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2227, 15 May 20

Two Pro Football Players Wanted for Armed Robbery

What the… each of these men earns millions and millions of dollars and they throw everything away for $12k? Crooks to the core.

Florida police are searching for two NFL players after they allegedly robbed people at a house party.

Deandre Baker of the New York Giants and Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks are said to have robbed other guests at gunpoint.

About $12,000 (£9,850) in cash and watches worth up to $25,000 were taken.


According to the police arrest warrant, the incident occurred after an argument broke out at the house party, where guests were playing cards and video games.

Baker allegedly took out a gun before he, Dunbar and another man – described as wearing a red mask – started taking valuables and cash from people.

The man in the red mask is not fully identified in the reports. Baker allegedly asked this person to shoot one witness, but the red masked man did not do so.

All three then made off in separate vehicles – a Mercedes Benz, a Lamborghini and a BMW.


2227, 15 May 2020


  1. jjf

    Crooks to the core.

    And there’s your dog-whistle, kids!

  2. Tuerqas

    Shocker there…thugs being thugs?  Inconceivable!!!

  3. Mar

    Is that dog whistle like denying little brown and black children a decent education like you do, jjf?

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