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0855, 06 Jan 20

Bill Moves Ahead to Require Teaching Cursive in Wisconsin


Introduced by state Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac, the bill would require schools receiving state money — public and private — to teach cursive so students can write legibly in it by fifth grade.

“Surprisingly to many, cursive writing can lend a hand in the process of improving reading,” Thiesfeldt told the Assembly Committee on State Affairs during a public hearing Nov. 6. “This bill isn’t just about nostalgia of being able to read grandma’s letters and primary source historical documents.”

The state Senate Committee on Education recommended on a 5-4 vote Dec. 20 to send the bill to the full Senate for passage. The Assembly committee has not yet acted on their version of the bill.

The linked story does a good job of laying out the arguments. The issue isn’t whether or not we should teach cursive. Personally, I think we should, but I can understand the opposite view. The issue is whether or not the state should mandate it. The state mandates all sorts of things to local school districts – both big and small – but should this be left to local school boards to decide? Or is there a valid state interest in including cursive teaching as one of the list of things that are required as part of a standard Wisconsin education? I’m on the fence.



0855, 06 January 2020


  1. Mar

    I think it should be required. Ots to the point where many kids don’t even know how to write their name. Sure they can use their computer to write with but give them a pen and many just stare at you.

  2. MjM

    Owen asks: “Or is there a valid state interest in including cursive teaching..”

    Being able to read the US and WI constitutions in their original form might be nice.

  3. jjf

    Just a Republican tossing some meat to the olds in the base.

  4. Mar

    Yep, jjf, us old timers just want our kids to improve in the very basics of education.
    Meanwhile, liberals like to have drag queens dancing in front of kids, having days of protests, indoctrinate kids about global warming and having same sex bathrooms.

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