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2054, 15 May 20

Evers Scolds Tiffany

Palm was just found to have broken the law and abuse her power in an effort to strip Wisconsinites of their civil rights. It would be insane to let this tyrant remain in power for a moment longer. Unless, of course, Governor Evers wants to take responsibility for his administration’s unlawful behavior.

MADISON – Democratic Gov. Tony Evers chided a Republican lawmaker Thursday who called for the resignation of the state’s health secretary, saying it was an “insane statement.”

Sen. Tom Tiffany, who was elected to Congress in a special election on Tuesday, said Palm should step down as leader of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services because of how she handled the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which Tiffany referred to as the “Wuhan virus.”


Evers stopped a news conference on the virus to speak about Tiffany’s statement about 20 minutes after he released it.

“Senator Tiffany please, you just won an election. Just relax,” Evers said. “This is an insane statement. We talk about trying to tone down the rhetoric and I’ve done everything I can do to that. To make a statement like that about someone who has dedicated her life to saving lives, please sir give us a break. You’re headed to Washington, D.C. I know you’re better than this.”


2054, 15 May 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Tiffany should be scolded for not demanding both Evers and Palm to resign!

    So I agree with Evers that Tiffsny needed a minor scolding.

    …but liberals continue to cheer the propaganda health minister. Awful. Just awful.

  2. Mike

    Evers grew up in the educational administration cocoon, he doesn’t know how to handle opposition to his edicts.

    Palm radically overstepped her constitutional and statutory limits, then her lawyers used Korematsu, one of the worst Supreme court decisions in history, in an attempt to defend her actions.

    Gov Evers made a statement that showed he was knew and understood he did not have the authority to unilaterally alter an election, then issued an EO trying to do something he knew was unlawful.

    Gov Evers also has the statutory authority to declare an emergency and put certain measures in place to deal with that emergency. This authority is limited to 60 days. May 11th is the 60 day cutoff, Evers attempted to extend past that limit, which created this crisis. Evers authority is also limited by constitutional constraints.

    It appears the governor and DHS head radically overstepped the authority granted to them. It is Evers who is ignoring what the law says. It is Evers that is creating a constitutional crisis.  These actions are attributable to individuals, not the entire legislative or administrative branch. WI statute 946.12(2) has something to say about these actions:

    946.12  Misconduct in public office. Any public officer or public employee who does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:
    (2) In the officer’s or employee’s capacity as such officer or employee, does an act which the officer or employee knows is in excess of the officer’s or employee’s lawful authority or which the officer or employee knows the officer or employee is forbidden by law to do in the officer’s or employee’s official capacity;

  3. MjM

    Can someone tell me why a social justice queen is (or should be) dictating HEALTH CARE policy for anyone in the first place?

    And as far as the (false and usual g’vment group-narcissist) claim that our SJQ has “dedicated her life to saving lives”, Palm has been doing nothing F***ing up lives since her days working on Obamacare.

  4. Randall Flagg

    >> Can someone tell me why a social justice queen is (or should be) dictating >> HEALTH CARE policy for anyone in the first place?

    Because elections have consequences :)

  5. MjM

    As an aside, note the usual leftist LameStreamMedia race card play in full view: ‘…which Tiffany referred to as the “Wuhan virus.” ‘

    Written by AP, regurgitated verbatim by local simpletons.

  6. dad29

    dedicated her life to saving lives

    Abortion Barbie saves lives, eh?

    Tony is reduced to babbling incoherence.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    “abortion Barbie”

    I like that one!


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