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1110, 22 May 20

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Local Lockdown Orders

Yes, they are unconstitutional. We have to nip in the bud the notion that our government can completely strip us of our civil rights based on a health scare – or anything else for that matter.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Business owners, candidates for office, a pastor and one of the organizers of last month’s “reopen Wisconsin” protest at the Wisconsin Capitol have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that local stay-at-home orders are unconstitutional.

The lawsuit, filed by 17 Wisconsin residents Wednesday in federal court in Milwaukee, challenges the local orders that took effect after the state Supreme Court last week tossed out Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide “safer at home” order as unconstitutional. The new lawsuit names 21 state and local Wisconsin public safety and health officials, including Evers and all members of the state elections commission, as defendants.

The lawsuit asks the judge to declare the local orders unconstitutional and void them all.


1110, 22 May 2020


  1. Pat

    Bless their hearts.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals are upset by this excellent lawsuit.

    Awful. Just awful.

  3. Pat

    “ Liberals are upset by this excellent lawsuit.”


  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Because its is attacking liberals implementing these draconian policies.

    Our local libs will not talk cheerfully about this lawsuit.    They are upset their awful ideology is being challenged.

  5. Pat

    And what will the ROI be for the tax payer after all the tax payer money that will be spent to defend against the lawsuit?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    The taxpayer being oppressed by the local liberal oppressors?   Infinite, if they can open their business by getting relief from evil liberal ideology.

    Why do you ask such a dumb question?

  7. Pat

    I see this as a long drawn out, and expensive, lawsuit for the tax payer which very well could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

    I’m wondering who’s funding the lawsuit?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    If liberty is at stake, is any price too expensive?

    For a self-proclaimed libertarian, you seem to be taking the anti-liberty attitude on this lawsuit.

  9. Pat

    Not at all. And I’m glad you are pro liberty. But more than likely pro only with what you agree with.

    Anyhow, there have been Supreme Court decisions in favored of arguments made in for quarantines for health reasons. Jacobson v Massachusetts is just one. But it could be argued under the 10th amendment too.

    Like I said, it’s going to take much time and tax payer money.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you are arguing against liberation of draconian liberalism?

  11. Mar

    Pat, isn’t that the responsibility of the Attorney General?!

  12. Pat


    No, that’s not what I’m arguing.

  13. Pat


    What is the responsibility of the DOJ?

  14. Pat


    I understand what you meant now. You’re saying the defense would come from the attorney general, correct?

  15. Randall Flagg

    I believe you are correct Pat.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then if this lawsuit offers the only flicker of hope against disgusting liberals, you should cheer, not be picky about time it could take…unless you have a better solution.

    I’d propose exiling liberals to Venezuela for some life education, but we know that would never happen.

  17. Mar

    Yes. Pat.

  18. Pat


    The lawsuit is filed against the public health officers for Milwaukee and Appleton, as well as those for Dane, Door, Green, Outagamie, Racine and Winnebago counties. Also named in the lawsuit were Evers, state Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm, the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the chiefs of the state Capitol Police and Grand Chute Police.

    There will be more lawyers involved than the attorney general. At a time when state and local tax revenues are substantially reduced, there are those who would be more than happy to add another financial burden on state and local tax payers.

    This lawsuit will not be fast nor cheap.

    Awful. Just awful.

  19. Pat

    “ What a sad state of affairs that liberals put a total dicatorship on their citizens for political reasons.”

    What are those political reasons? Please provide facts, not conjecture.

  20. Mar

    And Pat each of those governments you name all have lawyers, whether it is the District Attorney, City Attorney or or whoever represents them.
    Now, if the government agency loses and they probably will, they might have to pay the other sides attorney’s fees and any damages they might have to pay.

  21. Mar

    Gee, Pat, since it is only Blue states governors who are holding their citizens hostages, you figure it out. It doesn’t take a genius now to know what is going on.

  22. Pat

    Well, Mar, you know that I’m just an uneducated, mentally challenged rube. I was depending on you, being the highly educated individual, to clearly explain what the political reasons were.

  23. Mar

    I guess you are.

  24. Pat

    So you’re able explain the political reasons you allege? Or did you misspeak?

  25. Mar

    So, prove me wrong Pat, without lying or using National Enquirer type sources.
    That might be too hard for you, though.

  26. Pat


    It’s impossible to to prove what you’ve alleged as being wrong as you’ve not provided anything of substance to support your allegation. If you list all of the substantiated political reasons, that you know of, for blue state governors holding their citizens hostages, then I would be able to debate the merits of what you say. Otherwise you’re spewing fiction at best.

  27. dad29

    for political reasons

    Since Fauci no longer supports The Imprisonment, and since the “safety” stories are inconsistent or contradictory, and since masks aren’t worth a crap in preventing virus transmission, and since “social distance” was invented to describe high-school socializing by a high-school girl……..

    Go ahead.  Show us the “science.”

  28. Pat

    It’s been over 24 hours and Mar has been unable to provide anything to substantiate his allegation of blue state governors holding their citizens hostage for political reasons.

    Some would call what he said a lie. But I think he just caught up in the moment and misspoke while trying his hand at being hyperbolic.

  29. NHolland

    … that our government can completely strip us of our civil right based on a health scare.”
    This is the perfect example of reckless and irresponsible rhetoric fueling ignorance. Yeah, I know you said “notion”. Your rhetoric always has an escape hook. With a death toll above 95,000 the statement IS reckless, irresponsible and far from a scare. Notion or not, no rights have been completely removed! Political theater for a limited audience.

  30. Le Roi du Nord


    Great post.

  31. Jason

    I support people having the freedom to drive whenever and wherever they want. Is it reckless and irresponsible for me to say that? Averages are almost double the annual mortality rate compared to Covid.

  32. Pat

    “For the second consecutive year, the U.S. experienced a small decline in roadway deaths, according to preliminary estimates released today from the National Safety Council. In 2019, an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives to car crashes”

    98,000 deaths in atherosclerosis months due to Coronavirus.

  33. Mar

    “It’s been over 24 hours and Mar has been unable to provide anything to substantiate his allegation of blue state governors holding their citizens hostage for political reasons.”
    Well, some if us have to work and then drive 300 miles home.
    Unlike some people who kick back and get electric shock therapy at Mendota like Pat.

  34. Pat

    Should read:
    98,000 deaths in a little over three months due to Coronavirus.

  35. Pat

    “Well, some if us have to work and then drive 300 miles home.”

    But yet, Mar, you still found the the time, in the past few days to toss out insults versus address the question.

  36. dad29

    With a death toll above 95,000

    K.  So are ALL of those deaths preventable?  SOME of them?  How many?  And how can they be prevented?

    You may hide under your bed in Mom’s basement all you like.  Maybe you’ll live longer, maybe not.

    Most other people have “responsibilities” to selves and others.  So we’ll fulfill those.

  37. dad29

    Waiting for NHolland to come up with an intelligent response on how many deaths could be prevented–and by what means.  I’m sure he has a response which respects the monetary needs of the lower-middle and middle classes.

  38. jjf

    What’s that?  The anti-abortion crowd arguing for the benefits of more deaths?  Because of the economic benefits?

  39. Mar

    Pat, your question was as dumb as Hitler asking a Jew if they like the accommodations at a Nazi death camp.

  40. Mar

    Umm, jjf, the only people I hear are cheering for more deaths are you, Le Roi and other liberals.

  41. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you didn’t hear that from me.  I want fewer deaths, fewer infections.

  42. Mar

    Dumbass Le Roi, you say you want fewer deaths but you want only recognized and approved treatments to treat the Chinese virus. And since there are not any, well, you don’t want people people to be treated.
    You cheer that the drug the drug the president supports is vilified and argued against supposedly doesn’t help people. But it has helped people, especially when given with other medicine.
    You want the economy to collapse, killing more people.
    You blame people who have been cooped up because of illegal lockdowns, they have killed themselves, decided not seek medical help when needed, overdoses and putting off neccessary medical treatments.
    You really are a selfish uncaring person without a soul.

  43. Mar

    And more Le Roi. You have never said an ill about Governor who committed eldercide by putting Chinese virus patients in nursing homes in New York and the governor of New Jersey who did as well. This killed thousands.
    Must have been the elderly person’s own damn fault, right Le Roi?
    But hey, more deaths, more bad news for Trump.
    And that sums it up for you, Dumbass Le Roi, if a person has to sacrifice their life so President Trump is not reelected, then, well, the dead took one for the liberal team.

  44. Le Roi du Nord


    You are desperate, making stuff up like that.  But you can call me all the names you want, it won’t make you right, nor smarter.

  45. jjf

    See, Le Roi, the drug is like Tinker Bell.  You just need to believe!  Damn those medical studies!

  46. Mar

    Gee, Le Roi, you must really hate it when people use your own words and actions against.
    And you complain about me calling names when you started by calling me a dumbass.

  47. Mar

    Yeah, jjf. Flawed studies. Right.
    Keep cheering for more deaths and destruction.
    You probably look good in a cheerleader outfit.

  48. Le Roi du Nord


    Well maybe herein lies our problem.  I have never called anyone on this site, or on any other blog, a dumba$$.   Never. Ever.  So it looks like you have mistaken me for someone else.

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