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2133, 22 May 20

“Then you ain’t black”

Well, I guess we can guarantee that Biden will choose a black person to be his running mate.

When an aide for Mr Biden tried to end the interview, Charlamagne protested, saying: “You can’t do that to black media.”

“I do that to white media and black media,” Mr Biden replied, adding that his wife was waiting to use their home broadcast studio.

Charlamagne urged Mr Biden to return for another interview, saying he had more questions.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Mr Biden responded.


2133, 22 May 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Biden is a racist.

    He thinks African Americans, like Candace Owen’s can’t think outside the DNC plantation.

    Awful. Just awful.

    Liberal racism is an ugly, ugly thing.

  2. kjanz1899

    The only chance Biden has of winning is if he picks the former first lady and I don’t mean Hillary.

  3. Mar

    Racist Joe is his name.
    In fairness to him, he is old and having mental issues.
    This is what he would say in the 1970’s, not in 2020.
    I guess he spent too much time with KKK Robert Byrd.

  4. Merlin

    That one’s going to leave a bruise.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    So far, nothing from local libs on Biden, the DNC slavemaster warning blacks to not wander off the DNC plantation.

    The silence on the liberal racism is awful. Just awful.

  6. jjf

    If only they had the good bloodline of Henry Ford.

    Is B&S the premiere WisGOP blog out there?  Are y’all the best and the brightest?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Stop ignoring the gross liberal racism…


  8. dad29

    Henry Ford.

    Oh, yes.  The anti-Semite Mason!

  9. MjM

    Massa juss tellin’ da hep who dey done got tuh kneel a’fore.

    “We should become the net exporter of the new technology by investing the $40 billion in — the $400 billion I’m proposing in research and development for new ways to absorb carbon. New ways, you know, make sure that we have a system nationwide that can transmit coal and wind across the country. But we’re not investing in those things Joe. We’re not investing in any of it. They all create jobs. And by the way, they don’t wind, does not cause cancer. Windmills.” – Babblin’ Joe, 5/22/20

  10. Mar

    Kevin, why would you expect the white liberals to denounce Biden?
    jjf has already shown that he is racist.
    And you expect him to denounce Biden?
    Not likely.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    I just hope he would oppose racist evil.

  12. dad29

    Babblin’ Joe

    The Dem Conven should be very interesting, indeed.  If they keep Biden, it’s because they know they’re going to lose.

    Dumping Biden without nominating Bernie presents another problem:  WHO?  The women are all crazy except Klobuchar, but hearing the White Pages read in perfect monotone is more interesting and engaging than she is.

    “Killer” Cuomo?  Fiercely heterosexual Corey?  How about Tony Evers??

    I bought all the popcorn futures.

  13. jjf

    “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Of course, Democrats have a “hate Israel first” policy. Why would someone, Jewish, who believes in the refuge of Jewish state vote for a party with policy goals to strengthen the enemies of Israel?

    I would argue Democrats embolden all America’s enemies…but you libs never call evil out, unless you think Americans are evil.

  15. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy can’t discern: “I think… .”

    “You ain’t”

    One of these things is not like the other.

    Let’s see what each had to say later on, you know, to cover their tracks….

    “In my opinion, if you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to Jewish people and you’re being very disloyal to Israel. And only weak people would say anything other than that.”

    “Perhaps I was much too cavalier. I know the comments have come off like I was taking the [their] vote for granted. But nothing could be further from the truth. I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy. No one should have to vote for any party based on their race, their religion, their background.”

    One re-enforcing his beliefs, one claiming it was all a joke.

  16. Jason

    Let’s not forget that “jewish” is not a race. But the last few years have shown us that Johhhny doesnt care about facts.

  17. Mar

    Well, it’s been about a day since this posted and not liberal denounced for his racist comment.
    Kinda tells me that Pat, Le Roi, jjf and Randall agree with Racist Joe and it shows how racist Pat, Le Roi and jjf are.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey mar, I don’t think Biden’s comment was smart, and certainly a poor choice of words.  But I don’t think what he said is any worse, and probably less racist, than things trump has said, or posters on this site have said. So put your election year pants on and quit whining.

  19. Mar

    Thank you Racist Le Roi. That was a non-answer.

  20. Mar

    And Le Rou, what has President Trump said or did that was racist?
    Oh right, getting the Black and Hispanic to the lowest rate is racist.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, it was, and is, an answer.  Just because it doesn’t satisfy your ego doesn’t mean it isn’t an answer.

  22. Mar

    Yes, Le Roi, I have a healthy ego.
    But you just cannot accept that you are a racist.
    Too bad, too sad.
    Still waiting for you to say what President Trump has said or did that was racist.

  23. Pat

    Le Roi,

    Have Mar prove that Trump hasn’t said or done things that have been racist.

    Mar’s MO is to say something totally unhinged and when called on it tells the person calling him out to prove what he said was wrong.

  24. Mar

    First Pat, you cannot prove a negative.
    And too bad you didn’t read the article. The Black gentleman said that what President Trump was not racist.
    But thanks for playing.
    You are like the Cumberland football team on October 7, 1916.

  25. Pat

    Trump’s a racist Mar. Prove me wrong.
    That’s how it works, right?

  26. Mar

    No Pat. Le Roi said Trump is a racist.
    So let him back up his statement.
    I see you cannot.

  27. Pat

    No, Mar. It’s up to you to prove Trump’s not a racist. Those are your rules.

  28. Pat

    Mar claimed, “The Black gentleman said that what President Trump was not racist.“

    That’s not exactly true, Mar. He said he would not use the term “racist” to describe the president but said Mr Trump had a “white superiority complex” and claimed the Republican party was pursing a “pro-white” agenda.

    What would you call a person who had a “white superiority complex” and promoted a “pro-white” agenda?

  29. jjf

    My quote was Trump’s words, not mine.

  30. Pat

    “What would you call a person who had a “white superiority complex” and promoted a “pro-white” agenda?”

    I didn’t think you would be able to provide a coherent answer, Mar.

  31. Tuerqas

    What would you call a person who had a “white superiority complex” and promoted a “pro-white” agenda?

    Pat, we all know most people’s answer to that (racist, bigot, hater, etc), but I would love to see an honest answer to a statement that turned it around:

    What would you call a person who had a “black superiority complex” and promoted a “pro-black” agenda?

    The answer would not be the same, would it…(Maybe hero, champion, freedom fighter)

    The double standard of ‘white privilege’ vs ‘black victimhood’ tends to bore me.  As one who has never been or felt racist to anyone (save Florida Cubans, I will admit: so I moved!), and had parents who immigrated to the US long after the Civil war, I tend to not feel that I owe someone else reparations because of their race.  And for this I have often been branded a bigot or racist. BS

  32. jjf

    The answer is the same.  Racist thought, either way.  Who says otherwise?

    As you’ve thought about your family and its ups and downs, how did their skin color affect your position today?  How were other people treated in those locations, because of their skin color?  Who could vote, who couldn’t?  Who could get mortgages, who couldn’t?

    Why do people feel quite proud to honor their “heritage” but not the debt of past injustice?

  33. Tuerqas

    I think it should be the same, but I believe you won’t hear that in most circles.  The majority of liberals and black people (at least their spokespeople) believe their is a debt owed to ancestry and that blacks deserve some sort of black privilege now in return, to pay for former wrongs of people long dead.  Many Republicans believe white privilege doesn’t even really exist anymore, except maybe by a few, so the question itself is specious(hey, yeah, I know gullible, but what can you expect from people who respect Donald Trump?).

    My German grandparents bought a small house in a very German neighborhood.  They were treated in that micro-verse as normal people, but Germans did not have a very good odor in most of the 20th century so I doubt their skin color gave them much of a leg up anywhere else.  Their general German work ethic, did just fine for them, though.  My grandparents never met an American over 18 that could not vote.  Now, there were certainly many Blacks in the south that had the right, but not the ability to get past the KKK members standing in the polling place doors, but that wasn’t in Wisconsin where my ‘ancestors’ settled.

    The reality is that people feel comfortable and drawn to people with the same heritage and background-FAMILIARITY-.  So Swede neighborhoods, German neighborhoods, Latin neighborhoods and Black neighborhoods exist, and always will.  Those neighborhoods then gain traits and reputations, some fair and some foul and those never represent the entire neighborhood, but there you go.  My brother in law married a filipino woman in Cudahy and is surrounded in his neighborhood by Patrick Cudahy workers who bought their homes with cash saved from factory wages.  They did not even try and get loans, the idea was foreign to them.

    People feel proud of their heritage because feeling ashamed of it sucks.  Past debts of injustice…how far back do you go?  Do dispossessed English nobles granted land in the new world deserve a claim on that land today?  Are the descendants of slaves owed more by American whites who bought them as slaves or by the tribes they were warring with who enslaved and then sold them to the white slavers?  Do they owe a debt to the families of the over 1 million men that died or were seriously wounded during the civil war for freeing them(or at least the blue jacketed ones)?  I mean we are already going back 150 years to the beginning of this debt, where is the line drawn?  Most common answer:  The line is where each individual’s self interest begins, so it can go back 1 day or hundreds of years.  Fix the problems now, but not with handouts, those just encourage the recipients to expect another blackmail payment.  Give the tax credits to build or refurbish a factory in a struggling neighborhood, not to corn subsidizers paying farmers not to grow things.  Grow the corn and give your aid to other nations in coin (corn) they can only use to help their people and not pay for weapons.

    I disagree that I owe a debt to former slaves, but I am all for helping the Americans most in need to get up on their own feet.

  34. jjf

    People long dead?  I’d say there’s plenty of racist policy that’s around today.  There’s also plenty from the time when our parents (who may still be alive) were of age to vote.

    Speaking of voting, didn’t we have a federal voting rights act in 1965 (within my lifetime)?  And riots in Milwaukee about equal access to housing and against police brutality in 1967?

    Germans were the predominant group in Milwaukee back then, no?  So who was looking down on them?

    I don’t think Milwaukee is segregated today because of “familiarity.”  I think it’s because of white flight to the suburbs, and racist tendencies and policies, public and private, that pushed Certain People to Certain Areas.  Yes, it’s absolutely about self-interest.  The self-interest comes first, the racist ideas and policies flow from that.

    You point to the successes of your ancestors.  You don’t point to the relatives who failed.  You don’t remember the ones who got in trouble with the law and got away with a reprimand.  You aren’t concerned today with wondering whether some ancestor got the advantage of a cheap mortgage in a house in the right neighborhood.

    I say racist policies and racist ideas were like a constant rain on minorities.  They weighed them down, they prevented opportunity, they limited access, they were like a bank that charged them to keep their money there while they were paying compound interest to others.

    You’re content today to reap the benefits of the privileges extended to your ancestors, benefits that have compounded over decades.  They worked hard, after all, they deserved it, right?  And you deserve to inherit it, right?

    And those who inherit less because their ancestors got less, they deserve that too, right?

    There’s more than a little racism in the idea that some family in the most segregated section of Milwaukee doesn’t want the same things for their kids and family than some family who escaped to a WOW county in the 1970s.

  35. Tuerqas

    Germans were the predominant group in Milwaukee back then, no?  So who was looking down on them?

    By 20 years after the war, not as much, but (here is that pride of heritage thing) Germans had worked their way back into good odor.  When my grandparents came here in the later 20s, there was still stigma from WW1 and ‘those dirty Germans were fleeing their just sanctions’.  And it hit back again during and for years after WW2.  I am sure being white also helped the healing too.

    I think segregation progresses from familiarity.  I think it starts there in most cases, barring forced segregation.

    Yes, it’s absolutely about self-interest.  The self-interest comes first, the racist ideas and policies flow from that.

    We don’t have to continue further, we are in perfect agreement on that line above and the rest are largely details.  Racism is a slip cover for self interest.

    I agree with much of the rest of your diatribe.  The majority will always have the upper hand in every society, eventually.  Why is the white German given a slap on the wrist while the desperate Black just trying to get by given a more severe penalty for the same crime?  Familiarity may be a nicer term, but I think it starts there every time and blooms to racism.  And that creates the circle.  We get a black police chief or a black mayor and are pressures lessened on the Black man?  Not that I have seen.  The police chief has seen the different attitudes of a typical inner city black person from a broken home compared to a typical white suburban youth and he will be harder on the inner city man every time from ‘experience’, thus closing the circle.  And that is because they have already been betrayed by the American dream from past true injustices that started the circle.

    Where we seem to disagree the most is how to fix it.  I believe all handouts do is begin a chain reaction of dependency and expectation for continued handouts.  I believe that Gov’t should only be giving tax breaks/credits to companies who build/buy in areas with a ready work-force of people who need the jobs.  The self respect generated from earning your own living is a simple thing that too many minorities are denied.  I was unemployed for 3 months in my life and maybe they should have been a time for a little relaxation, but it was the worst most stressful period in my life.  I felt guilty for every unemployment check I received and had to get back to work, even though what I have paid into that program massively dwarfs what I had received before and since.

    Do you believe that racism is significantly more prevalent against Blacks than Latins?   I do.  Latins are ‘illegal immigrants taking our jobs’, big touch-word current events today.  Key words for why they have less negative feelings, imo are ‘taking our jobs‘.  They are also closer to white than blacks also, true, but I firmly believe that the level of basic respect for working commands a significant level of respect in the American psyche.  You want to stop/slow the feelings of racism?  Get minorities into the job force.  To do that we have to get the obstructions(read racism) out of the system.  

    And that is why I can’t support a Dem or Rep, because they have proven again and again that the system is what they maintain at all costs, because it protects their power.  Their platforms are words on a page with no meaning.  Republicans and real conservatives do not share a single position outside of lip service.  Democrats and liberals are closer perhaps, or maybe since I am not one…they all look the same to me…just not familiar…


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