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2122, 03 Mar 20

Late Deciders Break for Biden

He’s got the Big Mo‘.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Many Democratic voters in Super Tuesday’s presidential primaries made up their minds just before casting a ballot — and Joe Biden appears to be benefiting from their indecision.

Late deciders in Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia broke for Biden, helping the former vice president win those states and capitalize on new momentum in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sen. Bernie Sanders secured his home state of Vermont and Colorado, where voters were more likely to be liberal.

The share of late deciders ranged from about a quarter of voters in Texas to roughly half in Minnesota, according to AP VoteCast surveys of voters in several Super Tuesday contests. Moderate and conservative voters in each state were slightly more likely than their liberal counterparts to delay a decision to the last minute.

The indecision shows voters grappling with their choices and reluctant to throw away their votes in a race that is changing quickly. Biden’s big win in South Carolina on Saturday revived his struggling campaign and helped push three of his rivals toward the exit.


2122, 03 March 2020


  1. Mar

    Biden is winning the states Trump will win in November. For the most part, Sanders is winning states that Democrats are going to win in November, with exception of maybe Texas.
    Either way, President Trump wins.

  2. Merlin

    Check on your Democrat friends this morning. Realization that their primary vote choice will probably be between a communist and a brain dead gerbil is likely to leave them a bit depressed.

  3. Mar

    Merlin, stop insulting brain dead gerbils with the comparison to Biden.

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