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1923, 10 Oct 20

Protester Killed by BLM Counterprotester


A person reported to be a supporter of the Patriot Muster militia has been shot and killed at a protest in Denver, allegedly by a counterprotester with the BLM-Antifa rally.

The militia supporter maced a counterprotester, who then pulled out his handgun and shot dead the militia supporter, the Denver Post reported.

Rival rallies had been called for Saturday afternoon by the two opposing groups.

In case you were wondering, yes, they are communists and fascists. And yes, they do intentionally put hearts and soup drive BS on their propaganda to fool the stupid. These are violent radicals intent on overthrowing our representative Republic.


1923, 10 October 2020


  1. jjf

    The militia supporter maced a counterprotester,

    Can’t we talk about this, too?

  2. Owen

    So you approve of the use of deadly force in response to a non-lethal deterrent?


    This is why I carry a gun and you do not.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical, liberals cheer.



  4. Mar

    The cops get maced and have thrown things at many of these peaceful but fiery protests and yet the cops haven’t killed anyone or even shot anybody.
    But a poor baby was maced. What was the thug who was maced doing in the other protest area?
    Hope the thug goes to prison for a ling time.

  5. jjf

    Jump to conclusions enough?  You think this “militia” member should be doing that?

  6. Jason

    >So you approve of the use of deadly force in response to a non-lethal deterrent?

    Only if the deadly force giver is not wearing a badge, apparently. More hypocrisy from Le Troll Duh Foust.

  7. Mar

    And of course jjf adds nothing to the conversation.

  8. dad29

    Argument begins.  Trump guy maces wacko-Left “security guard.”  Security guard kills Trump guy.   End of story.

  9. penquin

    a non-lethal deterrent

    Jamel Floyd would disagree with you about mace being “non-lethal” (assuming he was still alive, of course) but you do raise an interesting point. Should it only be legal to use a firearm when the other person already has brandished a firearm? Not sure if I agree with that, but am willing to have the discussion…

  10. penquin

    the cops haven’t killed anyone or even shot anybody

    You should find a new source for your news, ’cause it has been widely reported that the spark that set this whole powder keg off was the police killing an unarmed man in the middle of the street during broad daylight.

    And that’s not the only time the cops have killed someone….data shows that the police kill about 1000 people every year.

  11. dad29

    Lethal force is justified when one fears for one’s life (or that of others) OR when one fears grave bodily harm (or similar of others.)

    The ‘reasonable man’ test is used at trial.

    By the way:

    In 2019, 15 unarmed black people were shot and killed by on-duty police officers, compared with 25 whites. Victims remain mostly white if you expand the tally to include off-duty police officers and deaths from causes other than gun shots. Mapping Police Violence recently counted 28 unarmed blacks and 51 unarmed whites who died at the hands of police in 2019.

    For the record.

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