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2118, 02 Mar 21

China Continues Policy of Ethnic Cleansing


China’s policy of transferring hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang to new jobs often far from home is leading to a thinning out of their populations, according to a high-level Chinese study seen by the BBC.


The government denies that it is attempting to alter the demographics of its far-western region and says the job transfers are designed to raise incomes and alleviate chronic rural unemployment and poverty.


But our evidence suggests that – alongside the re-education camps built across Xinjiang in recent years – the policy involves a high risk of coercion and is similarly designed to assimilate minorities by changing their lifestyles and thinking.


The study, which was meant for the eyes of senior officials but accidentally placed online, forms part of a BBC investigation based on propaganda reports, interviews, and visits to factories across China.



2118, 02 March 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The natural result of communist ideology.

    Liberals cheerlead that same ideology on.

    Might be time for some soul searching on this sick ideology.

  2. steveegg

    It is a tragedy, though any sympathy I might have is tempered by the fact that the Uighurs would be doing the exact same thing to the ethnic Chinese if they had the numbers and the guns.

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