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0825, 18 Jan 21

Peaceful Weekend


More than a dozen states activated National Guard troops to help secure their capitol buildings following an FBI warning of armed demonstrations, with right-wing extremists emboldened by the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6.


Security officials had eyed Sunday as the first major flashpoint, as the anti-government “boogaloo” movement made plans weeks ago to hold rallies in all 50 states.


But by Sunday evening, only small gatherings of demonstrators had taken to the streets alongside much larger crowds of law-enforcement officers and media personnel.


“It was a non-event today and we are glad it was,” said Troy Thompson, spokesman for the Department of General Services, the agency that protects the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg.

I believe I said that:

Is this real or is it just another effort to rile up people to support Democrats? I give three-to-one odds that we don’t see anything more than a couple of nutters.

Remember that liberals outright rioted when Trump was sworn in.


0825, 18 January 2021


  1. jonnyv

    On some of the right-wing sites I tend to troll around on, a few were talking about this weekend and going to state capitols. But many were actually saying that this was a honeypot to catch people.

    I think that there was enough evidence that some were talking about it, that it made sense to take all precautions.

  2. Owen

    That is a convenient paradigm that the Left set up. The armed show of force for the transition of power was necessary due to threats from the Evil Right and the fact that there wasn’t a Evil Right protest is evidence that the armed show of force for the transition was necessary. What if there never really was a substantial threat and the massive armed presence has another purpose? Yes, there will always be a handful of malcontents, nuts, and insurrectionists floating around, but that does not constitute a substantial threat.

  3. jonnyv

    Well, we saw what happened when DC wasn’t prepared for a massive amount of people. We got LARPing wanna-be Gravy Seals storm our capitol and over-run a police staff that was under staffed.

    Or the guy this weekend who apparently was armed and had a fake inauguration badge.

    What we have in DC is probably overkill, but frankly there are nuts out there on both sides. But the side that seems to be immediately dangerous for the next week is the far right who have had their head filled with lies about elections being stolen… and are angry.

    Leave the guard in place until after the inauguration and then send them home.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “Remember that liberals outright rioted when Trump was sworn in.”

    Hmmm, but they didn’t storm the Capitol, cause all sorts of damage, threaten to kill the VP, nor kill a police officer. What an apples to turnips comparison.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    So excuse all the officers killed by left wing rots the past 4 years?

    Awful. Just awful.

  6. Jason

    It was a peaceful weekend because Parler is back online. Even after hackers have stolen data, broken federal laws, DOXXED (Where’s stupid Jiffy when we need him) the CEO, issued death threats to him and his family… freedom wins.

  7. dad29

    But the side that seems to be immediately dangerous for the next week is the far right who have had their head filled with lies about elections being stolen… and are angry.

    Immediately “DANGEROUS”?

    Be serious for once. There were 500,000-700,000 Trump supporters at the rally; about 200 people were inside the Capitol–and they were a mixed bag of Lefties and Righties–but mostly nut-bags.

  8. Merlin

    Where is JJF?

  9. Merlin

    “What if there never really was a substantial threat and the massive armed presence has another purpose?”

    Like what?

  10. jonnyv

    Dad, you can continue to try and say that there was a “mixed bag”, but that isn’t true. I have seen 2 instances of people who SAY that there was a lefty onsite.
    1. A guy who was accused back in November of being a right-wing infiltrator on the left and scamming people out of cash.
    2. The son of a judge, who registered as a Democrat.

    Other than that… nothing. This was a bunch of extreme-right wing people. Some were more extreme, some probably caught up in the moment. These are nutbags, but they are the right’s nutbags. Like it or not.

    And yes, dangerous. It only takes a handful to be extremely dangerous or off their rocker. An organized handful could cause a huge amount of damage.

    So, like I said. Play it safe until after the inauguration. Maybe the morons that think that Dominion stole the election and that QAnon is real will calm down.

  11. Jason

    JV, did I say “Parler was hacked”? No, I said Hackers have stolen data…

    Here’s the source, right from the victim’s mouth…

    “This week, in an interview, Matze told Fox News that he has been receiving various threats and talked about the measures he would take to protect his family and himself. He said a hacker group called UGNazi (short for “underground nazi” and pronounced “you-gee” not “uhg”) was targeting him. The group also released many of his passwords, as well as personal information on the internet.

    Emphasis mine, please try harder to be relevant in the adult conversations.

  12. Jason

    >Where is JJF?

    Who cares? That troll has been gone for months and things have improved dramatically. Annoying little hypocritical troll that he is.

  13. Mark Hoefert

    I enjoy the wisdoms of some of the regular commenters over at Going to be lazy and post it as a quote, as I could not have said it better:

    “Better safe than sorry.”

    Every authoritarian regime that ever took away people’s rights has done it on the grounds that their enemies were especially pernicious and it was too dangerous to give them the civil liberties that “normal people” could be trusted with.

    This is totally about consolidating absolute power. Power over speech, power over assembly, power over opposition to Biden of any kind. We even had a poster yesterday who said that we. should not look into Biden’s obvious corruption because it was only of interest to “insurrectionists.”

    That is an interesting new standard, because I would say that throwing explosives into a Federal courthouse counts as insurrection too, right up there with firing on Fort Sumpter.

  14. Mark Hoefert

    Here is another one. Note that 4 years ago, the left was saying America had elected a Nazi. Classic projection – to ideate such a concept, you have to believe in your mind it can be done.

    All props in the Democrats’ non stop campaign to demonize Republicans. It’s for the visuals, it’s to make people feel threatened, and then when Biden is inaugurated, ooh the relief! This all started with the Dutch angles in all of the photos of Trump, it built into a crescendo with the riots this summer, which were condoned as “mostly peaceful” as a kind of gaslighting when everybody knew they were in fact very violent. It has built to this, a big show put on in a “look what these Republicans made us do!”

    (response to other commenter) “says that we citizens have the right to peacebly assemble. That right was taken from us”

    This is the same way the Nazis used the Reichstag Fire. They silenced the press, took away the right of assembly, and we are still waiting for what is in Adam Schiff’s “anti right-wing terror” bill, but I am sure that constraints on the investigation of this political regime will be eased considerably.

  15. jonnyv

    Jason, I have no idea what is happening with the owner’s info and being Doxxed by whom. But from what I can tell, it isn’t directly due to the Parler incident. They are separate issues. And I hope that whoever is doing it, stops. There is no room for intimidation and bullshit.

    I am strictly talking about the website. The hackers simply scraped a copy of the public information available on Parler. At this point it is semantics as to if they are violating the DMCA or not. But it was publicly facing information. There are varying court rulings on the subject dating back years.

  16. dad29

    I have seen 2 instances of people who SAY that there was a lefty onsite.

    Proving what, exactly? That the FEEBS haven’t yet found and arrested another 50 anarcho-Marxists?

    Funny, because the FEEBS knew well in advance that the shit was going to hit the fan. Why did CapCops and Bowser turn down extra help?

    Hint: they needed a “SCARY TRUMP PEOPLE” incident.

    Don’t buy into the girly-man “DANGER YOU DIE!!” crap. Not a good look on you.

  17. Tuerqas

    “Hmmm, but they didn’t storm the Capitol, cause all sorts of damage, threaten to kill the VP, nor kill a police officer. ”

    So for a righty it takes the removal of basic constitutional rights to be incited to damage Government property.

    For a lefty it takes losing some taxpayer funded benefits.

    I don’t think you win the apples to apples comparison.

  18. jonnyv

    Dad, I have no idea why they turned down additional support. But I know that someone was fired for it. And multiple people lost their lives for it.

    You are going pretty far down the rabbit hole if you think that this is one big setup just to make Trump supporters look bad. Because honestly, they didn’t need this for a lot of them.

    But sure, go ahead and believe that there were dozens of “antifa” or “marxists” just hiding and plotting. And while your at it, walk to the edge of the flat earth, yell about how 9/11 was an inside job, and scream about how chemtrails are turning the frogs gay. And send QAnon a quick email for me about how Dominion stole the election from you.

  19. Merlin

    Inauguration rehearsal canceled again today. This is some serious paranoia. I wonder if approved attendees are suddenly discovering somewhere else they need to be Wednesday.

  20. dad29

    Paranoia? See jonnyv!

  21. dad29

    somewhere else they need to be Wednesday.

    Cuomo has grannies to kill, so he’s no longer going to D.C.

  22. jonnyv

    Dad, I don’t know what you are getting at. I am sure that secret service are extra precautious doing whatever they need to do, in order to keep everyone safe.

    I assume we only find out a small portion of the threats that occur.

    I just read an article that said they found out the night before Obama’s inauguration that there was a possible threat. Thankfully nothing came of it, but there were plans in place in case anything went off.

    Frankly I think they should do it indoors and make it small. But whatever.

  23. Mar

    I think they shouldn’t even have an inauguration event. They just should have immediate family and the judge.
    After all, we don’t a Super spreader event.
    And Senile Joe needs to wear a mask the entire time.

  24. Merlin

    C’mon, man. The largest vote getter ever deserves his moment in the sun, surrounded by adoring fans, a fawning media, and the love of an entire nation. Ignore all the camo, thousands of automatic weapons, and miles of razor wire. Those are just unity accessories.

  25. Mar

    Adoring fans?
    All 10 of them?

  26. dad29

    “Unity accessories”

    Frickin’ brilliant! Maybe we should start a web-page selling Jhou Bai-den accessories. Cameras, listening devices, forms to report on your neighbors, parents, (etc.), small EMP devices to shut off computers, armbands with that cute “SS” insignia…..

  27. Tuerqas

    Dad, Dad, that is silly. They would not use SS logo, it has been done. It would be a UA insignia. It could literally stand for either Unity Accessory or United America, but the lib media could call it 2/3rds of the USA! Or maybe USA light, or USA without the ‘Sickos’ (or whatever they are calling conservatives at the moment…). This is Joe the Uniter we are talking about here.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar. There were 81,283,485. That is 7,059,741 more the the loser-in-chief.

  29. Mar

    Dumbass sociopath, how many were adoring and how many hated President Trump like you do.
    But then you are too stupid to understand the difference.

  30. Le Roi du Nord

    The math is pretty simple, I even did it for you. Yet you still can’t grasp the concept that trump lost, bigly.

  31. Mar

    Why do you lie so much, sociopath?
    Why do you lie about me personally, sociopath?
    Were sexually abused as a kid?
    Do sexually abuse kids now?
    Are you mentally ill?
    Are you a troll?
    Or are you just a vile, hater, deeply disturbed mentally ill Senile sociopath?

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