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0657, 01 Mar 21

Teachers Worry About Returning to School

The science is clear, but if this teacher is this concerned about getting COVID, then she should take her healthcare into her own hands and find a different job that allows her to live her lifestyle. It is not a reasonable expectation that an employee dictate the terms of employment based on her personal health risk calculation.

MADISON (WKOW) — As some Madison students prepare to return to classrooms next week, teachers in the district are split about the reopening plan.


“Some people are really ready to come back, but lots of people are scared of being back,” an MMSD Kindergarten teacher who’s opposed to reopening told 27 News. She requested to stay anonymous because she fears backlash from the district and community members who support a return to in-person learning.


“I’m feeling scared for my safety and my family’s safety because we have been 100% COVID-free all year because we’ve been so strict about making really hard choices to stay safe,” she said. “I’m feeling really heartbroken now that my employer is forcing me to put my family at risk.”


MMSD’s slow return to in-person instruction is set to start when kindergarten students return to classrooms on Mar. 9.


0657, 01 March 2021


  1. steveegg

    But what other profession allows her to own a political party without having to work?

  2. Merlin

    No matter when they finally decide to return to the classrooms it is going to take a very long time to rehab the image of public education being a serious profession.

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