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1848, 23 Feb 21

Evers Continues Spending Spree After Reneging on Promise to Close Juvenile Prison

Remember when Evers ran on closing Lincoln Hills immediately? That was three years ago and now he wants to build a new facility at $1.4 million per inmate to do it. The ACLU was outraged at a Supermax prison costing $122,000 per bed to construct. How are we spending $1.4 million per bed for a medium security facility? It is almost like he is holding kids hostage as he pays off political supporters in Milwaukee and Madison with our money. Almost…

The spending plan also revives a stalled plan to close the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls, a youth prison north of Wausau that lawmakers voted in 2018 to close after years of assaults on staff and teen inmates.


Evers wants to spend $45 million on a new juvenile facility in Milwaukee County for 32 teen offenders and another $70 million on a juvenile treatment center at Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison.


1848, 23 February 2021


  1. Mar

    Even if those two jails are built, it still won’t be enough beds and from what I have read, the jail in Milwaukee is for minimum security kids. The kids at Lincoln Hills are the worst of the worst. If you lived in Milwaukee, would you want those kids in your neighborhood?
    As far as Mendota, I’m not sure where they would build it as those grounds are pretty filled up. Also, I’m pretty sure the neighborhood would not like the extra traffic and increased danger. It’s bad enough that the residents have to worry about Mendota housing the worst of the worst criminally I’ll, now they would have much more to worry about.

  2. dad29

    the residents have to worry about Mendota housing the worst of the worst criminally I’ll

    My daughter and her fam’s back yard bordered Mendota’s back yard. Never had a hint of any problem(s) for the 5 years they lived there.

    By the way–what does Evers plan to do with the juvie prison still standing–and rotting–in Delafield? Let if fall down?

  3. Mar

    I used to work at the Mendota, in the prison section. I could tell some stories and potential escapes. It was quite the experience.

  4. Mar

    Oh, I could tell you stories about that place. I worked there in the most dangerous ward there when I was going through college. Your daughter was better off not knowing what is there and not worrying.

  5. Mar

    One possible solution to the problem is to close on of the three Wisconsin Centers for the disabled.
    Most states only have 1 center, if any at all.
    Put up a razor wire fence, turn the rooms into cells and you got yourself a prison.

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