Masks vs. Mask Mandates

It is almost funny how difficult it is for some people to understand that someone can think wearing masks is a good idea and still oppose having the government mandate the wearing of them. In any case, thoughts and prayers to Senator Johnson and his family. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

After testing positive for COVID-19, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said his view on mask mandates hasn’t changed, as Wisconsin Republican leaders have voiced their support for striking down the state’s order requiring face coverings be worn.

The Oshkosh Republican, who announced Saturday morning he had tested positive for the virus the previous day, instead touted “individual responsibility,” saying while he believes masks can help mitigate the risk, they’re “certainly not a cure-all.”

Johnson, who is at least the third Republican U.S. senator to have contracted the coronavirus recently, said he was tested on his way to the Ozaukee County Republican Party Oktoberfest Dinner in Mequon on Friday night, though he didn’t get the results back til later on.

In between, he still attended the event, saying he wore his mask until he spoke and stayed “at least 12 feet from anybody as [he was] speaking.” He said he quickly left the dinner after his remarks.

37 Responses to Masks vs. Mask Mandates

  1. Mar says:

    What it comes down to, so you act like an adult or do you behave like a sheeple.

  2. penquin says:

    Using a blinker when changing lanes is a good idea, but does it really need to be mandated? Asking for a friend…


  3. Le Roi du Nord says:

    So the behavior exhibited by trump, johnson , et al is that of rational adults?

  4. penquin says:

    It is a good idea for restaurant workers to wash their hands after using the restroom, but my friend wants to know if that really need to be mandated.

  5. jjf says:

    Heck, they can’t even seem to understand why they aren’t immune and why we might want to do something to slow the spread, and you want them to understand fine points of government theory?

    While there are endless folks out there saying it’s all a hoax, that the mask will give you carbon dioxide poisoning, or that the Dems are child molesters in a pizza shop basement?

    Sheeple…  Mar, do you think you are a wolf?

  6. Mar says:

    Le ROI, you are showing you lying face here? I thought you be so humiliated that you would run away like a coward.

  7. Mar says:

    jjf, I can see how I am practically immune as I have been exposed to so many different diseases in my life time.
    But I understand that you, working at home or in a small office would not be as immune, I get that.
    So, why I should be mandated to wear a mask. I am at such a small risk of contracting the disease as you are. Likewise, why should someone who already have the disease be mandated to wear one?
    But again, why should should anyone be mandated to wear a mask?
    Use common sense and social distance, don’t breathe on someone and don’t kiss strangers, jjf.

  8. Mar says:

    pengquin, you are more likely to spread food poisoning by not washing you hands than you are spreading the Democrat virus.
    And food poisoning can be more deadly than the Democrat virus.

  9. Le Roi du Nord says:

    No mar, I’m not, since photos aren’t attached.  You can’t even get your lies right.

    Perhaps your herd mentality protects you, maybe not.  But in light of recent developments, and add in the ~207000 deaths, why take the risk?

  10. Mar says:

    Cowardly Le Roi, claiming he doesn’t lie. Then blames others for his senility.
    Claims he doesn’t hate President Trump but calls him names and then denies calling him names.
    I think your dog is disgusted with you. Wasting all that fresh air by breathing,you are a disgusting human being, if you really are human.

  11. dad29 says:

    The WHO demonstrates that masks are useless.  RoJo has a different opinion.  Oh, well.

  12. jjf says:

    Mars, you don’t seem to understand.  No one is “immune” to COVID.  It doesn’t matter how strong you think your immune system is.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve had before.  You are engaging in wishful magical thinking.

  13. jjf says:

    Dad29, say what?


  14. Mar says:

    jjf, some people have good immune systems.
    Others, not so good.
    I’ll take my chances on my immune system.

  15. jjf says:

    Again, you are engaging in magical thinking, not medical science.  Feel free to show me otherwise.

  16. Mar says:

    Are you saying some people don’t have better immune systems than others?
    Gee, tell that to people who have AIDs, autoimmune diseases and people who have gotten exposed to the Democrat/Chinese virus and now are immune to the virus.

  17. dad29 says:

    Look it up, Jiffy.  2019.  W H O study.  Masks are useless.  Their current position just MAY be political rather than Teh Scienzzzzz.

  18. jjf says:

    You’re getting closer, Doctor Mar.

    I can see how I am practically immune as I have been exposed to so many different diseases in my life time.

    You seem to be suggesting that because you caught something else once upon a time, you have some “immunity” to a new virus?

    But I understand that you, working at home or in a small office would not be as immune,

    Now you think you’ve doxxed where I work?

  19. Le Roi du Nord says:


    It’s the “herd mentality” that will protect him and his ilk.

  20. Mar says:

    You work in computers, jjf, where else would you work?

  21. jjf says:

    Some days I ride the open range wearing a white hat.  Some days I’m deep in the code mines.  Other days I’m on the front line, triaging the wounds of soldiers.

    But heaven knows if I revealed any detail of my life, you and Jason and Dad29 would add it to your dossiers and turn it into an insult when you couldn’t support an on-topic argument.

  22. Mar says:

    So, jjf, Randall and Pat, were you able to survive the virus because a Black woman stocked the store shelves?

  23. jjf says:

    Does anyone know what Doctor Mar is talking about?

  24. Pat says:


    It’s impossible to tell what Marbles is babbling about. More than likely his usual late night drunk postings.

  25. jjf says:

    Mar says: October 6, 2020 at 4:41 am

    At some point I think you need to call it “early morning.”

  26. Jason says:

    There’s Foust, doxxing other peoples posting times.  Not everyone can sleep until 7:55 and then get up and walk downstairs to open the computer shop at 8AM in downtown sleepy Jefferson.   Do you get some coffee with your neighbor Eric?  Does he wear khakis?

  27. Mar says:

    First, jjf, that’s only 2:41 my time. And who cares?

  28. Mar says:

    Apparently, Pat and jjf, you didn’t hear Biden’s latest racist and pandering statement.
    Get caught up in the latest news.

  29. jjf says:

    Mar, are you changing the subject again?  This post was about masks.

    Not doxxing, Jason.  Just reading what’s here on this page.

    Where’d you find the info you posted, and why were you looking?  Just bullying people, right?  Wake up in the morning, vaguely threaten people on the Internets.  You’re so powerful!

  30. Mar says:

    So, do mask mandates work?
    In my county in Arizona, the area size of about the lower 1/3 of Wisconsin, the 3 largest cities had mask mandates. 2 of the 3 completely dropped the mask mandate and the other, it’s not enforced. The unincorporated areas had no mandate.
    Before the mandates ended, we had about 20 cases a day.
    The past few days we had a total of 1 case.
    Masks don’t work but in fact do more harm?
    Or perhaps people are more careful when not wearing mask?

  31. Jason says:

    >Just reading what’s here on this page

    So using publicly available information is not doing? Good to hear you finally agree that I haven’t doxxed you.

  32. jjf says:

    Jason opens Kevin’s Special Dictionary and extends “doxxing” to include reading stuff on the same page. 

    And then he won’t answer questions about his intentions about using info that he’s googled.  Why do you do it, Jason, and what’s your intention?  Intimidation?  Bullying?

    Dad29!  Alert!  Someone’s obsessed with men’s pants again!

  33. Mar says:

    jjf, when you will condemn the doxxing by liberals?
    Just asking for a friend.

  34. jjf says:

    What are you daydreaming of this time, Mar?

    Sure, there’s plenty of doxxing I think is inappropriate and probably runs up a scale to “wrong.”  And as the law allows, there’s a difference between private citizens and public officials.

    And why are your blinders so tight as to not see what Jason is trying to do, or to wonder why he does it?  As I’ve shown before, the definition of “doxxing” includes intent.  What does he intend to provoke?

  35. dad29 says:

    downtown sleepy Jefferson.

    I think that’s outdated.

  36. Jason says:

    Maybe it’s not Foust’s Phantom Conservative Non-Wearing Masks that he “sees every day in the back alleys of Walmart”… but really Palm and Evers not teaching people how to properly wash their masks… every time they are worn…  I haven’t seen any information from Palm/Evers in their dictates on how to properly wash them



    Hey Randall Fag, Randall Flunk, Randall Flat… sorry, finally got it right… look at that study they reference… the exact same one I did two months ago, that you decided to sweep under the rug with Occam’s Broom…

    The researchers analyzed unpublished data from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) they published in 2015. This study is still the only RCT ever conducted on the efficacy of cloth masks in preventing viral infections.


    Also in that jumble of science, the very strongest recommendation is to wash that mask daily in minumum 60 degree Celsius water.  That’s 140 F for us Americans… and what is the temp recommended by everyone in the US for water heaters?   Why the DoE recommends 120 degrees, so you don’t scald and burn everyone in the house, and yet still kill every bad pathogen in the area, and save Obama energy just like filling your tires to their proper inflation recommendation (remember that fun one?)… ooops.

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