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0655, 24 Feb 21

Legislature Passes Unemployment System Overhaul and Liability Protections


The state Assembly on Tuesday unanimously passed bipartisan legislation that would begin to overhaul Wisconsin’s aging unemployment insurance system, which officials have blamed for the backlog of claims spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The bill, which passed the Senate 27-3 last week, passed the Assembly 89-0 and now heads to Gov. Tony Evers, who has said he plans to sign it. The legislation also includes a temporary extension of the state’s one-week waiting period to receive unemployment benefits and adds liability protections against COVID-19-related lawsuits for businesses, schools and governmental entities — measures that were included in coronavirus relief legislation Evers vetoed earlier this month.


0655, 24 February 2021


  1. dad29

    But no America First provision in the bill requiring that only US citizens be allowed to write the software.

    Some Pubbies never learn, do they?

  2. Jason

    I hear the company that SolarWinds outsourced their development to is looking for work and cheap!

  3. dad29

    Would that be the same outfit to which Boeing outsourced its work on the 737 avionics?

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