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0816, 01 Mar 21

Crime Syndicates Cash In On COVID Relief

This is what happens when we spew money out of Washington with little thought and no monitoring. I expect that in a couple of years, several governors and former governors will be under investigation for dolling out relief to their friends.

The fraud is fleecing taxpayers, delaying legitimate payments and turning thousands of Americans into unwitting identity theft victims. Many states have failed to adequately safeguard their systems, and a review by The Associated Press finds that some will not even publicly acknowledge the extent of the problem.

The massive sham springs from prior identity theft from banks, credit rating agencies, health care systems and retailers. Fraud perpetrators, sometimes in China, Nigeria or Russia, buy stolen personal identifying information on the dark web and use it to flood state unemployment systems with bogus claims.


The U.S. Justice Department is investigating unemployment fraud by “transnational criminal organizations, sophisticated domestic actors, and individuals across the United States,” said Joshua Stueve, a spokesman for the department’s criminal division.

The Labor Department inspector general’s office estimates that more than $63 billion has been paid out improperly through fraud or errors — roughly 10% of the total amount paid under coronavirus pandemic-related unemployment programs since March.

[emphasis mine]


0816, 01 March 2021


  1. Mar

    You think Senile Joe is going to do any better?
    The lady who completely screwed up the Washington State unemployment compensation program, including losing $600 million to fraud, is now head of the US unemployment system.
    You just cannot make this crap up.
    Already the worst president ever.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Liberal incompetence.

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