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1115, 08 Jun 20

Less Police. More Crime.

Interesting insight from 2018.

BALTIMORE – Just before a wave of violence turned Baltimore into the nation’s deadliest big city, a curious thing happened to its police force: officers suddenly seemed to stop noticing crime.

Police officers reported seeing fewer drug dealers on street corners. They encountered fewer people who had open arrest warrants.

Police questioned fewer people on the street. They stopped fewer cars.

In the space of just a few days in spring 2015 – as Baltimore faced a wave of rioting after Freddie Gray, a black man, died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van – officers in nearly every part of the city appeared to turn a blind eye to everyday violations. They still answered calls for help. But the number of potential violations they reported seeing themselves dropped by nearly half. It has largely stayed that way ever since.

“What officers are doing is they’re just driving looking forward. They’ve got horse blinders on,” says Kevin Forrester, a retired Baltimore detective.

The surge of shootings and killings that followed has left Baltimore easily the deadliest large city in the United States. Its murder rate reached an all-time high last year; 342 people were killed. The number of shootings in some neighborhoods has more than tripled. One man was shot to death steps from a police station. Another was killed driving in a funeral procession.

Here is where the crime stats will mislead you. If the police are gone or just look the other way, then the crime stats will show a decline in crime rates. After all, if an assault happens and the police are never involved, it will never show up on a report. That doesn’t mean that the crime didn’t happen. It just means that it wasn’t reported.

That’s where tracking homicides becomes one of the only barometers of the overall violent crime rate. When someone is killed by another person as a result of an assault, accidentally, or otherwise, it is counted. The other stat that one would have to look to is hospitalizations for gunshot or other wounds caused by violence. The hooker who is bludgeoned by her pimp might not show up on a crime report, but she will still show up with a hospital admission.

In the absence of police or customary police enforcement, we have to look to other data to understand the level of crime happening in our communities. The crime stats given by law enforcement are useless.


1115, 08 June 2020


  1. Tuerqas

    I have pointed that out before too.  News agencies and police departments have often pointed to statistics of lower violent crimes, leaving out that one little word:  ‘Reported’.  And then everyone wonders why of all the violent crimes, only the murder rate has stayed the same or increased.  All deaths must be reported…

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    …and in other news, water is wet.

    Shows liberals are pro-crime when they demand police be cut.


  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Well k, you have called me a liberal scores of times, but I am a big supporter of the police and fair and consistent enforcement of our laws. So one way or the other your are grossly wrong.

  4. Mar

    There goes Le Roi lying again. 2 whoppers in a day. Not quite a record but day but close.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    And what would that whopper be, mar?

  6. Mar

    You are a big supporter of the police.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    And it is true, I am a big supporter of police and other law enforcement agencies.  I even worked for one for 32+ years.

    What have you done other than call people you don’t know liars, blame others for your numerous (yes, numerous) mistakes, and whine incessantly?  What, pray tell?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you are against this liberal nonsense of trying to defend police?

    You have been very quiet about it.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    Please translate this from k-speak into WI English.  Thanks.

    “So you are against this liberal nonsense of trying to defend police?”


  10. Mar

    “And it is true, I am a big supporter of police and other law enforcement agencies.  I even worked for one for 32+ years.”
    I sure hope you were not responsible for putting people in jail. With your dishonesty and horrible lack of judgement, there could very well be innocent people in jail because of you.
    You say support the police but you claim that police tear gassed innocent people.
    But I must have missed your posts about police officers being injured in massive numbers.
    I must have missed your posts about the retired cop and Federal security guard in Oakland who were murd ere ed in cold blood by thugs.
    I must have missed your post about the horses in some police departments who were attacked by thugs.
    I must have missed your posts about supporting the cops who were being abused physically and verbally.
    But I did catch your posts when you lied about Kevin.
    But hey, keep on lying, it’s quite entertaining to see how much you degrade yourself.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Yes mar, you miss a lot of stuff. And that won’t change unless you accept your shortcomings and work towards improving your habits.

  12. Jason

    Pretty stupid tripe actually Leroy. The guy asked for clarification on something and got it. And the article points out that Evers administration gave out wrong info… like usual for him. The article is a cocked up opinion piece.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Doesn’t look that way.  But It looks like the problem lies with the R’s, not the governors office.  And like Ramthun, you didn’t read it .

    “Bishop said he didn’t consider the response from the governor’s office to miscommunicate the facts, as Ramthun claimed.”

  14. Mar

    Le Roi, since you declared yourself the Nazi grammar police officer, do you know how to use an apostrophe?

  15. Mar

    More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder.
    So, the mayor gives a videotape address to police officers praising them from stopping looting and rioting thugs and expressing sympathy for the cop’s injuries.
    She then is forced to to apologize because some crybabies and uneducated thugs demand she do it.
    If you are a true liberal, you ought to be ashamed of the thugs taking over liberal cities.
    And yes, if you support the thugs or you don’t speak out, you are a coward along with being pro-thug.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure mar, but I didn’t want to confuse you with details.

    And it looks like you missed the point again. Bravo!

  17. Mar

    Well Pathological Liar Le Roi, you never have a point unless you lie about it.
    I guess when you cannot lie without being caught, you have to resort to throwing temper tantrums like ac2 year old.
    Have you ever gotten out of the terrible 2 stage?

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, no lie, only a quote. For someone as highly educated as you claim it is surprising that you don’t see the irony. Maybe next time you’ll get it.

  19. Mar

    Waaaaaaaa, says Le Roi.
    I think you need a timeout.
    Cannot take criticism but enjoys giving it out.

  20. jjf

    So civil, Mar.  So civil.

  21. Mar

    “So civil, Mar.  So civil.”
    Well, then tell your liberal brother, Le Roi to stop lying.

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