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2152, 15 May 20

Democrats Pass $3 Trillion Election Bill

Since this doesn’t stand a chance of becoming law, we won’t bother with the details. But for a moment, just consider how breathtakingly reckless and stupid it is to pass a bill that spends THREE TRILLION DOLLARS just days after introducing it and with scant debate. That is how little they care for the taxpayers – our children and their children – who would pay for it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats powered a massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House on Friday, an election-year measure designed to brace a U.S. economy in free fall and a health care system struggling to contain a pandemic still pummeling the country.

The 208-199 vote, with all but one Republican opposed, advances what boils down to a campaign-season display of Democratic economic and health-care priorities. It has no chance of becoming law as written, but will likely spark difficult negotiations with the White House and Senate Republicans. Any product would probably be the last major COVID-19 response bill before November’s presidential and congressional elections.


2152, 15 May 2020


  1. Mar

    There is reason for this bill. If people have been laid off,they are getting unemployment +$600.
    And most states are opening up except Democrat states. Sucks to be them. If they are having money shortages, they are to blame. Their state and local governments shut them down and they refused to open.
    There is no reason for this bill.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I think Pelosi needs to cut down on her alcohol.

  3. jjf

    Trump’s already minted a few trillion-dollar coins, what’s a few more?  Inflation in the next term can be blamed on the Democrats.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Yes, because Democrats show any sign of slowing down the spending with $3 trillion boondoggles they just passed.

    Don’t fraudulently claim fiscal responsibility while your liberal ilk just want to spend into oblivion with no apology.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    “Don’t fraudulently claim fiscal responsibility while your alleged conservative ilk just want to spend into oblivion with no apology.

    There, fixed it for you.

  6. kjanz1899

    The 208-199 vote, with all but one Republican opposed

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Liberals never even pretend to be concerned about spending restraint.

    So stop it with the gaslighting.

  8. jjf

    Tell me about war spending and death, Kevin.  Show me your concern.  Tell me What Would Jesus Do.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    WWJD. Well, for one, he opposes evil. That would include Islam. He opposes abortion and marriage outside God’s design.

    Do you oppose evil and false religions?

    If not, you oppose what Jesus does on quite a few issues.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    “Liberals never even pretend to be concerned about spending restraint.”

    Nor have alleged conservatives like trump, cheney/bush, and the foxconn backers.

  11. Mar

    Gee, Le Roi, there have been plenty of wars mentioned in the Bible.
    While you might not think WW2 was not important, I’m pretty sure Jesus would have.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s your point, mar?  I didn’t bring up wars, nor Jesus. You need to chill before you hurt yourself.

  13. jjf

    Did Jesus say more about loving your neighbor, taking care of the sick and poor and imprisoned, or more about abortion?

  14. Randall Flagg

    “Well, for one, he opposes evil”  Well, he sure doesn’t do anything to back up that statement Kevin.  He didn’t even stop his chosen priests.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    So in other words, you reject Jesus on those important topics.

    If we are going to discuss the Gospel, let’s discuss it all. Because if you ignore problem of evil, you can use the Gospel to release evil from prisons….oh wait, liberals are doing this to disastrous results to the “least of these”, victimized, by criminals let out.

    So we have to agree on absolutes of good and evil before applying the Gospel, otherwise it can be perverted by secular nihilists.

  16. jjf

    Jesus said “abortion” where?

  17. Randall Flagg

    “So we have to agree on absolutes of good and evil before applying the Gospel, otherwise it can be perverted by secular nihilists.”

    Agreed Kevin, except it wasn’t secular nihilists.  Those that taught me the Gospel turned out to be using that Gospel to get victims for their pedophile ways, and others in the organization enabled them (up to the top leader).   So clearly just because one says they believe in the Gospels doesn’t mean they follow them.


  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Psalm 139:13

    Psalm 22:9-10

    Psalm 127:3

    Ecclesiastees 11:5

    Isaiah 44:24, 49:1; 49:5,49:15

    Jeremiah 1:5

    Matthew 19:12

    Luke 1:15

    Luke 1:41-42

    Luke 1:44

    Luke 2:21-23

    Luke 11:27

    Galations 1:15

    Before you get all “excited” about OT citations.   Those words were spoken by the Holy Spirit.   Christ was “pre-incarnate” through the Holy Spirit in the OT before you claim those are not the words of Jesus.   I suggest reading Jeremiah passage if you ignore everything else.   So can we get some agreement on good and evil?   If we cannot agree on objective truth of heaven, hell,  good, evil, Law and Gospel, judgement, redemption and Christ, we are kidding ourselves about secular interpretation of the Gospel.   Can we get minimal agreement, or are you looking to pervert the Gospel solely for your secular church of liberalism morality.

    An unapologetic open abortion advocate using the Gospel, is like Jeffrey Dahmer talking about dietary tips.



  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Of course that was awful sin.   However, it is one thing to sin and know it is wrong, it is quite another to say it IS NOT A SIN and openly extol evil.

    That is what liberal abortion advocates do.   Even the bad priests don’t try to claim the perversion is good and right.   That is what secular church of liberalsim tries to do…claim that most perversion is just dandy.


  20. jjf

    Wait, now Jesus is a time traveller, too?

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    I kind of expected your secular snark.    The answer is:  from your secular perspective….yes.

    The faith answer is that Jesus is “ETERNAL” without regard to time.

  22. jjf

    Expected?  You mean I should accept time travel now, too?  You have such a different notion of evidence than, say, Mar, who believes you can’t know anything with 100% certainty.

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ve seen unbeliever snark many times before.

    Don’t use the bible in your argument if you are not going to make minimal effort to understand it at a basic level.

  24. jjf

    You’re the one who said Jesus opposed abortion.  I asked “how, where.”  You said “Time travel!  We can make Jesus be any Jew we want in the OT.”  Basic level stuff, it’s simple and obvious and common sense, right Kev?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can’t help it if you ignore the evidence. The bible is Word of God throughout. OT is spoken by a pre-incarnate Christ. If you reject that, you reject the Gospel. Read Gospel of John Chapter 1.

    Let’s just conclude, you reject the Gospel and openly embrace evil.

    Fair enough?

  26. Mar

    jjf, how about Thou shall not kill.

  27. Le Roi du Nord


    Are you saying Jesus is opposed to freedom of religion ( That would include Islam)?  And trumps serial adultery (marriage outside God’s design) ?  Or is this another case of your selective reading and application of the bible?  Sort of like your reliance on the use of false witness to denigrate anyone that disagrees with you.

    “WWJD. Well, for one, he opposes evil. That would include Islam. He opposes abortion and marriage outside God’s design.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    Ummm…yes…1st commandment “You shall have no other Gods before me”.

  29. Kevin Scheunemann

    Islam does not save your soul. Jesus is the only way.

    So when Jesus says he is the truth and life, no one comes to the Father except through him….that is a solid denouncement of every other false religion.

    It is shocking you even ask the question, it shows how truly lost you are. Despite that, I still urge you to get off the path to eternal destruction for your soul.

    Start by reading Gospel of John. Then go to Romans.

  30. jjf

    “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

  31. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then stop misusing the Gospel in your arguments, if you categorically dismiss it without evidence, while your soul travels to eternal trouble without Jesus.

  32. Mar

    Kevin, you know jjf is just a troll who apparently is being ignored at home so he needs to get attention here..

  33. Kevin Scheunemann


    I still hold out hope for him.

    My hope springs eternal.

  34. jjf

    You know, because it’s a religion of love and peace and threats of eternal fire.

  35. Le Roi du Nord


    So you and Jesus don’t believe in, nor uphold the constitution? Amazing admission coming from you. Better not whine about freedom of religion any more.

    Now why don’t you address trump and his serial adultery, or at least come up with a lame excuse.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    The “freedom of religion” in Constitution was established so various denominations would not use government to best each other up on doctrine.

    It was never an endorsement of forsaking Christ and Christianity. The idea that Jesus would endorse false religion is absurd on its face.

    Learn some history.

    I never endorsed Trump’s adultery. I have denounced it several times with you. I have also said it seems he has been faithful to his wife while President and if he has repented of his adultery, it is forgiven sin and you should not continue to dredge it up. Just as Jesus did not hold the sin of the repentant adulterous woman in temple against her.

    If you want to know WWJD, that is what Jesus would do.

    If Trump was unrepentant, or like you worldly liberals, indicating wife cheating is just dandy, the unrepentant criticism is well founded. But you should examine all the unrepentant sin you advocate like false gods, false religious, abortion, anything goes worldly perversion, etc. So it would be difficult to listen to you on subject of unrepentance, while you live a life in that manner, rejecting Christ.

  37. Mar

    At least Trump isn’t a rapist like Rapist Joe.
    And Pathological Liar Le Roi, I don’t know anyone who voted for President Trump because of his morals. Most of us voted for him because he was a far superior candidate than Hillary.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann


    If all love and peace comes from God, and all good things come from him, and you reject that, and God withdraws his attributes in eternity from your presence because you want your sinful depravity to be more important, what place would you call that? You think any place without any presence of God will have anything good there?

    God does not reject you, you are the one rejecting him. God will not force you into his heaven if you think sin and evil is more important during your time of grace on this earth.

  39. Randall Flagg

    Kevin, if all good things come from God, then all bad things must to.  Simple logic.

    I don’t believe in God, but if he does exist and I meet him someday, I am going to ask him why he stood by while all of his chosen priests abused children for centuries (not to mention impregnated nuns and forced them to have abortions).  All the while being enabled by leadership up to and including the popes.


  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    Now we are delving into deep theological territory.

    If the perfection of God requires choice, the ability to choose the imperfect or evil…you choosing evil is God’s fault?

    We are all exposed to consequences of evil in this world. We can react in one of 2 ways, 1.) Selfishly blame God in our hardened hearts and unforgiving attitude. 2.) Rely on God’s word as a way to strengthen our faith, to sharpen us in trying times, to exercise repentance and forgiveness to those throwing off their unrepentance and open sin.

    Ultimately, the choice is yours if you wish to choose evil.

  41. jjf

    Mar, what about the two dozen women who say Trump did things to them?

  42. Mar

    They never accused him of rape. Groping and perverted behavior, yes, but rape, no.
    Unlike Rapist Joe.

  43. Randall Flagg


    I am taking it back a step.  If good in the world comes from God, then evil must as well.  It would not make any sense to say good things come from God but bad things don’t.

    Having a choice between them comes because God created both good and evil.

  44. jjf

    Mar seems to have some fine distinctions between “groping” and “rape.”

  45. Le Roi du Nord


    Here is what the constitution says:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;….

    It doesn’t say anything like this:  “The “freedom of religion” in Constitution was established so various denominations would not use government to best each other up on doctrine”, nor does it mention Jesus or christianity.  You are making stuff up again.

  46. Randall Flagg

    The distinction seems to be whatever a Republican does is groping, and whatever a Democrat does is rape.


  47. jjf

    Mar seems to be “easily led.”

  48. Mar

    Randall, jjf, show me where he was actually accused of rape.
    But Hillary had a real rape issue on her hands with Bill. But I guess that is ok because they are democrats.
    jjf, you are so easily duped, but that is pretty easy since you are a leading sheeple.

  49. jjf

    Mar, you said Biden has been accused of rape.  Is that what you mean?

    Listen, research, decide.

    Or you can just repeat the most recent nickname that gets you the most excited, I guess.

  50. Mar

    Yes, he has been accused of digitally penetrating a woman, digitally. That is rape.

  51. Pat


    I doubt he’d vote for Trump.

  52. Tuerqas

    Trump’s already minted a few trillion-dollar coins, what’s a few more?  Inflation in the next term can be blamed on the Democrats.

    Hahaha, so true.  Just like Obamacare was set up to force a price freeze on medical costs for his entire first term so he could look like a hero and be re-elected. Then all of the expenses kicked in over his second term, because he didn’t care.

    It is probably the most common tactic used by Govt:  One side can blame the last admin, for the current problem while the other can blame the current admin.  Keep your eyes on the cards Monty, where is the queen?

    Every current Govt representative has one purpose:  To get re-elected.  If you can look at every representative out there through that lens, the motivations of every vote is easily understood.  That one Republican that voted for the bill mentioned above did it to get re-elected in his district  with the full approval of the Republican Party.  If his vote would have been considered to harm his re-election, he would have voted the other way.  On the surface that sounds like it should be, reps should vote the beliefs of the people they (supposedly) serve.  Unfortunately, that is not the reality.


  53. Kevin Scheunemann


    What are you talking about?  Just because I extol Jesus as the true and only Savior, and all other religions are false does not mean I want to prohibit your secular church of liberalism or other false religion you may want to subscribe to.

    The truth of the Gospel stands as objective truth.    Why do you mistake my speaking about objective truth as wanting to “force” others to the truth?   You can’t force people to the Gospel, no one was suggesting that, except in your dishonesty on the matter.    So please stop with the dishonesty that I am aginst freedom of religion.   If we did not have that, you secular cultists would be bulldozing churches eveerywhere.

  54. Mar

    I doubt he’d vote for Trump.”
    Probably and he would not have voted for Hillary.
    And since he was never a United States citizen, I doubt he would vote at all.

  55. Kevin Scheunemann


    I dug this from our church bodies web site on question of “Did God create evil?”, which is what you are really asking.
    “I think you want to revisit your statement: “If ‘something’ exists, then God created it.” That was true when God finished his work during creation week and pronounced it all “very good” (Genesis 1:31). What did not exist at that time was sin, evil.
    When we get to the third chapter of Genesis, we encounter Satan, a fallen angel who appeared in the form of a serpent. Through his temptation, sin entered the world. Sin, evil, has existed ever since, but God did not create it. The Bible makes it clear that God is not responsible for the existence of sin (Psalm 5:4; James 1:13-15).
    Certainly God knew that his perfect world would become corrupted by sin. While God could have prevented that from happening, he did not. The Bible does not tell us why. Still, God’s knowledge of future evil does not make him responsible for it.
    The placement of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—and the command not to eat from it—provided Adam and Eve with tangible opportunities to show their love and devotion to God. When they disobeyed God’s command, there were grave consequences. Yet, God promised a Savior (Genesis 3:15). Jesus Christ came into the world as true man in fulfillment of that promise to deliver us from sin, death and the power of the devil. Thanks be to God.”

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    Would Jesus vote for an open baby killing abortion advocate?

    Just curious.


  57. Pat

    “ Probably and he would not have voted for Hillary.”

    That settles it. I’m not going to vote for Hillary as well as a Trump.

  58. Pat

    “ Would Jesus vote for an open baby killing abortion advocate?”

    He would probably vote for someone who advocates for women making their own health decisions over someone who advocates grabbing women by the pussy because they’re a celebrity.

  59. jjf

    Kevin, maybe He would.  Maybe he’d say, eh, it’s clear that Hilary read the NT more than Trump did, and she’s acting more like it.

  60. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat, jjf,

    Clearly, the Jesus you are talking about does not exist except in the gospel of secular perversion.

    When he says the child in the womb is God’s precious creation from conception….you really think he will side with the “my body, my choice” sinful world crowd?

    If you think Jesus would “vote for” an openly advocating baby killer, we really need to get you 2 to bible study.


  61. Kevin Scheunemann


    Did you bother to read ANY of the passages I posted above?


  62. Kevin Scheunemann

    jjf, Pat,

    You 2 “geniuses” need to understand, we are electing a president, not a religious leader.    And if we elected a good Christian like Mike Pence, your heads would explode that we elected a religious leader.   So quit it, with your shameful dishonesty.


  63. Pat

    “ You 2 “geniuses” need to understand, we are electing a president, not a religious leader.”

    So someone who advocates for women making their own health decisions over someone who advocates grabbing women by the pussy because they’re a celebrity is not material in making a decision as to who deserves a vote?

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    One is baby killing, the other is secondhand crude talk 15 years ago.   Don’t you take the here and now serial killing more seriously?   that says a lot about your morality.    Locker room talk is worse than active baby killing….


  65. jjf

    Sure, I’ve read the Bible cover to cover, Kevin.  I guess I’m just divinely inspired.  You see, it takes a certain special kind of man to interpret Bible passages correctly.

  66. Pat

    Kevin, but one is not killing babies. He would be advocating for women being able to make their own health decisions. Far remote from “killing” anyone. In fact saying so would be bearing false witness.

  67. Kevin Scheunemann


    Given the passages I quoted above…show me 1 passage where it says to kill your unborn baby?


    “Advocating for women to be able to make their own health decisions”, is liberal,racist,murderous code for killing babies.

    It is an honesty problem liberals constantly have.

    Why don’t you just be proud of being a racist baby killer with your advocacy?   Own it.   You don’t want to own that because you know it is wrong, even at a godless level.


  68. Pat


    You’re wrong.

  69. Kevin Scheunemann


    If I am, feel free to own your position.

    “I openly advocate racist baby killing”.

    Say it.   Own it.

    Tell me you are comfortable in conscience with that when secondhand crude locker room talk bother you, morally, from 15 years ago.

    You can do it.


  70. Le Roi du Nord


    It isn’t “secondhand crude talk”, it is a quo, and on tape. Why must you continue to bear false witness to protect your crude, illiterate and dishonest idol?

  71. Pat


    You fail with your pretzel logic.

  72. Mar

    Looks like Lying Pat has never seen a sonogram or seen aborted babies or actually read the science regarding babies in the womb.

  73. Mar

    Pat, so I take it you won’t vote for Biden either since he has been accused of rape.

  74. Kevin Scheunemann


    Can you firsthand verify the tape?

    It is secondhand.


    If standing up for innocent babies is “pretzel logic”….guilty as charged.

    I’d rather stand for what is right and good rather then being morally bankrupt, ignoring the liberal advocated killing fields.


  75. Le Roi du Nord


    You are talking gibberish again.  And you have no proof that it wasn’t real.


  76. Randall Flagg

    Thanks for the passage Kevin as it proves my point.  God created Satan, ergo he created evil.  Simple logic again.

    Oh, and you cannot define others’ positions for them. You can criticize them, but just because you define their position as xxx doesn’t make it so.  One reason for this is the impreciseness of the English language come into play.  For example there is no universal definition of ‘baby.’  If you doubt that, look in dictionaries.

    So you may refer to abortion as baby killing, but ‘baby’ may not mean the same to those you accuse.  And there is also no universal definition of when life begins so killing is also vague.

    You have every right to your faith and beliefs, but you cannot force them on others’ positions.

  77. Randall Flagg

    Anyone else notice that Trump supporters, just like Christians, want to praise their ‘God’ for what is good, yet never blame them for what is bad.

  78. Randall Flagg


    We have shown you where Trump was accused of rape.   Have you admitted your statement that “They never accused him of rape.” is false?

  79. Mar

    Randall, I know you are new here but I am pretty sure that most of us conservatives have ripped on President Trump for 1 reason or another.
    Unlike the liberal trio here that refuse to rip on a fellow liberal.
    But nice you have such a nice stereotype of conservatives.

  80. Randall Flagg


    Still no admittance you were wrong and Trump was indeed accused, eh?  Until that, any claims you make are suspect at best.

    And it’s not a stereotype,  It is based on my observations.  Given a chance to admit that Trump lies (and lies regularly), the majority of ‘conservatives’ I have encountered will deflect, attack or the like.  It’s very cult-like behavior.  Same reaction Jim Jones’ followers had when he was criticized.

  81. Mar

    So, I stand corrected. 1 person accused President Trump of rape. Well, actually 2 people, Lying Pat and 1 person in the article.
    So, that makes Biden and Trump even.

  82. Mar

    Now, Randall, you really have gone off the deep moronic end.
    That was really quick. Usually, it takes a week or so when liberals begin to sound stupid. For you, it took just a few days to join the uneducated liberal clown show here.

  83. Mar

    Hey Moron Le Roi, read what I said and read the article and then tell me where I was wrong.
    Your dementia is getting worse and worse. You need to be in assisted living.

  84. Mar

    What’s your point Pat?

  85. Randall Flagg


    Attacking the messenger who proves you wrong says a lot about you…..

    And it’s not good.

  86. Mar

    Nah, Randall when someone says something stupid deserves to be called out on it.
    And if you say something stupid, which you have a habit of doing, I’m going to call you stupid.

  87. Le Roi du Nord


    What gives you the right to determine what is, or isn’t, stupid? You seem to use the word to describe any and all that disagree with you. Not based on any measurable criteria, but on your frustration with being discovered as a fraud yet again. Pretty immature behavior, and probably a sign of chronic insecurity . Seek help.

  88. Randall Flagg

    Le Roi du Nord said:

    >> You seem to use the word to describe any and all that disagree with you.

    It is eerily similar to their cries of “you hate Trump” from his supporters whenever someone criticizes Trump.  Rather than come up with a cogent argument as to why the criticism isn’t valid, they instead go to middle school insults.  It’s like they are emulating Trump to show their devotion, eh?

  89. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just to be clear, it is your sinful unbelief that blames God. Absolute truth does not make God responsible for you choosing evil.

    If we follow your logic, you can commit evil with reckless indiscretion and just “blame God”. There is consequence for your failure to take responsibility (blaming God) for your own evil choices.

    That is not repentance, but purposeful indulgence.

    That arrogant indulgence has eternal consequence.

  90. Mar

    “It’s very cult-like behavior.  Same reaction Jim Jones’ followers had when he was criticized.”
    Now, that is a stupid comment.
    Like Lying Pat accusing President Trump of raping a 13 year old girl. That is a stupid comment.
    Like when you confusing rape with groping and kissing or looking at someone the wrong way. Now, that is stupid.

  91. Le Roi du Nord


    Those folks have very limited vocabularies so they only have use of a few words. They should strive for improvement rather than the status quo.

  92. Mar

    Pot calling kettle black, right Le Roi?
    If we use simple language, that is only because liberals are not smart enough to understand any word that is more than 3 syllables long.

  93. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar.

  94. Jason

    >Those folks have very limited vocabularies so they only have use of a few words.


    And yet again Leroy is caught in his web of lies and deceit.  He’s a real piece of this, this Leroy is.

    In “Evers’ Wild West” discussion.

    May 15, 2020 at 10:35 am

    >but all you want to do is call folks names and whine

    Leroy, the biggest turd of all the trolls here.


  95. Mar

    Nice try Lying Pat. Even this radical newspaper could not provide solid evidence this person even exists.
    You are so darn gullible.

  96. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry j, but you stepped in it again. Better get some taller boots.

  97. Jason


    I thought I smelled shit, I figured it was your mouth breathing. Sorry stepped in Troll Turds.   Happens a lot when you show up in a discussion with your nonsense.

  98. Mar

    Pat, you are such a gullible person.
    The first article you provided actually provided an investigation into this hoax and found they not even find the person exists.
    This one just talks about Epstein and runs the lawsuit.
    You have no evidence for your lying, Lying Pat.
    No go back and keep on reading about the Loch Ness monster, Who Shot JR, and the JFK murder conspiracy.

  99. Le Roi du Nord

    mar and j:

    You guys are on a roll today. Let’s see how many names and juvenile insults you can toss out . Here is a great opportunity to increase your vocabulary AND use all those multi-syllable words you brag about. Have fun.

  100. Jason

    You started it today Leroy, surprised to see you backing down so quickly.  Blood pressure up?

  101. Mar

    Hey, Lying Pat, were you in Nevada a few months ago, trying to get onto Area 51 to see the space alien they have there?
    Have fun watching the soap operas today, but I have to warn you, they are not real. They are not the news.

  102. dad29

    Oh, yah.  Ronan Farrow!  Mister Credible Journalist, in person.

  103. Le Roi du Nord

    And wrong again, j.

  104. Mar

    Hey look everybody, Le Roi learned 2 new words.
    See, Le Roi, it’s ok to watch Sesame Street at your old age. You are learning something new every 3 weeks

  105. Jason

    See Mar, he thinks I’m wrong, but he is just gumming his oatmeal and being angry at everything.

  106. Pat

    “Defendant Trump initiated sexual contact with Plaintiff at four different parties. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied Plaintiff to a bed, exposed himself to Plaintiff, and then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but with no effect. Defendant Trump responded to Plaintiff’s pleas by violently striking Plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.”

  107. jjf

    Pat, I’m sure Mar is as concerned about Trump as he is about Biden.

  108. Pat

    jjf, you can bet on it. ; )

  109. Mar

    Again, Pat, what’s your point. In your first link on this, they could not even prove this person existed.
    And even if remotely true, why no criminal investigation?
    Now, go back and play with your crayons.
    It’s almost time for dinner at Mendota.

  110. dad29

    dinner at Mendota

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy’s probably at Northern Wisconsin Center, based on his earlier babbling.

  111. Mar

    Again, Lying Pat,what’s your point?
    This article never even mention your lie about the rape of the 13 year old.
    You feeling alright? The meds they give you having a bad side effect?

  112. Le Roi du Nord

    Keep going kiddies, juvenile insults, names, and false claims really make you all look special, mature, and highly intelligent.   I’m sure your moms are proud of you ..

  113. Mar

    My goodness Lying Pat, they must have you on some really strong meds that you forgot you already posted this link.
    Now, when you go for your escorted walk this evening at Mendota, look for the deer, raccoons, possums and skunks. You can you can actually hand feed some of them.

  114. Pat

    “ You can you can actually hand feed some of them.”

    Did you get bit?

  115. Mar

    I worked across the street from Mendota at Central Wisconsin Center. The deer would come up close to buildings to eat apples we left for them.
    But the small critters, we could hand feed them, from fruit to marshmallows. And when they had babies, the babies would come out as well. Never got bit. But then the administration stopped us after awhile.

  116. Pat

    Just like Francis of Assisi.

  117. Jason

    Look Mar,  Little Leroy just can’t leave it alone.  He’s got to get the last word in.  More proof of my Asperger’s diagnosis.

  118. Tuerqas

    Randall Flagg:

    Still no admittance you were wrong and Trump was indeed accused, eh?  Until that, any claims you make are suspect at best.
    And it’s not a stereotype,  It is based on my observations.  Given a chance to admit that Trump lies (and lies regularly), the majority of ‘conservatives’ I have encountered will deflect, attack or the like.  It’s very cult-like behavior.  Same reaction Jim Jones’ followers had when he was criticized.

    Very poor choice of words in my opinion, Randall.  You obviously don’t know many conservatives.  You seem to know a lot of Republicans, though.  Those terms are not at all synonymous.  Very few conservatives are Republicans, regardless that they may protest.  I believe I am a conservative.  I can’t imagine voting for Trump or a Clinton or Biden…

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