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Cast your vote based on the record

Isn’t it nice to read about something that isn’t related to Coronovirus? My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a little taste:

Sadly for the kids of the West Bend School District, the spending, taxing, administrative turmoil, lack of performance incentives for teachers, secrecy, and poor management have only perpetuated a steadily declining performance. None of this has improved educational outcomes or better prepared our kids to enter the world.

If you want higher taxes, more spending, declining performance, and an endless succession of referendums, vote for the Triad. As for me, I will only be voting for one person for the West Bend School Board, Jody Geenen.

Geenen is a solidly conservative mother who had three children go through the West Bend School District. She is committed to doing the hard work of improving transparency, communicating with the public, evaluating the curriculum, being a frugal steward of taxpayer money, and providing a “high-quality, content-rich, truth-and-fact based education for all students.”

There are four candidates for three School Board seats, so two of the three members of the Triad will be re-elected. It does not matter which ones. But it does matter that the voters elect Jody Geenen to be the only conservative on a school board that lurched to the left with the election of the Triad.


0738, 17 March 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Don’t forget to cover Dist.2 appeals court race.

    We have a chance to liberate ourselves from Lisa Neubauer!

  2. Pat

    Now I know how I’ll cast my vote.

  3. Letsgetreal

    How about this scenario?  If a vaccine was developed to kill the Corona Virus your chosen candidate would not want it.   Check out her facebook page…she is anti-vax


    Vaccine hesitancy, also known as anti-vaccination or anti-vax, is a reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated or to have one’s children vaccinated against contagious diseases. It is identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten global health threats of 2019.[1][2] 

  4. Letsgetreal

    ahh..the Judy Steffes route of filtering what gets posted on your site.  Typical extremist!

  5. Letsgetreal

    Ok….my first comment was flagged as “waiting for consideration” but then my next one instantly posted..Maybe Owen didn’t block it, but it sure looked like it…….My first one was:


    How about this scenario? If a vaccine was developed to kill the Corona Virus  Owen’s chosen candidate would not want the vaccine.  Check out her facebook page!


    Vaccine hesitancy, also known as anti vaccination or anti vax, is a reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated or to have one’s children vaccinated against contagious diseases.  It is identified by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION as one fo the TOP TEN global health threats of 2019.


    But yes, by all means, let’s elect this person to look out for our children!

  6. Jason

    Posts with hyperlinks are moderated here, by default.

  7. Letsgetreal

    But posts with random bullshit are fine….I know


  8. Owen

    There you go. Jason is right… comments with multiple links are put in moderation automatically. I don’t get a notification. I have to think to go look, which I do every few days. Like most people, I have a rather busy life and don’t sit around moderating comments.

  9. Owen

    As for your point, who cares? We’re talking about a school board election. She can’t vote to vaccinate the kids or not. She can, however, vote to increase my taxes and waste the money on stupid stuff that doesn’t educate those kids… or not.

  10. Mark Hoefert

    Once a comment has a 2nd hyperlink in it, it defers to moderation.  And I have gotten trapped a few times – if you cut & paste content from an article with hyperlinks in it, those count too.

    When that happens, I use the email link at the top of the page (I use the one with the “O”) on it.  All I have to say is “my comment went to moderation because of too many hyperlinks.” And in most instances, the comment appears within a reasonable time – sometimes it seems instantaneous.

  11. jjf

    Mark:  On a PC, CTRL SHIFT V pastes without the links in that case.

  12. Mark Hoefert

    Thanks for that – will try to remember that.  I hate those “oh crap” moments when I push the “Post Comment” button and get a momentary glimpse at one I forgot to delete.

  13. MjM

    LGReeee! complains: “But posts with random bullshit are fine….I know”

    Sunglasses needed for the glaring irony.

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