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2235, 07 Jun 20

Minneapolis to Abolish Police

This won’t end well. I think I’ll avoid the Twin Cities for a while. And as this sweeps through other cities, crime will rise and innocents will suffer.

A majority of Minneapolis City Council has pledged to dismantle the local police department, a significant move amid nationwide protests sparked by George Floyd’s death last month.

Nine of the 13 councillors said a “new model of public safety” would be created in a city where law enforcement has been accused of racism.


Ms Bender said details of the overhaul plan needed to be discussed further, adding that she would try to shift police funding towards community based strategies.

Meanwhile, councillor Alondra Cano tweeted that “a veto-proof majority” in the council had agreed that the city police department “is not reformable and that we’re going to end the current policing system”.


2235, 07 June 2020


  1. Merlin

    They might have a difficult time following through on their warm fuzzy fantasies this time. This idea will be studied to death, then fizzle and fade.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    …because leaving vulnerable minority urban communities to the mercy of criminal thugs isn’t racist…

    Awful. Just awful.

  3. Jason

    I hope that if they do take this route they can show the rest of the country a model that eliminates “The Blue Wall” and the Police Unions and still have an effective policing force.   What we have today is not working.

  4. jjf

    I think Jason just said he wants to abolish the police forces and reorganize them.

  5. Mike

    Since all for their officers were exposed to crowds ignoring social distancing and mask guidelines they should quarantine for 2 weeks. It would give them a good trial run.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    You libs advocating we leave innocent minority communities defenseless against criminals are awful racists.

    There is no other word for it.

  7. dad29

    Commercial properties discounted by 80%!!

  8. Jason

    >I think Jason just said he wants to abolish the police forces and reorganize them.

    What exactly do you want?  No police force at all?  We all know you’re afraid of guns and don’t want others to have guns due to your fears… so what is your world like?   No police, no guns for good guys… you’re an idiot.

  9. jjf

    I thought you said you were a Hard Libertarian.

    Afraid of guns?  I’m quite a good shot.

  10. Jason

    Ah, see I found the problem.  I was correct all along, you’re an idiot and have a comprehension problem.  I never said I was a “Hard Libertarian”.  Thanks for the capitalization, I know based on your complaints on how people over-use it, that it was Painful FOR You to Do.


    Got anything intelligent or just more back handed idiocy?

  11. Jason

    >Afraid of guns?

    And yes, you are afraid of guns.  Your frequent comments and complaints about protesters carrying “EVIL ASSAULT RIFLES”, shows indelibly that you are afraid of guns. No need to lie now.

  12. Tuerqas

    While I am very interested in what will replace the Police Dept in Minneapolis, I do wish my niece would get out of that city immediately.

  13. Jason

    Same here T. Mine is 28 single. Shes living in a nice apartment with good security but that liberal run city is headed toward big trouble.

  14. Merlin

    Somebody send Target a map of Wisconsin and the name of a good commercial real estate broker.

  15. jjf

    Merlin, and some carbon paper, too!

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