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0801, 17 Jun 20

Police Chief Apologizes for Having an Opinion

This is the sad world that we’re living in. The Germantown chief expressed an opinion that is understandable, inoffensive, and benign. He is simply frustrated and expressed it. The mob swarmed and he was compelled to apologize, Here’s what he said:

According to the first post, officers were tasked with providing security for a march that started at Germantown High School, W180-N11501 N. River Lane, Saturday and ended at the police department, N112-W16877 Mequon Road.

Snow said one of the protesters held a large sign that said “ACAB,” which stands for “All Police Officers Are [expletives].”

“I do think the intent of the organizers was to conduct a peaceful demonstration,” Snow wrote. “I simply do not understand why a sign was carried that was clearly intended to create a divide and degrade an entire profession. The entire narrative on ‘police brutality’ is one I am happy to debate with anyone.”

That’s it. And it’s true. Carrying a sign that says “All Cops Are Bastards” when protesting the actions of a few – you know, smearing an entire population based on the bad acts of a few of them – IS divisive and degrades an entire profession. If you are a nurse and someone was protesting with a sign that said “All Nurses Are Bastards” because a few nurses are, wouldn’t you be frustrated? Or Firefighters? Or Insurance Agents? If you do your job well and with integrity and honor, and people disparage you because a few people with the same job are bastards, aren’t you allowed to be frustrated?

But no… only one opinion is allowed.

Snow later issued an apology shortly after 5 p.m. regarding the post saying he broke a “cardinal rule” taught to him by the last chief of police — never post angry.

“I was called out by many and you were correct, I missed an opportunity,” Snow said. “For that I am sorry and I do apologize. One of our followers pointed out I created a divide and it was my job to make it right. I listened Saturday and was impacted. I was impressed by the people who organized the event and understand their motives were genuine.”


0801, 17 June 2020


  1. Jason

    So what was the march? I’d guess it was a BLM march… shows just how inclusive, tolerant, enlightened, woke, and civilized the Left really is when they support a sign like ACAB.

  2. Merlin

    Chief Snow’s initial criticism was accurate whether he was angry at the time of posting or not. The unnecessary apology was just a bandaid for the butt hurt.

  3. Mar

    Next up for the liberals is reeducation camps for those who disagree with them. Our civil liberties are being taken away from us at lightning speed by liberal mobs/thugs.

  4. jjf

    bad acts of a few of them

    And the rest of the cops, apart from the “bad apples” – they work tirelessly to rid themselves of the “bad apples”?  They’ve improved their profession’s culture to discourage the behaviors that might be causing “bad apples”?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Was it necessary to apologize for that?

    If so, you have a litany of things to apologize for….

  6. Jason

    >they work tirelessly to rid themselves of the “bad apples”? They’ve improved their profession’s culture to discourage the behaviors that might be causing “bad apples”?

    Objection your honor! Speculation!

  7. jjf

    Say what, Kevin?

  8. Jason

    Kevin is saying that if the police chief needs to apologize for opining on a shitty sign, you have a lot of apologies to hand out.

    Come on John, it’s not like he’s asking you to search a database.

  9. Tuerqas

    I would submit that very few professions ‘police’ the actions of their own.  If you expect the police to do that, jjf, you are going against the vast majority of professions.  The police force even above most others require an esprit-de-corps and a strong trust among professionals to do the job they do.  Imagine doing police work, where you suspect your partner is more likely to turn you in for any suspect action than have your back.

    Hopefully you just didn’t think that one through.  Distrusting and judging cops is for their own Infernal affairs departments, not the rank & file.

  10. jjf

    I think it would be perfectly fine to find another way to police the police, as it’s clear they aren’t very good about removing the “bad apples” and may in fact be actively encouraging their growth, or at least the attitude.

  11. Tuerqas

    I do not disagree with that statement.  I disagreed with expecting the rank & file police to turn in their compatriots for any infractions.  Are you trying to say your last two statements (excluding “Say what, Kevin”) were equivalent or do you see the difference and agree that the first statement was ill thought out?  Assuming the latter, do you have any suggestions?

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