


Wisconsin’s promised vaccine registry site will be delayed for a second time as the state health department works out glitches with the Microsoft-designed software.


And when the website does launch, it will likely feature just a few local health departments at first, health officials said.


In a news briefing Tuesday, state Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said the department “ran into some components that were not functioning the way we anticipated” during pilot testing last week and over the weekend.


“We made the decision that quality trumped speed in this one,” she said.


2136, 02 March 2021


  1. Mar

    Well, when you use those Tandy computers, what do you expect???

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals running things. No surprise.

  3. Pat

    That’s not so good. Hopefully they’ll get that straighten out. But looking at the over all situation more positively, Wisconsin nationally ranks 3rd in doses administered. Texas is ranked at 45th.

  4. Jason

    >Wisconsin nationally ranks 3rd in doses administered.

    Thankfully all the Red counties are pulling up the Blue ones. Just look at the news this morning… Milwaukee had to throw away doses due to incompetence. Which way does Barrett vote again?

    I wonder if anyone will be investigated and charged as harshly as the nutjob pharmacist who intentionally damage some doses a month or so ago?

  5. Mar

    Umm, Pat, you might want to check your figures.
    According to the chart Owen provided, Texas administered 8,000,000+ doses while Wisconsin administered 1,800,000.
    Now, here in Arizona, 8,000,000 beats 1,800,000. Maybe your math is different in Wisconsin.

  6. Mar

    That makes more sense, Pat.

  7. Jason

    Meaningless as a ranking, but yes it does make more sense.

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