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2151, 05 Jan 21

Another Crackdown in Hong Kong

And the world shrugs.

About 50 pro-democracy activists and politicians have reportedly been arrested in Hong Kong’s biggest crackdown since the introduction of a controversial national security law.

The arrests are said to be linked to an independently organised primary vote.


Officers are also understood to have searched the house of the detained democracy activist Joshua Wong, raided a law firm and pressed news outlets to hand over information.


It is unclear if these acts are linked.


Police have yet to comment on the various moves officially.


The Democratic Party’s Facebook page said the arrests were carried out under the security law imposed by Beijing on the territory last June in response to months of pro-democracy protests.

Among those detained are thought to be well-known opposition figures from both the Democratic Party and the Civic Party like James To, Lam Cheuk Ting, and Lester Shum.


2151, 05 January 2021


  1. Mar

    Oh, dont worry, Senile Joe will save the day.

  2. Jason

    >Oh, dont worry, Senile Joe will save the day.

    Or as they are saying on the streets in Hong Kong “Oh No We Fooked”.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Communists thugs in China are almost as bad as communist thugs in USA.

  4. steveegg

    This is coming very soon to a village near you.

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