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1107, 22 May 20

Wisconsin DWD Fails Unemployed Wisconsinites

It has been two months since Governor Evers shut down the state and should have anticipated the wave of unemployment. His incompetence is showing.

Across Wisconsin, almost a third of weekly unemployment claims (675,563 out of 2,121,906 claims) made between March 15 and May 16 are still unpaid, according to the overwhelmed Department of Workforce Development. And millions of phone calls from the thousands of people still waiting for their unemployment insurance have been consistently overloading DWD’s phone lines.

The state Department of Workforce Development on Wednesday reported that Wisconsin lost 385,900 private-sector jobs from March to April, and the unemployment rate shot up from 3.1% to 14.1%. Wisconsin is still doing slightly better than the nation as a whole. The national unemployment rate is 14.7%, while its labor participation rate, 60.2%, is 6.4 percentage points lower than Wisconsin’s.

Like thousands of other out-of-work Wisconsinites, Avila has spent days calling the DWD without ever speaking to an operator. By networking through Facebook groups like “Wisconsin Unemployment support group,” which was founded on May 1 and already has more than 1,400 members, she’s been able to call some DWD employees directly.


1107, 22 May 2020


  1. gedwards111

    I heard the governor on the radio a day or 2 ago saying that they that they were ramping up, “ramping up”, just a couple of days ago.  It just boggles the mind.

    How many state employees including teachers are home not doing anything but collection their paychecks?  Why aren’t they why aren’t they in to help out their fellow Wisconsinites?

    In businesses, without a union, if there isn’t any work in your department you can either go home and not get paid, or fill in and get paid, in another department. (cross train)

    However there probably unions involved, and that would most likely be illegal to suggest that.

    Once again the people that pay their salaries get it in the end.

  2. Mar

    Now, this is misconduct in office.
    Go ahead, liberals, defend Evers or all you going to do is ignore this?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals will never denounce the miracle of government failing at basic tasks.

  4. Merlin

    Evers is following the Democrat modus operandi to the letter. Kiss the ring on the hand that beats you.

    Rule #1: Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Rule #2: Make it hurt.

    Calling it incompetence is excusing the malevolence underlying the rules. They know exactly what they’re doing. Their bandaid for all of this pain is an expansion of government and you will suffer until you get your mind right or turn them out of office.

    It isn’t complicated.

  5. MjM

    I was talking w/ a cohort yesterday who lives near Green Bay.  His adult daughter was laid off 8 weeks ago.  No checks.  She hasn’t been able to get through to DWD since her first contact back in the first week of April.  No one answers the damn phones.

    This is G’vment:

    I am going to get my driveway repaved. I call the town clerk, ask if I need a permit.  She doesn’t know, but tells me to contact the county and try the local inspector.  I email the county, tell them the Town clerk sent me their way. Guy replies “no county permit but contact the town”.   I call the inspector. He has no idea but says I should call the DPW.  I call the DPW.  That guy has no clue.

    F  em all.  The driveway is going in.

  6. jjf

    What’s that you say?  You want government to work sometimes?  When it can benefit you and yours?

  7. dad29

    the people that pay their salaries get it in the end.

    Yup.  And sometimes you get Vaseline for that end before you get it there.  But not often.

  8. dad29

    It has been reported that Evers told a lot of Wisconsin’s Limited Term Employees to go home, do nothing, and get paid.

    Then Evers, Management Genius, hires a CONTRACTOR to hire 500 people so the State can train them instead of the LTE’s who are available.

    Can’t blame Evers for the COBOL (?) Assembler (?) UC systems–that falls into the lap of Doyle, or Walker.  But there is legitimate concern about whether Evers recognized the size and impact of the trainwreck he caused on ~March 15th.   If he recognized it, what did he do, and when?

    Oh..yah……wrong on my part.  We should ask Maggie Gau what SHE knew, and when.  Sorry.

  9. Randall Flagg

    Unacceptable.  I was especially surprised at how antiquated the computer systems are. (Thanks for the tip dad29)

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