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2011, 01 Jan 20

Remember… Chip Your Pets

In a country near you.

The consultation is looking into the effects of making the move mandatory on owners, rescue centres and on cats. The closing date for evidence is January 4.

A spokesman for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), said: ‘This Government has always urged cat owners to microchip their pets as the right thing to do as responsible pet owners and is now taking steps to introduce compulsory cat microchipping to give pet owners peace of mind, help tackle cat theft and identify cats injured or killed on roads.’

Zac Goldsmith, animal welfare minister, added: ‘Microchips are often the only hope of reuniting lost pets with their owners so it truly is the best New Year’s resolution you could make to protect your furry friend in 2020.’

Since compulsory dog microchipping was introduced, 92 per cent of dogs are now microchipped. It is only mandatory for cats involved in the Pet Travel Scheme.


2011, 01 January 2020


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