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0719, 02 Jan 20

Population Shifts

Interesting data from the BizTimes.

Most of Wisconsin’s population gain in the last year came from its natural increase with 63,712 births outpacing the state’s 50,393 deaths. Total net migration added another 1,903 people with a net gain of 3,341 internationally offsetting the net loss of 1,438 people domestically.

Since 2010, Wisconsin has seen a net loss of 12,755 people through migration with the loss of 72,006 residents domestically outpacing a gain of 59,251 from outside the U.S.

Every Midwestern state except North and South Dakota has seen a net loss off domestically. Illinois has lost 865,873 residents to other states while adding 242,945 from outside the U.S.



0719, 02 January 2020


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