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2139, 06 Jan 21

Evers’ Faillings

I was going to write something substantially similar to this, but Senator Stroebel beat me to it.

“Yesterday, Gov. Tony Evers demonstrated his irresponsible priorities as a chief executive. While the state learned of his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 vaccination effort, Gov. Evers was busy rushing out a press statement defending the indefensible actions of convicted domestic abuser Jacob Blake.


“According to press reports, Gov. Evers’ plan – if he has one – to ensure frontline healthcare workers and senior citizens receive the COVID vaccine has resulted in Wisconsin being third worst in the region in terms of per capita vaccinations. Physicians and senior citizens have confirmed to the press and lawmakers that they are struggling to receive the vaccine even though they are the national priority to receive it.


“Just last month Gov. Evers was upset that Wisconsin ended up with fewer doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine than originally planned. Apparently he never had a good plan to distribute the doses received or the additional doses he was trying to secure.


“Instead of posturing and defending a convicted domestic abuser who armed himself and attempted to steal a vehicle with children in it, Gov. Evers should be fixing the COVID vaccine distribution problem in our state. It is sad that he learned nothing from his failure to adequately process the unemployment insurance claims of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin workers last year.”

Sen. Stroebel represents the 20th Senate District.


2139, 06 January 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    Evers has a plan, don’t you worry. He is a product of modern schooling at its finest so he follows his party line regardless of the effect on the populace. Biden, who has been all but silent (wonder why) still wants his 100 days. If the vaccine is effectively and quickly distributed to the people, there would be no need for it. Everything will start to work more effectively from the day Biden (or Harris) takes office, else they won’t be able to take credit.

  2. dad29

    Tony’s Tow-Fer: Die with CoVid AND be homeless by his DWD.

    Almost makes you think Mandela Barnes could be better at the job.

  3. Mar

    Evers lied, people died.

  4. Mar

    Looks like Senile Joe is anxious to kill people now.
    He is going to release almost the vaccine doses and not have very many doses of the vaccine left for the 2nd shot.
    Many areas, especially liberal areas, cannot even handle the first dose now. How are they going to handle millions more doses thrown at them suddenly.
    And you are not going to get the benefit of the full vaccine by not getting the 2nd shot, so why should you the vaccine in the first place?
    Senile Joe is not following science. Senile Joe is killing people.

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