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1817, 23 Feb 21

Legislature Considers Election Reform


The effort, being led by Sen. Duey Stroebel of Saukville, would require absentee voters to provide an ID for every election, limit who can automatically receive absentee ballots for every election and create more paperwork for those who vote early in clerk’s offices.


The proposals would also put new limits on when voters are considered indefinitely confined because of age or disability. Under a long-standing law, confined voters do not have to show ID to receive absentee ballots and do not have to regularly reapply for ballots.

Most of these measures are merely affirming existing law or plugging loopholes that Democrats exploited last year. Either way, the effort seeks to support an electoral process that we all say we want – one that balances election integrity with ballot access.


1817, 23 February 2021

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    There should be no more early in-person voting.

    And what is the SERIOUS reason that ‘everybody should vote’?

    That’s League of Women Voters propaganda and it does not have a single weighty argument behind it.

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