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1224, 17 Mar 20

Trump Proposing Corono-handouts


Donald Trump wants to send cash to Americans suffering from the coronavirus crisis immediately he said at the White House Tuesday.

‘The payroll tax holiday would get money to people over the next six to eight months. We’re looking to send checks to Americans immediately,’ explained Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in the press briefing room. ‘Americans needs cash now and the president wants to give cash now.’

‘And I mean now – in the next two weeks,’ Mnuchin added.

Mnuchin said he was previewing the plan with Capitol Hill Republicans and would reveal more details later, but he suggested the amount could be more than $1,000. There would also be some income cut-offs. ‘You don’t need to send people who make a million dollars a year checks,’ he said.

Bad policy is bad policy… even if there is a pandemic. This will only exacerbate things as we increase deficit spending right at the time that tax collections will be declining. Maybe this is something you can do if we weren’t already engaged in deficit spending, but we’re not.


1224, 17 March 2020


  1. Pat

    BREAKING: Capitalist President turns to Democratic Socialism to save the economy.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    That same president wants spend a bunch of our money to bail out the airlines.  The same airlines that won’t refund $$ for trips that they cancelled.  We had a trip to FL planned with the family, airline just told us they wouldn’t refund our fares for flights that they cancelled.  Sounds like we get to pay twice.

  3. jjf

    Did I miss the B&S post about the $1.5 trillion and the lowering of interest rates?

  4. Mar

    I’ll BS on you Le Roi: Passengers are often entitled to a refund of the ticket price and associated fees when the airline is at fault.

    Cancelled Flight – A passenger is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled a flight, regardless of the reason, and the passenger chooses not to be rebooked on a new flight on that airline.

  5. Jason

    He probably booked through some third world bundler site like Cheap-o-air… and so is screwed. I was issued a credit for the full amount of my recent cancellation.

  6. Jason

    The real issue with anyone offering the airlines a bailout carte-blanche is the shitty position the airlines put themselves in. They’ve leveraged their cash reserves with stock buybacks, plane upgrades and refurbishments to cram more seats in. Outrageous cancellation fees and luggage fees, ripped out things like food. They should not get any public money until such time as they restore some rights to the travelers.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    God help me.

    I agree with Nord and Jjf on this,being an awful idea.

    Trump is wrong on this.

  8. Tuerqas

    Here is my take on what WHO (you know, the World Health Organization) calls the “infodemic” or COVID 19.  A few weeks ago Democrats came up with a plan on how to best politicize the Corona virus.  They leveraged the left media to try a running campaign on how Republicans, intent on attacking healthcare, were woefully unprepared to handle a ‘super dangerous’ pandemic like COVID 19.  Trump advisers saw the considerable amount of political currency that Dems could gain from such a campaign and realized that the best thing they could do politically was one-up the Dems.  They went all in putting their somewhat more limited media resources into fanning the same panic flames that the left media had begun.

    It was not politically valuable to point out the WHO articles downplaying the virus in countries with advanced medicine, or comparing CV 19 deaths to standard strain influenza deaths in 2020 or trying to downplay the dangers of the virus in any way.  It is very valuable to increase fear, cause the buying frenzies and outages, and endanger millions of the poor who live week to week.  Everyone saved by some minor gesture such as the topic above will vote for the ‘saviour’.  Now Dems won’t get that credit, nor can Dems now fall back and be the voice of reason, they started it.  Trump trumped them politically and pretty much all the capital gained will be for him.

    If we did not have this fever pitch of political hatred for and against the only two viable political parties in this country, where fear is the primary emotional currency, we would all be at work and watching the NIT first round right now.

  9. dad29

    Hilarious…….the Usual Left-O-Rama Suspects decry helicopter money, but only because Orange Man Bad.

    Oh…..and Airlines Bad, too!

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Too bad mar, you got yourself all filthy. We we booked on a major airline that flies out of WI, kids were flying from DC. Nobody gets a penny of refund.

  11. jjf

    Tuerqas, how do you think the GOp would’ve spun it, if the tables were turned?

    Dad29, you know in your heart that Trump is a grifter.

  12. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi, I don’t believe you because that is not what the law says.
    Considering you are unable to tell the truth, you have to come up with a better lie than that or try telling the truth….for once.

  13. Mar

    Meanwhile,Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are nowhere to be seen or heard while Trump gets all the publicity.
    And jjf, the tables were turned during the Obama administration with the Swine flu in 2009.
    I don’t recall the world going into mass hysteria and the GOP massively politicizing it.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Meanwhile, mar makes up a story that suits his world view despite what happens in real life. As someone famous once said, and certainly applies to mar, “Often wrong, seldom uncertain”.

  15. Pat

    Trump lied, people died.

  16. Mar

    Well, Le Roi, you still have not explained why the airlines are violating the law just in your case. And why 2 separate flights were cancelled. And why there there has not been any grounding of flights.
    But just keep on lying, Mr Perfect. 0-forever

  17. Jason

    I told you why Mar.  He booked through some sketchy third party, didn’t read the fine print, and didn’t get any type of travel insurance.  Typical liberal mentality actually…  also affecting many Millennials these past few years… thinking someone else will protect him and he can just skate through on the cheap.

  18. Mar

    Oh, I know Jason, that actually makes sense.
    But he wants to blame the airlines instead of himself or the web page where he bought the tickets.
    But still, to have 2 flights cancel from 2 airports at the same time seems a bit sketchy.

  19. dad29

    Tuerquas’ theory is excellent.  Trump simply laid down the royal straight flush of (D) politics:  the MASSIVE GIVEAWAY, and they have nuttin’.  Nuttin’.

    And who are the conservatives going to vote for in November?  Trump, or Slow Joe the Alzheimer’s poster boy?

    Damn.  Well-played, Donald!

  20. dad29

    Forgot to add the rest of the elements in the above poker game.

    Bernie tossed his pair of fours and left the table.  Biden own-goaled outside, having forgotten where (and what) the game was.

  21. Jason

    Whats the over / under on when the looting / street gang action starts?  I’m betting tomorrow night if soemthing drastic is not done.   So many people suddenly with no income…  so many cities and counties announcing their adjustment to low-level crime enforcement… some people caught un-prepared for the run on food and with no way to get them…

    An instant cash payout from above might alleviate some of it.  However…. with Sunday’s action to relax Bank’s requirement to keep reserves and buffers… will banks be able to cash out the checks that the WH is talking about?  :)


  22. jjf

    Your head must be on a well-oiled swivel, and your blinders must be tight, oh Dad29.  One minute Bernie’s a communist and we can’t afford that, the next Donald does it and you think it’s grand.

  23. dad29

    the next Donald does it and you think it’s grand.

    Since I did not type approval of Trump’s action, I suggest that you re-take the “read for meaning” test, Jiffy.

  24. Jason

    Jiffy, please don’t take my post as support either.  I’m pragmatic enough to understand it’s a necessary evil (I’ll gag and vote yes just like Rs are being told to do).  It shouldn’t be necessary though, and it’s the Liberal mindset thats so pervasive in our society today that requires it.


    I don’t need it, I can survive a few months with little to no income, and if it came to that I’m sure I have valuable enough skills to survive without income and federal help.   You’re probably more like Leroy and his poor thinking when buying airline tickets – they’re cheap, I’ll get help if something happens, I don’t need to protect myself.


  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong yet again, j.  But believe what you want, it is still a free country.

  26. jjf

    Well-played, Dad29!  Well-played!

  27. Pat

    “ I don’t need it, I can survive a few months with little to no income”

    In your Moms basement.

  28. Tuerqas

    jjf, it depends upon exactly how far the table is turned and I am not sure it is applicable:

    1) The Dems normally have the ‘more sensitive and prepared for medical emergencies’ cards so I don’t think this gambit would have been sensible for Reps.

    2) Since I am not a Rep, there is a definite difference in my answer between ‘would have’ and ‘should have’.  I don’t always get the whys of Dems or Reps.

    Without the massive bluff money that Dems put on the table, I think the Reps would not have closed down much of anything.  I think they would have downplayed CV19 as the US mainly did for the swine flu, bird flu or SARS, etc.  The number of deaths for a ‘pandemic’ is off the charts low.  It is so low it does not qualify as anything that should be called a pandemic.  (8000?  I wonder how many have died in traffic accidents world wide in the last 2 months).  Rep channels would be piping that in through their media sources as well as the WHO reports, etc.  I read this morning that China is already closing CV19 quarantines as they have reported only 1 new case each of the last 2 days.  Normally, this would be big news and any residual pressure on businesses to just ‘be careful’ (not cancel the business world as we have because of the politicized scare) would be coming off immediately.  We would still be cautioning to limit travel to certain countries like Italy, the old folks home of the EU, but I think without politicking, the only thing being cancelled would have been flights to heavily infected countries, not St, Patricks day, or in country flights, no runs on TP or any other store item, etc.  In this case, with CV19 being so relatively mild, that would have been the right course of action too.

    Just one more reason (like one more plastic bottle on Garbage Island in the Pacific Ocean) to never vote for either of the primary parties in the US, but what do I know?

    Dad29, with or without “approval”, just thinking that so seriously harming all the week to week paychecks of so many fellow American minimum wagers is “Well played” rather than utterly reprehensible speaks volumes as to what so many people think is acceptable from our Government today.  But thank you for your opinion.

  29. Jason

    >In your Moms basement.

    Well of course since you mom’s trailer doesn’t have a basement.

  30. Jason

    >I read this morning that China is already closing CV19 quarantines as they have reported only 1 new case each of the last 2 days.


    I read yesterday that Hong Kong already relaxed their quarantines and is now seeing an uptick in positives for the first time in weeks.

  31. Tuerqas

    Oh and to be clear, without this being an election year, so no reason for creating extra fear, I don’t think a Dem regime would have ordered schools or airlines or restaurants to close either.  This whole recession will have been caused purely by a political ploy and a ‘well played’ political reaction designed exclusively to gain votes in an election year.

  32. Tuerqas

    >Well of course since your mom’s trailer doesn’t have a basement.

    She might have a sunken hot tub under the trailer.  YOU DON’T KNOW!

  33. Jason

    >She might have a sunken hot tub under the trailer.  YOU DON’T KNOW!

    You’d be surprised at how many people know intimate details about Pat’s mom…

  34. Pat

    My Mom’s running a brothel out of her trailer. Jason’s her best customer. He likes to wear a diaper and get spanked.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord said,  “It’s still a free country”….

    Have you been asleep for the last week?

    An authoritarian utopia of crazy liberalism run amock…maybe…but a free country?  Hardly.


  36. Kevin Scheunemann

    I can’t imagine how much worse civility will get if you guys are “penned up” for 4-6 more weeks.

    The virus just running through the population looks preferable….

  37. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, I have been intently paying attention.  Nothing has been enacted at the federal, state or local level that would restrict what j, or you, can believe.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    Freedom is not just about belief, but what one can do as well.


  39. Tuerqas

    So your definition of a free country is that your unvoiced, un-acted upon thoughts are okay to have?  That does not coincide with my beliefs, but then a differing definition of terms has been at the base of many an argument, I guess.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord is a special kind of “special”.


  41. Le Roi du Nord

    So k, am I not free to believe what I want?  You are, why not me?

  42. jjf

    Not only that, but I hear Kevin has his own definitions in his own dictionary, so it makes all of this discussion quite challenging.

  43. Tuerqas

    I guess you are right Kevin, stupid is as stupid does.

    For the recNord, no one including Kevin has even implied, much less stated that you are not free to believe anything you want.  In fact, you are the only one with anywhere near that narrow of a view of what freedom is, in this string.

    Now he has mentioned recently that in the last week, people are no longer free go to school, or to worship, for example.  He could have added to go out to eat, to fly, to watch live sports, to gather in groups larger than 25, and many other things because Gov’t has forced closures in these areas, but nothing about thoughts.  You are perfectly free to think your sophist thoughts and write your sophist comments.

  44. Tuerqas

    >Not only that, but I hear Kevin has his own definitions in his own dictionary, so it makes all of this discussion quite challenging.

    Not the only one here, by any means…

  45. Tuerqas

    I used to find his dictionary wasn’t ‘his own’ when I used to comment here regularly, it was most often the Bible, for better or worse.

  46. dad29

    I don’t think a Dem regime would have ordered schools or airlines or restaurants to close either

    I have the same suspicion.

    Today’s fact:  US deaths on 3/17 from Influenza B:  238

    US deaths on 3/17 from Cov-19:  8


  47. Tuerqas

    Today’s fact:  US deaths on 3/17 from Influenza B:  238
    US deaths on 3/17 from Cov-19:  8

    Wow, just wow.

    I wonder how much loss of income those CV19 deaths represent and how many deaths that could eventually be directly related to the shutdown going on from starvation or crime.


  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    What a dishonest comment!

    I never disputed your freedom in your godless belief system, I said freedom needs to include action as well.

    You are awful in your comment.

  49. jjf

    I wonder how many COVID deaths there will be, even if we do what we do.

  50. Mar

    Pat, I didn’t know your mom lives on Pahrump, NV. Maybe I’ll visit her this weekend.

  51. Merlin

    I’m already tired of Netflix.

  52. Pat


    She’s pretty hot for a 96 year old.

  53. Jason

    >Pat, I didn’t know your mom lives on Pahrump, NV. Maybe I’ll visit her this weekend.


    She’ll do anything for a dollar.

  54. Pat

    Even you. Diaper charge is extra though.

  55. Jason

    >Diaper charge is extra though.

    They’re not like batteries Pat.  She does take her teeth out for free… really like that about the old gal.

  56. Pat

    Oh yah. She lost her teeth a long time ago. Glad you enjoy the old gal.

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