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1529, 01 Mar 21

Dane County Reduces COVID Fines Against Dance Studio


The News: Dane County attorneys, on behalf of Public Health Madison and Dane County, have significantly reduced the fines they are seeking from A Leap Above dance studio in Oregon, Wisconsin. WILL is representing A Leap Above after the health department fined the dance studio for what it misleadingly characterized as a “performance” of the Nutcracker on December 13, 2020. The initial complaint sought nearly $24,000 in fines.

WILL attorneys got the City of Madison to dismiss the initial enforcement action because the Dane County health department illegally enlisted City attorneys to enforce a county ordinance. WILL attorneys also noted that the initial filing’s legal theory—one count per person allegedly at the studio—was inconsistent with both the order and ordinance. Dane County attorneys refiled the action on Friday, but dropped most of the counts.


1529, 01 March 2021


  1. Mar

    Unless all the charges are dropped, no fines enforced and the dance studio’s attorney’s fees are paid, it really isn’t excellent.
    Perhaps a little better, this is, but not excellent.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Should be dropped.

    Liberals should be disgusted with themselves on this.

  3. Jason

    Is it listed anywhere in the filing from the Dane County attorneys who the “whistleblower” was? We all know this was a Liberal Karen SJW who had a grudge against the studio for some miniscule slight.

  4. Jason

    Looks to me like the PHMDC received three notifications, one on Dec 7th, one on the 8th, and the last on the 11th. Fielded by Molly Budlong, proud PHMDC Sanitarian… but she’s not the “whistleblower”. Maybe I missed the details of those notifications?

  5. Owen

    Ope… you’re right. My guess is that it was the parent of Flower #6 who felt like their kid was cheated out of being Flower #1

  6. Jason

    You betcha! You’re pulling back the curtains on that highly competitive dance recital world! :) Actually now that I’ve joked about competition… I’m wondering if the complaints came from a rival studio…

  7. Jason

    Oh and I forgot to add, Leroy Cuomo is still an idiot.

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