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1251, 05 Jan 20

This is What Socialism Looks Like


Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaidó was denied entry to the National Assembly to be re-elected as its head.

Dissident opposition politician Luis Parra, Mr Guaidó’s rival, then declared himself parliament’s new Speaker by megaphone – a move denounced by the opposition as a “parliamentary coup”.

The opposition also said Mr Parra was sworn in without votes or quorum.

In a heated exchange at the doors, Mr Guaidó reportedly told a security officer: “This is unprecedented!”

Images later showed him and other politicians who support him trying to climb a fence to gain entry to the building in the capital, Caracas.

Ahead of the vote, Mr Guaidó had accused the government of attempting to thwart his re-election as parliamentary speaker by bribing and intimidating politicians.


1251, 05 January 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Evil leftists at work.

    Awful. Just awful.

  2. Mar

    The look of the new Democrat party.

  3. jjf

    Wouldn’t that be crazy if our President decided he was above the law?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    But he is not doing this.

    Can you squeeze out just a tepid denouncement of this leftist evil?

    Or are you Ok with leftist evil here?

  5. Jason

    elmer loves to conflate two incomparable actions in order to spread FUD.  He then runs away when called out on it and moves onto the next topic.  He did it with illegal lack of maintenance of voter rolls in WI.  He’s doing it here, he will always do it.  Now that’s a “Prediction” Leroy.

  6. jjf

    Jason, are you the sort of fellow who thinks nicknames are funny and civil?

    “This is what socialism looks like” is indeed a post that’s talking about a comparison.  It is showing alarming abuses in another government.  Yes, I don’t quite see why the “socialism” boogeyman needs to be invoked, but I know it’s all the fashion these days.

    There are plenty of mild more socialist governments where this sort of authoritarian takeover didn’t happen, and yes, we should be alert to authoritarians no matter where they are, even in the White House.

    Lack of maintenance on voter rolls.  I like the rule of law as much as the next guy, and I think an interesting law suit is more interesting than a football game, and I bet a doughnut I’ve worked more hand-in-hand with WILL than you have.  There’s plenty to debate about “reliable” in that case.  That’s why it’s a horse race and that’s why a bunch of attorneys have jobs.

  7. Jason

    More civil than blandly accusing people of racism because of a differing viewpoint.  But to each his own, eh elmer?

  8. jjf

    I’d rather point at racist policies and racist ideas.  I don’t think it’s very useful to try to paint someone as “racist” and stop there.  It doesn’t really accomplish much, does it?  Very few people enjoy being called “racist.”  It stops the debate and minds close.  Almost everyone claims to be “not racist” and “color-blind.”

    If there’s a policy about voting that seems to disproportionately affect a particular group, shouldn’t we ask why that’s happening?

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    This too good not to share:

    “More civil than blandly accusing people of racism because of a differing viewpoint”

    k, you paying attention?

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite. What incivility? Exact, in context, quote would be nice.


    Don’t want to answer the question? Not surprised. You can never choke out a denouncement of a leftist acting badly. Awful. Just awful.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    petite paulie:

    Are you familiar with cyber libel? Perhaps you should get a lawyer on retainer.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    You call folks names all the time, racist is one of your favorites. Own it.

  13. Mar

    Except, jjf and Le Roi, I can prove that many liberal policies are racist. If conservative did the same thing as a liberal, we would be considered racist. Like school vouchers. Like all Blacks and Latinos should think vote alike. Like violent crime in the inner ciies. Like the bad education in most minority neighborhoods. Like the support of Planned Parenthood whose founder created PP to abort babies of color.
    And the list goes on.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann



    When I criticize liberals for driving policy on skin color, what do you call it besides racist and evil?

    It is a lack of civility to not call policy racist when it is a policy based on skin color.

    Don’t accuse me of incivility and not have 1 example. That makes you awful.

  15. jjf

    Mar, you’re on the right track.  Yes, there have been lots of racist policies and racist ideas over the years.  No, they’re not tied to a particular party.

    You mention a number of topics there but I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.  Pick one and tell me which policies might’ve brought about the problem.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    “I suggest you leave the racism of your heinous party in the past”.

    And check out your comments on the Hurley and Menominee Falls mascot names.

  17. Le Roi du Nord



    I’m sure in your world this would be considered civil behavior.  Those of us in reality don’t feel that way.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Democrats are party of slavery.

    The party of black codes.

    The party of Jim Crow.

    The 1924 Convention was a KKK clam bake.

    That is NOT “heinous”?

    How bad does it have to get before you say something is heinous?

    Do you re-write history to cover the shame of the party? That would be awful. We would fail to learn those lessons.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann

    When it comes to denouncing the doomsday science, meant to reorganize public policy, that is always so wrong…your inability to speak against the awful errors of science is cowardly.

    Using word “cult” to describe those holding to these wrong doomsday predictions, even after they are proven wrong….if not a “cult”, what is it?

  20. jjf

    Even if we accept Kevin’s view of history, isn’t he really saying, then, that if the Dems did those things and then Republicans remained silent?

  21. Le Roi du Nord


    ” that is always so wrong”

    No, it isn’t.  But go ahead, deny away……


    Exactly.  And then along came 1964 and the R’s switched to the Southern Strategy and viola, they became the new version of the southern D’s.  And now k is trying to duck and cover.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    Republicans took Democrats slaves away.

    Republicans opposed Democrats.

    Democrats just kept up their heinous behavior well after civil war.

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am glad we agree you were wrong to assert incivility on my part.

    Are you going to apologize for your erroneous assertion?

  24. Le Roi du Nord


    Where did I agree with you? You are making stuff up again in an attempt to hide your shame .

  25. jjf

    Kevin, you need to read history a bit more closely.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    What did I get wrong?


    So you are not apologizing for your slander? Not surprised.

  27. jjf

    You left out the part where the Republicans were fighting for civil rights all along since the Civil War, and that they did not entertain any racist thoughts nor implemented any racist policies…

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    By definition I didn’t slander you.  We have been through this before.

    Nor did I libel you.

  29. Mar

    Well, jjf, which party freed the slave and passed the civil rights bill?
    Which party is in favor of better education in the inner city schools and which party fights it?
    Which party is it who criminals behind bars and follow tough but fair policing and which party generally hate the cops and put more criminals back on the streets.

  30. jjf

    So Mar, you think the reason for the disproportionate representation of non-whites in prison is due to the – dominance of? – Democrats?

  31. Mar

    jjf, I didnt say anything the proson population. What did say liberals want alleged criminals back on the street, as in New York.

  32. jjf

    Perhaps you can rephrase what you meant at 6:48 above; re: “criminals behind bars.”

  33. Kevin Scheunemann


    First 17 black members of Congress were Republican.

    Learn history, not the distorted liberal crap you were exposed to.

  34. jjf

    Let me guess, you haven’t had a history course since 10th grade, and you learned everything you know from partisan web sites.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t suck up the awful disinformation in Howard Zinn history books like you do….ignoring the heinous racism of Democrats for over 175 years!

    What have I said that was in historical error? Nothing? Thought so.

    Try grappling with historical facts, not erroneous and manipulated feelings.

  36. Le Roi du Nord


    “Errors of omission” comes to mind. But too many new concepts and ideas may be problematic for those stuck in a 150 year old political system.

    As an additional bonus to add to their cog dis:, R’s also passed the CWA and CAA, but now run from any sense of environmental responsibility.

    I wonder if women are allowed to vote in WOW counties?

  37. jjf

    Gosh, Le Roi, are you saying that actual historians don’t operate the way Kevin and his partisan web sites do?  Want to believe that Republicans are the angels here, and that the Dems are the devil, and then pluck facts to make your “argument” and write your “history?”

    Hmm, Kevin, what did you get wrong…  let’s say ten years after the civil war, what were Republicans doing to fight for the freed slaves?

  38. Kevin Scheunemann


    How can stating  the fact that Democrats were the slaveowners and Republicans freed the slaves from the clutches of Democrats.  That Democrats supported Black codes, Jim Crow, and had a 1924 convention that was essentially a KKK clam bake?

    Then I inidcated the first 17 black congressman were all Republican.

    How can I conduct an error of omission reviewing simple major facts about the history of the Democrat Party. clearly, you cannot deny any of the facts as presented.    You want to ignore the Democrats awful history of racism and bad behavior?   I can’t do that.   I am not an immoral liberal.

  39. Kevin Scheunemann


    Republicans did far more than the Klan loving Democrats.   Republicans elected the first 17 black Congressman.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    You should also watch minority directed film “”Hillary’s America: Inside the secret History of the Democrat Party”.    It exposes the awful racism of the Democrat Party, and totally destroys this liberal disinformation of the “great switch”, which is a liberal cover up of their awfiul racist policies,which persist in Democrat Party today.

  41. Mar

    jjf, fair enough, just don’t type and post when at work.
    I didn’t say anything about the prison population.
    I was talking about how liberals live to release both alleged and convicted criminals back on the streets without a care to the public.
    Look at New York and NYC. They are releasing people without bail and NYC are giving the released gift cards and NY Mets tickets after they are released from jail. The victims get nothing.
    And since statistics show most of the alleged criminals live in poor, mostly minority communities, guess where they are going back to to?

  42. Mar

    Of course, if given Met tickets, I probably wouldn’t show up to court. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

  43. jjf

    Kevin, there’s plenty of refutation of the sort of revisionism you are promoting.  Have you read any?

  44. dad29

    While the article you link is only somewhat coherent, it DOES admit that, by and large, the Democrat South suppressed blacks (and fought FOR slavery) while the Republican North disapproved of slavery and fought against it.

    It also mentions that there were other issues,  manages to spell Mark Levin’s name THREE different ways in two consecutive grafs, and brings up Whigs, Jefferson, and Jackson, plus some theory for how the Pubbies got their name.

    Upshot:  not “refutation.”  Perhaps–marginally–“clarification.”

    Try again, Jiffster.


  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    That article is liberal crap, attempting to impugn others for sins of Democrats.

    Just like impeaching Trump for the Bidens disgusting, corrupt behavior…same sick liberal pattern.

    Dad 29,obliterated your disinformation effectively as well.

    You libs are hilarious,you cannot dispute 1 historical fact I put out there,but then cry I don’t understand history.   I do, and am here to correct your sick, awful, liberal revisionist history.


  46. Le Roi du Nord


    You omitted the part where the Rs and Ds switched positions on various social and environmental issues over the years.  And I pointed that out in my last post.  However, due to you inability to comprehend the written word, you missed it.  Or did you intentionally overlook more recent history, putting all your eggs in  the political climate of the mid-1800’s?

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    in case you missed it:

    “This D’Souza-Levin argument over which party is better on slavery and civil rights is largely a pointless one. Both D’Souza and Levin implicitly assume that today’s Democrats and Republicans are the direct intellectual heirs of their namesakes 150 years ago”.

    “Factional disputes in Jefferson’s Republican Party begat the Democrats under Andrew Jackson. The Republican Party rose from the ashes of the Whigs, taking its name from Jefferson’s same Republican Party. The Republicans were the “progressives” of their time, the Democrats, the conservatives”.

    And more recently, trump has compared himself to Jackson.

    So let’s all live in 2020 rather than wishing for the good old days of progressive Rs like TR and slave owning Ds all across the south.

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    The point you miss, liberals/Democrats in 2020 drive policy largely on skin color today. Same racism of the past, just different flavor!

    Since you cannot denounce racist liberal policies, it is fraudulent to argue Democrats have changed judging and punishing people based on skin color.

    Get with the facts, not the twisted PC narrative.

  49. jjf

    We might as well argue that because someone has a German-sounding last name, they’re the inheritors of everything the Germans have done in the last 150 years.

  50. Le Roi du Nord

    Since there is a R in the WH, and R controls the senate, you are absolutely wrong.

  51. Mar

    So, Le Roi a d jjf want to talk about the present but when I bring up present day liberal policies that are racist, they ignore them.
    Gee, I wonder why?

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    Policy driven by skin color for 150+ years is different than ethnicity.

    The fact you bring up ethnicity shows your liberal racist problem…you can’t help it when it comes to putting people in skin color and ethnic categories, can you?

    Awful. Just awful.

  53. jjf

    We were talking about your bizarre beliefs about the sins of the fathers, weren’t we?  Let me try to follow the logic.  Dems did X in the mid-1800s, we’re still using the word “Dems” today, therefore they’re the same!  Prove me wrong!

  54. Kevin Scheunemann

    So now “sins of the fathers” liberal PC is verboten?

    So we can ignore the sick and twisted 1619 project blaming all of us for racism back to 1619?

    Thank you. I will tell them liberal sellout Jiffy sent me.

    If we are going to practice a constant sewer PC culture blaming people for sins of our ancestors…let’s start with the sins and putrid history of Democrat Party.

    Which is it?

    Holding historical sins against?

    Or not?

    Or do we just do it against white people since we are bottom of PC victim pyramid.

    I anxiously await your direction.

  55. jjf

    You’re sounding more pro-reparations by the minute, Kevin!

    How would you like to “blame” for racist policies and how would you like to hold them responsible?

    What exactly are you trying to place on any Dem today, if they don’t hold the beliefs of someone in the “same” party 150 years ago?

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    Democrats should be accountable by payng reparations to Republicans for their awful policy behavior in the past and today.

    That is what I support.   Total surrender of an awful, racist, liberal ideology.

    You OK with that direction, since you did not really answer my question about “sins of the fathers”?

  57. Kevin Scheunemann

    Jiffy said,

    What exactly are you trying to place on any Dem today, if they don’t hold the beliefs of someone in the “same” party 150 years ago?

    Why do Democrats demand reparations from people today if they don’t hold racist beliefs of the past?

    I suggest you get consistent on “sins of the fathers”.    Democrats have an evil history of horrendous sins.

  58. jjf

    Why is there inherited wealth, family farms passed down from generation to generation…  but no passed-down responsibility for debts or crimes?

  59. Kevin Scheunemann


    I was attempting responsibility by exposing the horrendous history of Democrat party driving racist policy….you were having none of that.

    Which is it?

    Holding sins of past against?.

    Or not?

    Or do we just do it against white Republicans like Biden’s crimes being held against Trump?

    I choose second one, but if you want to play #1 and #3 I am game to expose the disgust of your tribe, in the past and today?

    Which is it?

  60. jjf

    Racist belief and policy didn’t have a single party.  It was all over the USA.  It’s still around.  Yeah, there were abolitionists, and even they had their problems.  Heck, even Lincoln didn’t run as a Republican the second time around.

    Biden’s crimes?  Do tell.

    Democrats should be paying Republicans for what?

  61. Kevin Scheunemann


    Racist belief and policy overtly permeated the Democrat Party for over 150 years!   Racist policy and belief still permeates the Democrat Party today!

    Stop  it with the revisionist history.

    Biden’s crimes?  Have you been living in a cave?   Really?

    Stop dodging.  Are we holding “sins of the fathers”against people today, or not?

    If so, let’s start with sins of Democrats.

  62. Mar

    “Why is there inherited wealth, family farms passed down from generation to generation…  but no passed-down responsibility for debts or crimes?”
    Are you talking about the Black owned farms in the South, jjf?

  63. Le Roi du Nord


    “Racist belief and policy overtly permeated the Democrat Party for over 150 years!   Racist policy and belief still permeates the Democrat Party today!”

    Nonsense.  Why do you continue to ignore the policy and ideological changes in both parties that occurred in the middle of the last century?  Probably because it doesn’t mesh with your juvenile name-calling.

    Were you willing and able to read you could look up the “Southern Strategy” started by Goldwater and perfected by Nixon.  Granted, it was before you were born, but it happened, and the policies are still in play today by your alleged conservatives.  You are the one guilty of revisionist history.

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    Have you ever analyzed the clam bake KKK 1924 Democrat convention?

    Watch the Secret History of Democrat Party. It destroys the giant switch lie resoundingly.

  65. Mar

    I guess, Le Roi, you’re just being a coward again. You and jjf, actually.
    Kind of sucks when given evidence of current day racism by liberals, you run and hide under our troll bridge.

  66. Kevin Scheunemann


    The same Washington Post being sued for libel for $275 million by Covington kids.

    They are not trustworthy source.

    The Republicans were far more successful in keeping Klan out by electing first 17 black Congressmen.

    You keep spreading disinformation. It is what you are good at.

    Do we hold past racist sins against Democrats or not?

  67. Le Roi du Nord


    Do you dispute the sources (note it is full of references) or the fact that the WaPo published it?  Perhaps you could provide factual information to justify your claim.  Some that wasn’t debunked previously.

    And trump has been sued dozens of times.  Using your rationale he would be considered untrustworthy, right?

    FYI: The term you are struggling with is “Klanbake”.  And it is just as bogus as the rest of your nonsense.

  68. Kevin Scheunemann


    The Klan actually won a vote at the convention.

    So your disinformation is awful. WaPo is an awful fake news source.

    I hope Covington kids bankrupt them. CNN decide to save it’s fake news organization by settling this week.

  69. Mar

    Gee, Le Roi a story about 1924 and the Klan. What about the other years?
    You’re slipping Le Roi. I think it’s time to enter The Liberal Home for the Aged and Mentally Deficient.

  70. Le Roi du Nord


    In case you didn’t notice, this was the question:

    “Have you ever analyzed the clam bake KKK 1924 Democrat convention?”

    And I asked you guys to account for the Southern Strategy of R’s in the 60’s.  How do you stand on that, oh highly educated one?

  71. Kevin Scheunemann


    They were all racist Democrats in South. Republicans were trying go lure democrats away from their racism.

    Glad you admit southerners were Democrats in 60s.

    They started to shed their racism as they became Republicans.

  72. Mar

    1968 Civil Rights Act. Read up on Le Roi.

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