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2144, 03 Mar 20

Bloomberg to Reassess

He won’t win the nomination. That much is clear. The real question is whether he will throw his money into the race or go home and pout? It’s not like he cares about winning Democratic hearts and minds for the next election.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will reassess his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday, NBC News reported.


2144, 03 March 2020


  1. Merlin

    So that’s what a half billion dollars of vanity looks like.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just ego. From the debates, he looked more clueless that Biden…if that is possible.

  3. steveegg

    And I so wanted to see The Battle of the Ex-es.

  4. MjM

    Bloomy’s TV ad expenditures in the 10 days running up to Silly Tuesday:   $57+ million in Kalifornia,  $43+ million in Texas,  $12+ million in Virginia, $6+million in Alabama.   Roughly $180+ million over all (does not include expenditures for all the other non-Tues states, digital ads, or campaign staffs, like the 300 in Kalifornia alone).

    Don’t know about the rest of you folks,  but to me few things are more annoying than political campaign ads; the same crapolla over and over and over and over.  Commercials for Dummies.  While the pundits credit Bloomy’s bad debates and past commentary for his failure,  I’d  lean towards more of the idea that he got annoying way too early.

    No matter how many delegates we win tonight, we have done something no one thought was possible: In just three months, we’ve gone from 1 percent in the polls to being a contender for the Democratic nomination for president.” – Bloomburg

    ….in American Samoa.


  5. MjM

    aaaaaaaaaaaand…. he gone: “Three months ago, I entered the race for President to defeat Donald Trump. Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump — because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult.”  –  Bloomberg

    Fun to compare/contrast this quote with the one above.

  6. Merlin

    Follow the stories about how cash has been flowing into the pockets of Democrat superdelegates. The DNC is actively for sale again in 2020. It’s no wonder the likes of Donna Brazile (herself a superdelegate) have become so sensitive lately. Shady AF, but apparently not illegal.

    Bloomberg, among others, has been actively buying superdelegates in anticipation of a brokered convention. He may not ultimately be King, but he can certainly become a kingmaker if he so chooses.

    Bernie might as well bend over now.

  7. Pat

    Asking for a friend…….

    How much are super delegates being paid, what are their names, and who’s paying them.

  8. steveegg

    The good news – it should all be over but the burning by April.  The bad, at least for TV ad salesmen – they now have a lot of time to sell, but they might be able to get better than bargain-basement politician rates for the time Doomberg is now forfeiting.

  9. Merlin

    For your friend…

    Try searching “paid superdelegates” for a start. The DNC is expected to release the full list of 764 names by the end of this week, but most of the more prominent delegates (known influencers) are already known.

    The only easy money to follow is that listed as campaign expenditures for the various candidate campaign staffers, consultants, vendors, etc.. Tougher to follow is money passed through PACs. Harder yet is straight person to person private contracting. Almost impossible to trace is money passed to/through relatives of the superdelegates.

    It’s quite a honey wagon.

  10. Pat

    Thanks Merlin. I didn’t find much except on the Daily Caller.

    My understanding is the rules for Superdelegates were changed in August of 2018 so that they couldn’t have the same influence as they previously had in previous elections. Superdelegates now only get to cast a vote in a contested convention. This change was made to appease Sanders, who thought they unduly favored HC in the 2016 election. Contested conventions are rare, but this year could change that and it appears both candidates are wooing who they can.

    I don’t know if anything illegal is happening. If there is I’m sure the Republicans will be all over it like stink on a monkey.

  11. Merlin

    Trump’s ability to run as a Republican and thumb his nose at the RNC’s complete inability to control any aspect of his primary campaign is not something lost on the Democrats. Republican voters basically told the party to go piss up a rope and there wasn’t anything the party could do about it other than whine. If they had possessed superdelegates they would have used them against Trump.

  12. dad29

    There’s nothing illegal about purchasing superdelegates.  It’s a perk for them, and a “campaign contribution” for the buyer.

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