Freedom Protests in Madison Today


People planning to rally Friday against Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order say they will proceed, even though their permit to hold it on Capitol grounds, was denied.

Similar to the rally in Brookfield last Saturday, the one scheduled in Madison is expected to be much bigger. It has the potential to be the largest to date in Wisconsin, with thousands saying on Facebook that they’re going. Nearly 12,000 more say they’re interested in going.

TMJ4 News has learned that some protestors are planning to stay in their cars for a “drive-in” rally. They’ll circle the streets surrounding the Capitol. Still, many plan to get out of their vehicles for a more traditional protest.

“I’m just trying to make sure that we uphold the constitution, and to have our rights protected as Americans,” said one mother from Oak Creek who plans to be in Madison for the protest

I hope they remain safe and take reasonable measures, but huzzah for people sticking up for our rights.

I do think it’s very telling what these folks are protesting versus what the liberals in Wisconsin protesting just a few years ago.

Huge demonstrations were planned for Thursday after protesters marched for three straight days—with crowds up to 20,000 hitting the capital Wednesday—to rail against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget. While the budget calls for a 7 percent pay reduction for public employees—mainly by forcing workers to pay more into to health insurance and pensions—the biggest bone of contention for workers is the governor’s proposed end to collective bargaining rights for unions. School districts were forced to close Thursday after a massive “sickout” by teachers and the union called on all 98,000 of its members to attend rallies at the capital. Hundreds of University of Wisconsin students also joined in Wednesday, in support of teachers and against a part of the budget that calls to split UW-Madison from the rest of the University of Wisconsin system.

The group today is protesting to preserve their rights to speech, assembly, work, movement, jury trials, and other rights that we used to hold sacred. You won’t see any lefties in the protest today. They only get out of bed to protest when someone threatens the taxpayer gravy train.