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0652, 24 Feb 21

Wolf Harvest Already Over

Wow. That was fast. I suspect that there are a lot more wolves than they thought.

This means all six zones will be closed for the season by 3 pm on Wednesday.


The DNR updated harvest numbers at 3 pm, and 82 wolves have been harvested since the season began Monday morning. This is an increase of 30 since the initial update at 8 am.


Zone 2 and 6 exceeded their quota’s for wolves. Zone 2 by 3, Zone 6 by 1.


Zone four is the only one that hasn’t had a wolf harvest.


The 82 harvests is 69% of the statewide allocation of 119 wolves. The other 81 are allocated to the Ojibwe Tribes.


0652, 24 February 2021

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Wolf harvest over?

    I still see a lot of foaming wokesters running around, ready to feed.

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