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2042, 03 Oct 20

American Prestige Hurt by Trump Illness?


President Trump’s positive test for COVID-19 may not spark any sudden moves by foreign adversaries, but the news will be another blow to U.S. prestige on the global stage, according to national security experts.

“It’s certainly embarrassing when the president has scoffed about taking precautions and then comes down with the disease,” said Jon Alterman, a senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

That’s idiotic. Several world leaders have already had Covid and I’m sure others will too. The only people who would look at America as lesser because Trump got Coronavirus are those who already hate Trump… or America.


2042, 03 October 2020


  1. Mar

    Well, that would go for many liberals here in the U.S. as well. We are seeing a lot of hate and misinformation from many liberals and mainstream media.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    As I said earlier, I hope trump and everyone else in the current administration recover without any long-term adverse effects.

    Having said that, if you want to talk about misinformation, consider this:

    The harm to American “prestige’ was done by the intentional denying and downplaying of the seriousness of the virus by the current administration  despite medical evidence to the contrary.

  3. Mar

    You are a Liar, Pathalogical Le Roi.
    You are a pathetic human being.
    You are probably putting pins in you President Trump doll.
    You hate him. You lie about him. You don’t really mean to wish him well.
    You are a coward, Le Roi.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    The Atlantic is liberal filth.

    Trump shut down travel to china and Biden called it racist.

    Queen Pelosi called it xenophonbic!

    Any criticism from Atlantic for Democrats shameful downplaying?  No?



  5. Pat

    “Trump shut down travel to china and Biden called it racist.“

    I’m glad to learn he shut down travel to China. He should have shut down all travel from China though.

  6. Mar

    How do you do that, Pat?

  7. Pat

    “ The Atlantic is liberal filth.”

    I like you point by point rebuttal for what the story says.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat, Democrats opposed the action.

    So where is your downplaying lecture to them.

    Trump took action, Democrats bitched and moaned every step on the way.

    Even your socialist bretheran in Europe are falling on their face on this. No one has any answers.

    Trump haters are disingenuous and hypocrites on criticism here.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    You may not like The Atlantic, but do you question the quotes, you know, those words inside the ” ” marks?  All of those quotes by trump are verifiable from numerous sources.  Once again you deny facts.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    All the quotes were taken out of context in a sick, twisted, liberal manner.

  11. Mar

    “Once again you deny facts.”
    Like the fact you a lying hating coward, Le Roi?

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, they are direct quotes. You know, the words inside “ “. Is Denial your middle name?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    Contorted and distorted context is a lie.

    But you glory in lies, don’t you?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Specifically point out the areas you feel are wrong.  Facts would be a bonus.  Thanks

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    Apologize for your lies on other thread first, so we can see some evidence you value the truth.

    Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time to explain the truth to an open liar.

  16. Mar

    Kevin, Le Roi will never apologize for being a hater and a liar.
    He has no soul. Probably sold it when he may have worked at 1 point in his life. Though, I now think he never worked at any time in his life. Probably just sits in his apartment in Milwaukee, drooling, being spoon fed and having his diaper changed.

  17. Pat


    So you are unable to rebut the points made in the article. The best you have is calling the Atlantic “liberal filth”.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Running interference for Nord this AM?

    He was the liberal that asked. I can’t waste time pointing out truth if liberal audience only cares about lies.

    I asked for small token, to shoe truth matters.

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    To shoe that truth matters, show which quotes, spoken by trump and available to you both in print and audio, are false or out on context. Here is your chance to be the bearer of truth, rather than a name-calling denier.


    Note that trump isn’t taking hydroxychloroquine for his case of coronavirus , it must not be the miracle drug he claimed.

  20. Pat

    “ I can’t waste time pointing out truth if liberal audience only cares about lies.“


    That would be a first for you. Looks like you are completely unable to rebut the article.

    Nord, maybe if you ask Kevin he would be able to give a point by point rebuttal on the article.

  21. Pat


    Sorry, I see you already did ask Kevin and he was unable to rebut the article. His best was, well what about the other guy.

  22. Le Roi du Nord


    k always reverts to religion, either to defend his tenuous position, or to belittle that of others. His “what-about-the-other-guy” is a fall back after he plays the religion card. So , in effect, he has nothing.

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    Apologize for your lies first, then we will know that truth matters.

    If truth does not matter, then I am just a like a liberal throwing pooh. A fate almost a bad as death without Jesus.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    Well k, you have thrown plenty in the past, and continue to do so. If you can’t rebut, shame on you.

  25. jjf

    You know, but Kevin never pivots.  You can’t prove he does!

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    I only asked if you valued the truth before I go through the trouble.   I asked for a small ahowing that you value the truthe by apologizing for your lies against me and Trump.

    Since you do not value the truth, it is foolish for me to go through your requested exercise.


    I did not “pivot”, I only asked if Nord values the truth here, and it is clear he does not value the truth on any level.   I am not into wasting time if the truth is meaningless.

    Clearly, you have not sent me the $100 you owe me from last lie I caught you on.



  27. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi has no values. He has no morals.
    He is a sociopath.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    What truth are you referring to; your 6000 YO earth? All the lies spread by the current administration about coronavirus? Or are you only interested in “truth” as defined by you?

  29. jjf

    Kevin, what?  Because I wouldn’t spend an hour searching the time-limited archives here to find an example, you think I owe you $100?  Weird world you live in.  It’ll be far easier for me to show you examples while you do it.  That $100 is mine in the future, you can bet on it.

  30. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi you are the last person on Earth to lecture people about lying, you lying bigoted, racist cowardly sociopath.

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    What are you trying to prove, mar? That you have a very limited vocabulary, and no original thoughts?

  32. Mar

    I am proving that you are Liar. I am proving that you are just mean old bigoted racist who has no sense of right or wrong, I am proving that you have no shame and I am proving that you are a coward in refusing to apologize for your blatant lies.

  33. Le Roi du Nord

    Dream on , little fella.

  34. Randall Flagg

    Le Roi:

    I see Mar continues using the Nazi “big lie” technique, saying over and over he has proven things he has, in fact, never proven.  However he hopes, just like Goebbels and Trump, that if he repeats the lie over and over, it will be accepted as truth.

    However, as Goebbels noted, ” it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness.”  In short, it will work with Trump supporters, but not those that continue to think critically.

  35. Mar

    I guess you missed it this weekend but Le Roi was caught in another lie and refuses to acknowledge it.
    Why do you accept lying? Why do you have such poor morals
    Oh wait, you support the rapists and perverts in the public schools.
    I understand now.

  36. Le Roi du Nord


    Exactly, mar is projecting his lack of honesty, and that of the current administration, onto others. Since facts mean nothing to them, lies are their currency.

  37. Mar

    Again Pathological Liar Le Roi, you are the last person Earth to questions someone’s honesty.
    You really are a lying, cowardly sociopath.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord lies and blames everyone else.


  39. Randall Flagg

    I guess you missed it this weekend but Le Roi was caught in another lie and refuses to acknowledge it.

    Then you should have no problem linking to Le Roi’s  post with the lie and showing concrete, irrefutable proof it was a lie Mar.

    If you can’t, then you are lying.

    We will just sit back and see if Mar can back up his accusations with proof.

  40. jjf

    Randall, it’s a puzzle as to why Mar is so obsessed with lying.

  41. dad29

    And it’s a puzzle as to why a certain neck-beard has a fascination with crotch matters.

  42. jjf

    I guess I could take up gossiping about life-long bachelors wearing cassocks.

  43. Mar

    To Randall:
    I say: Let’s see. Le Roi calls him names. Hates all his policies. Will never say 1 good thing about him. Lies about President. Will not acknowledge his accomplishments.
    Yeah, that’s hate.
    Le Roi says:What names, mar? I proved that you have nothing, never did, never will.
    I say:Bungler in chief, Trump virus, Orange man etc. I can’t check anymore.
    So, Randall, Le Roi is a Liar. A sociopath. A disgusting human being.

  44. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, you swung and missed yet again. No one is surprised.

  45. jjf

    Let’s see. […] Calls him names. Hates all his policies. Will never say 1 good thing about him. […] Will not acknowledge his accomplishments.

    Golly, I guess you’re right, Mar.  There’s plenty of people here on B&S who do those sorts of things, so they they too must be (as you say) haters, sociopaths, disgusting human beings.

  46. Jason

    >There’s plenty of people here on B&S who do those sorts of things

    There’s also a particularly sick person who spins up and hosts a blog solely to insult others.   This jackass is so high and mighty that he whines any time someone says something mean!

  47. Mar

    Oh, look at this. Le Roi pops his head out of his septic tank and lies again.
    Typical sociopath.

  48. Mar

    Except, jjf, you intentionally failed to mention whole thing.
    There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and flat out lying.
    Why do you support Le Roi, a sociopathic liar?
    Because he is a liberal?
    Or because he is a sociopath?

  49. jjf

    Jason, who made a blog about you and what was their intent and what doxxing did they do?  And this hurt your feelings how?  Are you a public figure?

  50. dad29

    I could take up gossiping about life-long bachelors wearing cassocks.

    Fits right in with my observation, Jiffy.  Why do you have this problem of crotch-area fixation?  There are plenty of good guesses out there, of course.

  51. Le Roi du Nord

    Ooops, forgot this:

    “I’m getting it for so cheap it’s like water.”

  52. Mar

    And Pathological Liar Le Roi spouts off about someone lying when Pathological Liar Le Roi is the queen of liars. He even wears a tierra that says:”Le Roi:Queen of the Liars”
    She even has a scepter that goes with it.

  53. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, I have no tiara nor scepter.  Look who is lying now, it’s mar!!

  54. Tuerqas

    Le Roi:

    Having said that, if you want to talk about misinformation, consider this:
    The harm to American “prestige’ was done by the intentional denying and downplaying of the seriousness of the virus by the current administration  despite medical evidence to the contrary.

    Can’t argue with you there, your link is a pretty big pile of misinformation.

    Le Roi:  ‘What ever do you mean Tuerqas?’

    Well let’s see, the first line:  If it is a once in a generation virus, why does the article compare it with the Obama H1N1 ‘crisis’?  Shouldn’t the fact that Trump (and the Atlantic) compared them at all be ‘the lie’?  Obama declared a national health emergency?  Huh…can I have a little mustard with that, it might make it a little more memorable.  We had ‘enough’ tests and masks for H1N1 then, because there wasn’t a Fauci type calling publicly for complete map testing on every case, masks for all, shutdowns, etc.

    Funny how the liberal sheeple of today have been trained to react to a new malady with panic.  Some Doctor is brought out by the Dem Party to create fear and lo and behold, fear!  Was ‘some doctor’ pulled out by anyone during H1N1 to say wear masks or die?  Shutdown or die?  No, no one knew who was in Fauci’s position then and the national emergency called for by Obama included no public requirements or limitations.  The extent of our swine flu crisis were the people that died.  Most who were sick from it couldn’t tell it apart from any other strain of flu.  Heck, want to hear another liberal ‘professional’ lie?  I bet suicides will actually be down this year in a time when record numbers of people were forced out of their jobs and homes.  Why?  Because the official records will say many of them died from Covid.

    Fun fact:  The primary result of Obama declaring a national emergency for H1N1 was it that allowed agencies, doctors and hospitals to by-pass certain regulations normally required for safety.  Imagine the Dem political play outcry if Trump had by-passed safety regulations.  He was in a no win political position (on what should not be a political topic) and he did exactly what Obama did, he tried to play it down.  However, while Reps don’t recruit voters from health scares, Dems do. So two different Presidents giving the same reactions to a virus get the results that were recorded this last year and in 2009.  Judge for yourself how those reactions differed.  Clinton couldn’t even agree on a definition of ‘is’.  All Presidents lie and hedge and flip-flop.  Most have not done it as often and as blatantly as Trump or Clinton, but there you go.  I could make a list of lies as politically one-sided and as bad on the Bill Clinton lies 20 years after he left office.  Here is an Obama single suite of lies that outweigh all of Trump’s Covid lies and were more plentiful:  The affordable care act will make healthcare affordable.

  55. Jason

    >Here is an Obama single suite of lies that outweigh all of Trump’s Covid lies and were more plentiful:  The affordable care act will make healthcare affordable.

    And with that stroke you just cut through Leroy’s second post about Insulin Costs.  He doesn’t care that these drugs prices increased many fold during Obama’s presidency… he doesn’t care that people are mortally impacted by these price increases during Obama’s presidency.  He only cares to stoke the hate that he has for Trump even if that means cutting his own nose off.

  56. jjf

    Dad29, enough with the Sunday School about circumcision.  The cassock is covering all the naughty bits.  So why are you so fascinated with the gossip of the priests and archbishops?  Is it like baseball or politics?

  57. Mar

    jjf, seems like your are fascinated with Catholic child abuse.
    Fair enough.
    So why not the outrage at public school teachers who have far more arrests than priests. And the schools also do the same thing with teachers accused of abuse-they move them around to other schools.
    So, let’s see some outrage with public school teachers.
    Don’t be like Randall.

  58. dad29

    Jiffy’s a troll with ….ahhh……..Jung-problems, for starters.  Take him seriously and you’re going into a rabbit hole.

  59. jjf

    Mar, I didn’t say anything about Catholic child abuse.  Who brought that up?

    I was talking about Dad29’s endless gossiping about what the archbishops Are Really Thinking and which one is proper and which one is off-base.  Have you read his blog?  I’m not even talking about guitar mass vs. regular mass debates.  It’s way more inside baseball.

    More arrests for teachers than Catholic priests.  That’s a whopper of logic right there.  How many priests are there, compared to teachers?  And if you were following along, wasn’t the recognized problem that they weren’t investigating or reporting the priests?  Just moving them to another parish?  Go on.  Tell me about the teachers if that’s what riles you.

    But we’re supposed to be talking about Trump’s illness.  Did you see his chest heaving and wheezing when he returned to infect more at the White House?  The way he couldn’t raise his hands above the level of his elbows?

  60. Mar

    And POS Le Roi strikes again. Comes up from his septic tank and complains about supposed lies
    But Pathological Liar Le Roi is a POS.
    Just cannot tell the truth.
    And continues his hate.
    Go back to your septic tank Le Roi. Go play with your Barbies.

  61. Le Roi du Nord

    What the matter mar, you can’t defend trump so you project his failing on others?

  62. Mar

    Oh, I can defend President Trump.
    Sadly you are too much of a sissy to defend yourself, you cowardly liar.

  63. Le Roi du Nord

    Oh, but you didn’t, and can’t.

    And now the Joint Chiefs of Staff are all quarantined. Good job.

  64. Mar

    Right, Sissy Le Roi, the Chiefs cannot do their jobs.
    They must only communicate by smoke stances.
    You are such an idiot and hater Le Roi.
    Now go back into your septic tank and go to bed.

  65. Mar

    Le ROI, will you admit you lied when you said you didn’t call President names?
    Will you be a man admit you lied?

  66. Le Roi du Nord

    “smoke stances”? And you have the hubris to call an idiot?

    And no, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

  67. Jason

    “And you have the hubris to call an idiot?”

    Want to slow down and try again?

  68. jjf

    Right, Sissy Le Roi, 

    Mar’s sexism and the bullying continues.

    Will you be a man 

    Mar wonders who the real men are.  School yard antics.  And Jason piles on.

    Quality debate at B&S!

  69. Le Roi du Nord

    “smoke stances”? And you have the hubris to call me an idiot?

    And no, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

  70. Mar

    Le Roi you are a sissy sociopath. You really are an uneducated coward.
    Really, you just come to this site to spew your hate and lie.
    You have no morals.

  71. Mar

    And jjf calls for civil debate a day after ripping Catholics and Catholic priests.
    Please tell us more about your hypocrisy. I need a good laugh.

  72. jjf

    Mar, you think Dad29 is civil when he says I have Jung problems, but I can’t talk about what he likes to talk about?  As for you, why do you use the term “sissy?”

  73. Mar

    Why do I use the term sissy. Because Le Roi is a sissy. A coward. A sociopath.
    I don’t care what you talk about but just be consistant. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  74. jjf

    Why do I use the term sissy. Because Le Roi is a sissy. 

    Well, there’s some high-power logic.

  75. Mar

    Thank you.

  76. jjf

    Next time we debate, can I just say “X is true because X is true”?

  77. Le Roi du Nord

    Pretty tough talk from mar about someone he has never met. More false assumptions from mar.

  78. Mar

    Well, ok, jjf.
    X=Le Roi is a proven Liar, beyond doubt.
    Y= Le Roi refuses to admit it.
    So X+Y= Le Roi is a lying coward

  79. Le Roi du Nord

    Math isn’t your strong suit, is it?

  80. Mar

    And telling the truth isn’t yours, Le Roi.

  81. Le Roi du Nord

    But I didn’t claim that Keith Hernandez was a murderer, or that the Brits had airports in North America in the 1780’s, or that WW II ended in 1917, or that hydroxychloroquine was a miracle drug and would cure coronavirus, or that the virus would be gone when it warms up, etc., etc.   You and your fearless leader did.  BTW, he is over 20,000 untruths since in office.

  82. Mar

    So, you just admitted you are a Liar, good for you.
    Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step.
    Pretty soon you will have to apologize for your shortcomings.
    But at least you admit you are a liar.

  83. Le Roi du Nord

    How so , mar?

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