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0854, 18 Jan 20

National Archives Alters Protest Signs

That’s not cool. The Archives should actually, you know, archive the truth.

The National Archives acknowledged this week that it altered a photograph of the Women’s March, which took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, to blur some signs held by marchers that were critical of the president.

Among the alterations are the blotting out of the word “Trump” in a placard that reads “God Hates Trump,” and the blurring of the same word in another sign that reads “Trump & GOP — Hands Off Women.” Words on other signs referencing female anatomy were also altered.

The Archives said the decision to obscure certain words was made as an exhibit featuring the march was being developed. It said the archivist, David Ferriero, who was appointed by former President Obama in 2009 and who was involved in the talks, supports the decision.

“As a non-partisan, non-political federal agency, we blurred references to the President’s name on some posters, so as not to engage in current political controversy,” Archives spokeswoman Miriam Kleiman said in a statement to The Washington Post.


0854, 18 January 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    We need to see the truth of how hateful and awful liberals are! The mental illness needs to be exposed not covered up and enabled.

  2. Pat

    Alternative facts???

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    What are you talking about? National Archives has now reversed and apologized.

    How can that be “alternative facts?

    Are you denying simple reality these days?

  4. Pat

    “ Are you denying simple reality these days?”

    No. I’m questioning the simple reality that in the new age of Trumpism, alternative facts are the new norm for many. Or, in the words of Rudy, truth isn’t truth.

    I’m extremely happy that the Nation Archives has reversed and apologized. It gives me hope that all is not lost. That’s something you would never hear from the Executive Branch of government:

  5. Smitty1037

    Pat is so very angry :-)

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    So Trump being right on Puerto Rico disaster supplies? Libs still call him as liar on that. Trump has to apologize for evil liberals and take bullet for them?

    Why can’t you blame liberal evil, ever? Liberals are very awful on many things. It is liberals that need to apologize for a great, many sins against humanity and common decency.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    You are concerned about “common decency”, yet continue to support the current occupant, who has made fun of and mocked; folks with disabilities, war heroes, military leaders, Gold Star parents, someones appearance, anyone smarter than he is, anyone that disagrees with him, folks that stutter, our allies, history, the office of the President, immigrants, US cities, third-world countries, etc…    Surely you jest?

  8. dad29

    We’re mature enough to overlook occasional errors and incivilities.

    Overlooking criminal activity such as Hillary’s or Biden’s–or flat-out treason such as that of Obama, however, is reserved to people who are like-minded.

    If the shoe fits……………

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    “occasional” ?

    Since HRC, none of the Biden’s, nor Obama have been charged, indicted, convicted or sentenced, you are just making excuses for your guy and his petty little mind and insecurity.  But you will keep trying, right?

  10. jjf

    Le Roi, I think his maturity is unable to overlook the criminal activity of Obama’s mustard and tan suit.

  11. dad29

    Nah, jiffy, I’m not as sensitive to dress issues as you are….

    No charges, no indictments………………….DURHAM!!  We can’t wait.

  12. jjf

    I wasn’t upset about mustard and the tan suit.  Who was?  You can do it.  No reason to fling poo.

  13. dad29

    I didn’t bring it up, Jiffster.  You did.  It’s OK to be sensitive to fashion issues, Jiffy.  Go ahead.  Cry if you want to.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    None of that list is as criminal as hoarding disaster supplies and keeping them from those that need them.

    Not even close on the disgust list.

    It is awful you even compared the 2. Makes me vomit you would draw such moral equivalence.

  15. Mar

    LevRoi, you’re just pissed you were not on Trumps list
    But watch
    Hing the impeachment testimony, it’s pretty obvious that the Dems and their liberal buddies have IQ of gnats with apologies to the gnat family.
    Trump is not perfect but he accomplishes more and has outsmarted liberals everyday, at least 10 times a day.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Once again mar, you mock the intelligence of others, yet you can’t spell, nor write a cogent sentence.


    You whine on about common decency, yet continue to exhibit none yourself.  You and mar are birds of a feather.

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    It is indecent of you to not denounce the evil liberal hoarding of disaster supplies simply because you think Trump may have said mean things in the past.

    Mean things may sometimes have to be said when faced with entrenched, unrepentant, godless liberal evil….like liberals hoarding disaster supplies and making disaster victims needlessly suffer. You are awful for excusing this heinous crime.

  18. Le Roi du Nord


    may have said mean things in the past”  (emphasis mine).  Really?

    There is never , repeat NEVER,  an excuse for making fun of someone for their appearance, disability, or station in life. Never. Ever.  And you claim to be a “christian”.  Ha!

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    I didn’t say there was, but what if it is repented and forgiven? We need to talk about the unrepentance of Democrats on disaster supplies this week. Unless you have no forgiveness, ever, like most radical liberals.

    Do you live without forgiveness?

  20. Mar

    And yet, Le Roi, you support people who do the same thing.
    You really are not that bright Le Roi.

  21. Le Roi du Nord


    Exactly what are you trying to say, that you can say or do anything as long as you repent?  Or are you saying trump can say or do anything he wants, without any repercussions, as long as you say he has repented?  Or is there a different explanation of why it is acceptable to you from trump to be untruthful and without a shred of common decency?  Feel free to use facts.  Thanks.

    No mar, you are wrong, I don’t support you or trump.  The truth and common decency still matter to me.

  22. jjf

    Oh I’m sure he’s praying for Trump just like he prays for us.  It’s just that Kevin doesn’t want to disparage Trump or appear disloyal.

  23. Mar

    Sorry, Le Roi, but you support the vile and hateful left.
    I have never seen a more vile or hateful group than American liberals in my lifetime. Their hateful yelling and screaming make Sam Kinnison sound like a cloistered nun.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m saying you ignore awful, obvious liberal evil but get bent out of shapen on minor issues that may have been done and forgiven.

    You have a very twisted morality…if any at all.

  25. Le Roi du Nord


    Not at all.  At this time I don’t support those on the right (with a few exceptions), especially those that ignore the behavior of the current occupant and his minions in spite of their behavior.  I have voted for R’s in the past (Nixon, Ford, Bush I), and may well again.  But not in 2020 unless there is change in a hurry. I have no idea how old you are, nor who you were paying attention to, but there have been some pretty nasty “conservatives” in the last 50 years.


    Wrong once again.  I don’t ignore evil, but you and I will never share a common definition of what is, or isn’t, evil.  Nor will we agree on what is moral or not.  You are certainly welcome to have your own positions and opinions on those subjects, but you are not entitled or empowered to tell me how evil, twisted or immoral my positions may be.


  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    Can you denounce the Democrat politicoan hoarding of disaster supplies and the sick liberal narrative blaming Trump?

    If you can’t, that is evil.

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