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0740, 06 Jan 21

Democrats Poised to Seize Control of U.S. Senate

That’s disappointing. I guess we will see if there are any moderates in the Senate Democrat caucus to appease or if it’s 100% socialist 100% of the time.

The Democratic Party of US President-elect Joe Biden is on the verge of taking control of the Senate as results come in from two elections in Georgia.


Atlanta pastor Raphael Warnock is projected to have won one of the seats. The other is on a knife-edge.


If the Democrats win both, Mr Biden will have a much better chance of pushing through his legislative agenda.


0740, 06 January 2021


  1. jonnyv

    Well, I am rather excited. But on the other hand, if I have seen anything… it is the Ds screw up a majority.

    MEDICARE FOR ALL. If we get one thing passed in the next 2 years, it should be that.

    Voting rights act. That needs to be passed as well. No one should have to wait in line for 7 hours to vote. Lets find a way to make that better for Americans.

    Increase taxes on the rich. Anyone making over 400 or 500K, lets get more progressive on that. We are drowning in debt, and need to take it seriously. But that comes with CUTTING OTHER SPENDING.

    I don’t care about the student loan forgiveness. If it happens, cool.

    DC should probably be their own state if they want it, and maybe PR as well, but again. Let them vote on it first to see if they want it, then bring it to the big house.

    If they want to stack the SC. Fine. I don’t think they will, but again… whatever. Or maybe find a way to start scaling it according to US Population? There are lots of ideas floating out there.


  2. jonnyv

    Woops. With the “tax the rich”. Include more corporate taxes. Lets close loopholes and make sure large corporations are paying their share. And find a way to cut taxes on small businesses.

  3. Owen

    Obviously, I disagree with the agenda you state, but I understand the different philosophical stance. I am confused, however, about your comment regarding scaling SCOTUS to population? It is not a representative body. It is a court of last resort for the interpretation of Constitution. How does expanding the number of justices or scaling it to population align with a better interpretation of the Constitution?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    What an ignorant statement.

    If you make it slavery to achieve success beyond a certain point, job creators will just stop doing the things to create more wealth/jobs.

    Democrats truly are the party that inflicts misery and slavery. Nothing has changed in 200 years.

  5. Mar

    Well, elections have consequences.
    Now the Dems will have to govern, and it won’t be easy. There is going to be a battle within the Democrat party all the GOP can do is sit back and eat popcorn.
    But the Dems will have only 2 years to rule and chances are they will lose their majorities.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    You have to admit, reluctantly for some, that trump snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory, both for himself, and the 2 R’s candidates in GA. Now he will just go down in history as a candidate that lost the popular vote twice, ruined an opportunity to control the senate, and exhibited the worst case of sour grapes in Presidential history. A true “self-made man” ?

  7. jonnyv

    Owen. I understand that they are not a representative body. But why 9? Why not 12 like a jury? Why not 5? What is the “right” number?

    I feel like the larger the body of the populace, the more input could be used to make those constitutional calls. And if it were a perfect world, more diversity on the bench. Republican & Democratic Men and Women of different ethnicities.

  8. jonnyv

    Kevin. No. That won’t happen. It will NEVER happen. People want to make MORE MONEY. Always. If I get a $10,000 raise, but now I am going to be taxed in a higher bracket for that $10K, I will still get $6 of it instead of $7K of it. But you STILL MADE MORE MONEY.

    Your statement, like normal, is skewed and wrong. You understand how tax brackets work. The only times I have ever heard of anything like that happening are at the lowest levels of the economy. Where employees actually don’t want to work fulltime hours because it isn’t enough to make up for the lost benefits they will get with the gov’t.

  9. Mar

    Jonnyv, I’m confused.
    First you say increase taxes on the rich and then you say it won’t happen.
    And then you say raise corporate taxes and close loop holes, which means the customers will end up paying the extra taxes.
    You are all over the place onthis.

  10. Jason

    >You are all over the place onthis.

    Typical of a person who given only the thinnest of veneers over their lofty ideas and no concern at all of the far reaching implications of those flights of fancy.

    Leroy does it all the time.

  11. dad29

    We note that LeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy memorized his CNN talking points for the day.

    As to ‘independent thinking”…..well……

  12. Tuerqas

    Interesting, mainly non-antagonistic commentary so far, cool. A couple of things stick out to me.
    Jonnyv, on the SC, if you mandate some kind of diversity, or some kind of political lines restrictions I think you have defeated the purpose of the Supreme Court. Would you have to change justices after each election according to the vote? Wouldn’t that be pretty much lifting any checks and balances if the court always agreed with the ruling Legislature? The black population is about 13%. Does that mean that until you had 26 Supreme Court Justices you could have and only one black person? Sounds like all we would be doing is removing the carefully balanced checks and amplifying the schisms we currently have along party lines. In a perfect world, as you called it, diversity is an afterthought and only non-partisan judges would be chosen regardless of race, sex, color, etc.

  13. Tuerqas

    Heh, I started that last before J and Dad commented…so much for non-antagonistic…

  14. jonnyv

    Tuerqas, yes in a perfect world, diversity wouldn’t matter. We will never live in a perfect world. And I never said to mandate diversity, I just said that a diverse SCOTUS would be better. I am honestly happy with the diversity that we currently have.

    Mar, I didn’t say that taxing the rich wouldn’t happen. I said that increasing the SCOTUS probably wouldn’t happen.

    Yes, eliminating loopholes may increase prices on some products. We need to simplify the taxation process in general. Make it easier for average people to do their taxes. Make it more difficult for corporations to skirt tax liability. But, as we know companies like Intuit have the power and pocketbooks to basically write the laws they want.

  15. Tuerqas

    On taxing the wealthy, the problem is there and it does need addressing, and I disagree with both Jonnyv and Kevin. You can’t just increase taxes on the class that can move themselves and their businesses to another country. The US just gets poorer. In a previous post France was held up as a poster child of a well implemented wealth tax, but they had removed it in 2017 because wealthy frenchmen were moving to border towns in countries without the wealth tax, effectively reducing France’s tax base.
    Yet there is no doubt that the wealth gap is growing at ever increasing rates and a part of that is the 75,000 page tax code. 90% of us use maybe 100 pages of that code book. The other 74,900 pages are special breaks for wealthy people/corporations. Besides that, I do not have a best policy theory. Ideally, wealthy people would have civic pride and personal responsibility to more than making their next million or billion faster than the last. You don’t need a progressive tax rate if the job makers saw it as a responsibility to pay a living wage to their countrymen for honest work provided rather than an opportunity to find the poorest countries and pay them scraps for the jobs provided.

  16. Owen

    “Owen. I understand that they are not a representative body. But why 9? Why not 12 like a jury? Why not 5? What is the “right” number?”

    I don’t know, but what’s the argument for changing it? Why ISN’T 9 the right number? It seems to have given us a steady but slow turnover rate that lends itself to stability.

    And it seems like a regression in our culture if we insist on some sort of racial/ethnic/gender quota system with a “black” seat and a “woman” seat and a “Jewish” seat or whatever. I want the best, smartest people… irrespective of their color or creed.

  17. steveegg

    Especially after the near-riot at the Capitol today, I’m expecting the Constitution to not survive the next 2 years.

    Congratulations, Trumpets. You’re going to get your Constitutional convention, but nobody except the Communists will like the results.

  18. Pat

    It wasn’t a near-riot, it was a riot meant to overthrow an election. It was clearly an act of sedition.

    History will not forget.

  19. Jason

    >it was a riot meant to overthrow an election. It was clearly an act of sedition.

    Lighten up Francis.

  20. Mar

    I wonder if Black Lives Matter will riot and protest the killing of an unarmed white woman by a Capitol police officer?

  21. Jason

    Hey, maybe these people doing this were actually Liberals pulling some false flag antics. I remember a couple of Liberal loonies suggesting just that during the big BLM riots. That the fires, the fireworks, the lasers, the gunshots, were all Proud Boys / Trumpers trying to make the poor peaceful BLM chanters look bad.

  22. Mar

    I actually thought about that, Jason.
    I love how the media and liberals going nuts about this while they were silent, ignored or encouraged the liberal protesters.

  23. dad29

    maybe these people doing this were actually Liberals pulling some false flag antics.

    Not “maybe.” Picture evidence emerging on Twitter that many of these …..people….were Antifa. THere were also some motorcycle gang types involved.

  24. dad29

    Steve, the Constitution didn’t survive THIS election. Your timeline is wrong.

    Congrats to the useless Vos/Fitzgerald duo in the Wisconsin legislature!!

  25. dad29

    Now reported (Paul Sperry) that an ex-FBI contact of his states “at least one bus-load” of Antifa infiltrated the crowd.

    Further report that FR company is matching faces in Capitol (and in outside crowd) to known Antifa from Philly, Seattle, and NYC.

  26. Mar

    Add Arizona to the list as well, Dad.

  27. jonnyv

    I can’t wait to see these “confirmed” Antifa people. A great deflection to make people think that it wasn’t YOUR side’s fault. But false.

    Because regardless of if there were a handful of Antifa people there or not, this is on the nutjobs who showed up with the red hats and the confederate flags.

    These were Trump supporters. This is on Trump and a handful of congress that stoked the belief that the election was fraudulent without any sort of hard evidence.

    Trump is a horrible person. Period. His repeated lies have caused this.

    HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of damage. All on them.

  28. Merlin

    Gee, Dad. Inquiring minds might wonder about the logistical details of why the MAGA-clad Antifa didn’t attend Trump’s supposedly riot inducing speech and how they gained such easy access to a joint session of Congress. And why such instant dissemination of all the bare-faced selfies of perps who behave as though they fear no retribution for their actions?

  29. Mar

    There goes Pat using Twitter from a fake group.
    A bird doesn’t change their feathers.

  30. Tuerqas

    Sorry Pat, but your link is a testament to the failure of the liberal mind. How often have I seen liberals post twitter feeds or Facebook threads or Huff Post-like sites as “proof” or vindication of their programming, er, beliefs?
    Don’t even mention the fact that there have been months of liberal rioting causing billions in damage with no liberal condemnation, but you and your twitter friends say “Impeach Trump” while he has less than 20 days left because of ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage?
    2 Quick math lessons, (because libs continually prove they understand few numbers over $10,000). 1) for every $1 dollar of damage the ‘Trump’ rioters caused, BLM riots caused $100,000 in damage. And that is just damage. Start estimating lost income and wages and I would guess we end up in the 10s of billions nationwide. 2) It would cost about 1.8 million to impeach Trump, 1 million is 10 hundred thousands…

  31. Pat

    Dad referenced Twitter, but not a word from you, Mar.

    Mar, who won the Presidential race? Who has the Senate and Legislative branch? You were pretty sure Trump was going to prevail a couple months ago.

    So much for all the Trump winning rhetoric.

    His Presidency will end the same way all his other endeavors have ended. In failure and disgrace.

    Good riddance.

  32. jonnyv

    There is no point to impeach him. If anything it will just be the 25th Amendment. But, assuming he just shuts his mouth and plays nice for the next 2 weeks, I don’t think that will happen either.

    And there is nothing wrong with the Lincoln Project. They are just a PAC like many others. Mostly trash, but can raise money for an agenda.

  33. Le Roi du Nord

    Odd that the resident “conservatives” haven’t denounced the maga rioters, destruction of public property, and the attempted overthrow of a free and fair election. You alleged “law and order “ disciples are just major league hypocrites. And no demands for the heads of homegrown traitors like johnson , tiffany , and fitz . Amazing lack of moral courage on your part.

  34. Mar

    Pat, showmen the link Dad used and when.
    The Lincoln Project is just a bunch of RINOs who no longer comma d any kind of respect except from Twitter followers like you.
    Yes, your side won, now your side has to govern. The most powerful Democrat is going to be Joe Manchin, good luck with that.

  35. Tuerqas

    I denounce all of the Trump rioters that were involved. I denounce Fitzgerald as a US politician (read greedy, self interested and a re=election first mentality), but that is hardly remarkable as over 85% of politicians are. I don’t like several of Johnson’s decisions, but I do not hate him like a career politician and will not denounce him. I honestly don’t think the election was fair and I have seen proof, but not enough to start a revolution over. My disgust focuses rather on all the people with their heads in the sand. If the proof I have seen of fraud were by Trumpers, you would be positively foaming. You are incensed by lack of polling places and gerrymandering which are Republican forms of voter fraud(suppression), but a single Dem fraudulent vote is a lie in your eye. You can watch a video showing bags of after over-sight hours ballots pulled from under tables or people running ballots through ballot counters multiple times and call it all false.
    If lack of denouncing is a lack of ‘moral courage’ there is very little of it to dole out. You are about 9 months behind on denouncing riots here.

  36. Tuerqas

    “His Presidency will end the same way all his other endeavors have ended. In failure and disgrace.”

    And Pat will be first in line to give Biden credit for ‘getting control of the virus’, just like Obama is credited with ending the Iraq war. Which was also over before either took office. And likely blame Trump for the virus in some way to boot…

  37. Mar

    Jonny, they will not use the 25th Amendment. If they do,yesterday will seem like a tea and crumpet party.
    Funny how liberals are silent about killing an unarmed woman, or even supporting it, yet riot and protest when cops kill an armed thug. Like the thug in Kenosha.

  38. Merlin

    I would argue that objecting to the alleged massive vote fraud is a requirement of protecting an individual’s voting rights within a constitutional democracy.

    It takes no moral courage whatsoever to embrace the current three monkeys approach to pretending that questioning, investigating, and examining the integrity of the process is simply too inconvenient. Addressing the concerns of 74.2 million voters can and should be done.

    Had Trump won Democrats would have certainly been voicing their years-long concerns that absolutely mirror those being voiced by Republicans today. What people seem to be missing is the fact that what can be done for you can absolutely be done to you. Corruption that worked in your favor today might not work to your advantage in the next go round, but by then your individual vote has been rendered meaningless because, in effect, election results will be favorable to the highest bidder.

    Ensuring that your vote counts means that you need to ensure that your neighbor’s does too. Dismissing these concerns outright as mere hysteria will only lead to escalating discontent within both parties.

  39. Pat

    “ And Pat will be first in line to give Biden credit for ‘getting control of the virus’, just like Obama is credited with ending the Iraq war. ”

    And Tuerqas will make a statement about what I will do based entirely on emotional speculation.

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    If you, or anyone else has proof of voter fraud, why haven’t you made it public? DoJ, nearly 100 judges, supreme courts, et al have said there is no evidence of massive or systemic voter fraud. Why are you, and others, withholding that crucial evidence?

  41. jonnyv

    Mar, I regret the unnecessary taking of any life. But honestly, she stormed a protected federal building while our governing body was in the building trying to conduct business. What did they expect to happen. If this was any other group, there would be piles of bodies. They are fortunate only was person was killed (3 died for other reasons). She was a very confused woman based on her social media profile.

    Tuerqas… what voter fraud? I am not ignorant to think that there was zero, but NOTHING I have seen would point to anything significant, organized, or enough to change a single thing about this election. Statements like the one you made do nothing but divide and lead to people not trusting the election system. Show me the receipts. Where is this fraud?

    You can disagree with HOW states changed the rules, but the Trump administration had months to do that, and just waited until after the election. They used it as an escape hatch and excuse when they lost.

    Trump is a loser, and will leave a loser. He could have gone out the leader of a new Republican populist movement and pushed for 2024, but after the past 2 weeks he can’t even do that now. He encouraged the storming of a federal building, and then didn’t call the national guard, and then put out a REALLY SHITTY statement telling them to stop.

    And probably ruined the Trump name for his kids who may have wanted to run for office. And if reports are true, people like Cruz who supported this sham of objecting to the electoral votes is losing big money donors behind the scenes. I take that with a grain of salt, but it is what is being reported.

  42. Mar

    Jonny, I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect to be shot. If you saw the video, it looked like a cold blooded murder and I say that as a law enforcement supporter.
    They could have easily arrested her. They had the man power and the cops certainly should have been prepared better. They have 2600 cops plus backups galore. This should not have happened.
    They, both Anifita and whatever right wing group that was involved, should not have rioted, the cops should have been much better prepared and the cop should not have shot the woman.

  43. Mar

    So, a question.
    Here in Arizona, we have been getting radio adds from Trump 2020 complaining about the election fraud.
    At the very end, it says “Ad paid for by Trump for Presidente”
    The first time I heard, it went by me, the 2nd time my ears perked up. And after hearing it for the 100th time, I am sure that’s what it says, “Presidente ”
    Are you guys getting this ad and am I hearing it right?

  44. jonnyv

    Mar, NO ONE EXPECTS TO BE SHOT!… But kinda ironic that you sound like every family member of an officer involved shooting of an unarmed black man. “Why didn’t they…” “They didn’t need lethal force…” “They could have just done…”

    And to be clear, this wasn’t a “right wing group”. This was Trump supporters. Period. They came from the rally up the road where he spoke and said, “I will walk there with you.” (And then bailed, cause he is all talk). This wasn’t just the Proud Boys group, or another racist org. This was general Trump supporters who got all riled up and didn’t think thru step 2.

  45. Mar

    “If this was any other group, there would be piles of bodies.”
    That is such a bogus, BS statement, jonny.
    Fact: During the riots and protests by liberal thugs, not 1 person from BLM or Antifa were killed by cops.
    1 Hispanic thug was killed during the riots and that was right he shot a cop point blank in the head, in Las Vegas.
    So, you need to stop getting your talking points from the liberal media because you just sound really stupid.

  46. jonnyv

    Mar, based on actual footage that I saw, I can say with confidence that if it was a group of minorities chasing a white cop up the stairs, he would have probably opened fire at some point. But the roles were reversed and the black officer just kept backing up giving way to them.

    This was domestic terrorism. Period. And everyone is lucky there were not more dead bodies. Because by all rights there should have been.

    There should have been more cops present in the first place so it didn’t get that far. But, someone screwed up royally. And it allowed this situation to happen.

  47. Tuerqas

    Merlin, I agree with you, but we both know it isn’t that simple. With no non-partisan body to turn to you can only look at the ‘facts’ provided and facts are mis-represented and falsified all the time(with 3/4 of the media immediately crying false). The greatest single reason I do believe there was significant voter fraud was that everything happened as I predicted years ago when they started talking about allowing early mail voting. It is not traced.
    We are all supposed to believe that tens of millions of Democrats will vote if only they don’t have to get off their ass to do it on the legal voting day, but only thousands of Republicans would do the same. That is not the least bit fishy libs? Are a significant portion of your liberal friends people of such low spirit and vitality that they only voted because they did not have to leave the house? It’s funny, because just about every liberal I know is the high spirited opposite.

    “And Tuerqas will make a statement about what I will do based entirely on emotional speculation.”
    Haha, fair riposte Pat!

    Le Roi and Jonny, there has been video posted to this site of the two things I noted above as happening, Le Roi, I believe you pooh-poohed it as fake. What point is showing even video proof to you unless it is a Republican district doing the dirty deed? You won’t believe it.

  48. Mar

    Jonny, I guess you dont let facts get in the way of your opinions.

  49. jonnyv

    Mar, I don’t know what you are talking about at this point.

    Tuerqas, yes. People in large cities would rather not have to wait in line for 30 min to 7 hours to vote. Funny how that works. So I can totally believe that we see a much higher turn out when it is easier to vote. I loved voting by mail this year. It was easy and quick. My wife and I filled it out and dropped it off at a registered drop spot. But regardless of your feelings, I have not seen any actual evidence of voter fraud. I have seen speculation and guessing. And none ANYWHERE near to the extent that would flip 3 states. And both democrat appointed and republican appointed judges seem to agree.

  50. Mar

    Jonny, you have absolutely no evidence to support your cop hating attitude.

  51. Jason

    >Odd that the resident “conservatives” haven’t denounced the maga rioters, destruction of public property, and the attempted overthrow of a free and fair election. You alleged “law and order “ disciples are just major league hypocrites. And no demands for the heads of homegrown traitors like johnson , tiffany , and fitz . Amazing lack of moral courage on your part.

    Odd that the guy whining all the time when Kevin asks for a denouncement, is now demanding a denouncement. It goes without saying, you ignorant slut, that we denounce all lawlessness and violence. Against all people, regardless of origin, color, belief, or sex.

    Now go away again, bitch.

  52. dad29

    Yes, your side won,

    Mar, old pal, that is WRONG.

    The election was stolen. Period. Full Stop.

    And no, I’m not wasting time on LeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, Patsy, or V’s asinine comments.

  53. jonnyv

    Dad, that is because you are clearly living in a fantasy land. Stolen. Suuuuuuure. For the second election in a row he got less votes. This time the D’s were able to barely flip a few states.

    Or, you supported a candidate that absolutely crapped the bed in the last year of his presidency.

    Best of luck. I hope you are at least King of your made up world.

  54. Mar

    Jonny, why dont the Democrats want an investigation into the election?

  55. Le Roi du Nord


    Irony and hypocrisy are beyond your comprehension, eh? And it wasn’t only me that mocked k’s continual demands for denouncement. Yet now he, and the rest of you remain silent. Amazing display of denial.


    Anytime you want to provide that evidence to our new AD Garland, feel free to put it out there.

  56. jonnyv

    I would imagine to have an investigation… you need just cause and something specific to investigate. What do you want to investigate exactly? Do you want a hand count of every state in the country? Or just the ones that Trump lost by a close margin? Is it worth spending hundreds of millions of dollars to find out AGAIN there was no significant fraud? Because if you are just trying to scream there was fraud in just those states, what are you REALLY trying to accomplish? How do we know that there wasn’t massive republican fraud in TX, OK, ID, etc.

    This was probably the most scrutinized election in recent history. Counts & recounts in multiple states.

    And even if an investigation DID happen, who does that convince? We have seen that you can show people black and white facts and they will absolutely deny them. And this isn’t a one sided problem. But as example, there are people calling Pence a traitor because he performed a ceremonial job yesterday. So it doesn’t matter what you tell them, they won’t believe it unless it fits into their world view.

    And my favorite thing is that the republicans think that if there is massive fraud it would be ONLY the democrats committing it. As if there are not passionate enough people on both sides to try and swing an election by nefarious methods. Clearly the R’s would **NEVER** try something underhanded. It is such a crazy perspective.

    Any voter fraud massive enough to flip multiple states by tens of thousands of votes would be discovered… because it requires people. And people talk.

  57. Mar

    So, jonny, you rambled on and basically said that you dont want an investigation.
    I would like to see if it is possible to tamper with a voting machine.
    I would like to audit voter rolls.
    I would like to audit the ballots themselves.
    I would like to audit security of the ballots.
    I would love to have a discussion about court rulings and law/rule changes without the consent of state legislators.
    And yes, every state.
    If we can give money to foreign countries,we should be able to find money to make sure our elections are fair and honest.
    I am sure you can agree with that.

  58. jonnyv

    Slightly hypocritical that you want all that NOW and not 4 years ago when the election was even closer. Not when Dems were complaining about Diebold machines years ago. All we heard was “liberal tears” and “get over it, you lost…” & “Sore losers”

    I don’t care if there was an investigation. But it isn’t realistic to do all of that for this election, it is too late. It would be years before that all comes in.

    But, if we worked on creating a standard for future elections… great. Lets do it. Lets drop hundreds of millions on it. Maybe you should try to elect republicans that will work on establishing a national standard for national elections ahead of time. And work on getting rid of the ones that just complain after the fact.

  59. Mar

    Jonny, you really need to read the Constitution.

  60. Mar

    And Jonny, you know there was thing called a pandemic. Perhaps you heard about it?
    As far as machines are involved, it’s already been proven that some were defective. But let’s make the machines better.

  61. Jason

    >Yet now he, and the rest of you remain silent. Amazing display of denial.

    No, what is truly an amazing display of denial is you say “and the rest of you remain silent” after two of us have specifically decried all violence and lawlessness.

    You’re really showing how stupid and myopic you can be slut.

  62. Le Roi du Nord

    And now one of the law officers has died from injuries sustained in the attempted coup. trump, Rudy, and all the enablers have the blood of a cop on their hands. And you trumpistas remain silent. Let’s hear your feeble attempts to rationalize that death.

  63. Jason

    > trump, Rudy, and all the enablers have the blood of a cop on their hands.

    So much for being the voice of facts and truth, that didn’t take long at all.

  64. Mar

    Sadly, a police officer died. But we dont know who did it.
    Was an Antifa thug. I find that to be credible.
    A liberal neo nazi? Also credible.
    A conservative? Possibly.
    Whoever did this needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Also, an unarmed woman was killed by a cop.
    But the liberals cheer this and try and justify it.
    Meanwhile Senile Joe, being his racist self, says BLM would have been treated differently.
    Even though BLM and Antifa had been wilding throughout major cities throughout the summer. And not one Antifa or BLM thug was killed by the cops.
    Senile Joe is already a disaster.

  65. Jason

    >Also, an unarmed woman was killed by a cop

    The Liberals and BLM idiots will say “She shouldn’t have broken into the capitol” while turning their stupid faces to the side and saying “Jacob Blake was murdered, it doesn’t matter that he resisted arrest, or had a knife, or tried to drive off with his kids in the car, it was murder”.

    Fucking tools just have some blood vessel missing in their brains that doesn’t let those concepts equivocate.

    Same with the Liberals saying that the Act 10 Protests in 2011 in Madison are not remotely equivalent. Even though windows were smashed climbed into and offices were trespassed… somehow these smooth brained idiots don’t see the parallels.

  66. jonnyv

    Mar… THERE WERE NO ANTIFA THERE. Period. The report was bunk. It has been proven bunk. The “facial recognition” company has said so itself. Even on the website that all “TheDonald” supporters moved to have been upset because people are giving credit to other orgs when THEY want the credit for storming the capital.

  67. Mar

    Yes, Jonny, because you were there, did all the investigation in just 2 days.
    You had all the access to the data.
    Damn, your good.

  68. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go, trying to rationalize treasonous, seditious, and murderous behavior. Amazing.

  69. jonnyv

    No Mar. But, you can’t with say that they WERE there without evidence either to try and relieve the blame on the Trump supporters that DID this. It would be the equivelant of me saying, “The 2011 WI occupation of the capital was really the Tea Party. Prove me wrong.”

    The onus is on you to prove there WERE any there. ANY PROOF. This is the problem with “The right” lately… they want to blame things on these mysterious causes and people without any actual PROOF. As I keep saying, SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS. ANYTHING. ANY PROOF.

    I try to bring proof and links. I see so little of that from others here.

  70. jonnyv

    Here is the direct statement.

    “XRVision didn’t generate any composites or detection imagery for the Washington Times nor for a ‘retired military officer’ and did not authorize them to make any such representations,” the company said in its statement. “The image analysis that we performed were distributed to a handful of individuals for their private consumption and not for publication. XRVision takes pride in its technology’s precision and deems the Washington Times publication as outright false, misleading, and defamatory.”

    The correction on the Times’ updated story said, “An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that XRVision facial recognition software identified Antifa members among rioters who stormed the Capitol Wednesday. XRVision did not identify any Antifa members. The Washington Times apologizes to XRVision for the error.”

  71. Mar

    With all due respect, Jonny, you sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.

  72. jonnyv

    Mar. How so? I am literally not saying anything I don’t have direct facts to support them. YOU were the one to claim that Antifa was probably there. hahaha.

  73. Mar

    The investigation is only a day and a half old. And you know for certain that Antifa or BLM supporters were there.
    That is crazy.

  74. jonnyv

    Ok. I said that there were none there. Let me put it more clearly. You have no grounds, proof, or even a picture to say that they WERE there. No one has provided credible evidence that anyone other than riled up Trump supporters were in that Capitol building.

    And with that, I am done on this thread. Thanks for amusing me Mar.

    PS. Owen, this commenting still stinks on the side. Too much scrolling.

  75. Mar

    Gee, jonny, I just said it was credible that a person Antifa might have done this because that is their MO..
    That is a fact and cannot be disputed.
    Could a conservative do it. Possibly, but there are not too many Trump supporters who would crack a cop in the head with a fire extinguisher.
    That is an Antifa and BLM thing to do.

  76. Jason

    >Gee, jonny, I just said it was credible that a person Antifa might have done this because that is their MO.

    Kudos to JV for backing down when he realized what he thought he said didn’t match what he actually wrote. If Leroy, Penguin, or Pat would do that once in a while they would almost be tolerable.

  77. Mar

    But I will say this, if a Trump supporter did do this, I hope they get charged, tried, convicted and hopefully, get the death penalty.

  78. Jason

    Sen Graham said very similar things, and also said that whatever punishments are meted out from this need to be applied to all future violence and rioters from any one any where any time. I totally support that 100%, any lawlessness needs to be vigorously investigated and charged.

  79. Tuerqas

    Le Roi: “Anytime you want to provide that evidence to our new AD Garland, feel free to put it out there.”

    In other words, “Tell it to the lawyer”, you are totally unwilling to look at any voter fraud evidence unless it was by a Republican. Thanks for repeating the essence of what I said in the first place.

    Jonnyv: “And my favorite thing is that the republicans think that if there is massive fraud it would be ONLY the democrats committing it. ”

    You should read a bit more carefully in the future. A large part of the problem in lib/on discussions is that neither side often reads their opposition comments carefully. Read and comprehend to have better understanding.

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