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1117, 07 Nov 19

Harris Wants Full Time School

Speaking of our schools becoming civil justice centers.

This is Senator Harris’s aim with her proposed legislation. The Family Friendly Schools Act would award five-year grants of up to $5 million to 500 U.S. school districts with the purpose of building a new school day around an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday school week.

The bill would also limit the amount of days schools can close without offering free, full-day enrichment activities for students — again, to better align with the limited number of days that parents can take off from work. On average, schools shut down for 29 days during the school year and close for the entire summer. Meanwhile, 39 percent of all workers, and 80 percent of low-wage workers, don’t get any paid vacation time at all.

The grants would primarily serve low-income elementary schools, where there is likely a high percentage of working parents.

“The misalignment between school and work schedules puts working families through unnecessary financial stress — a burden we know is disproportionately shouldered by Black and Latinx families and families with low incomes,” Catherine Brown, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, said about the bill. “Senator Harris’ proposal would better support families in arranging child care and their work schedules, enabling more parents —  largely mothers —  to work, advancing educational equity and providing a needed boost to our economy.”

You’ll notice that the entire purpose is not to actually educate more. I support year-round school as a means to provide more education, but that’s not what this is. This is a proposal to provide welfare through our school systems so that we don’t have to call it welfare.


1117, 07 November 2019


  1. Mark Hoefert

    Sounds like a good deal for those low-income minority parents that work “banker’s hours.”

  2. Mar

    I actually don’t think its a bad idea.
    The one elentsry school I taught at, the kids could come in an hour early, have breakfast, learn somethings and go to the playground. Then they would be in school during the regular school day and then continue to 6, again mixing education with a snack and recreation time.
    Many working poor parents don’t work 8-4, so these programs helped out, especially if they could not afford private daycare.
    This doesn’t mean the kids we’re in school from 7-6, 5 days a week, but it was there, if needed.

  3. dad29

    Somewhere underneath the GooGoo Harris is flashing is the truth:  she’d love to indoctrinate children for 12 months/year instead of only 9, and full-time rather than part-time.

    Look at any of the charter, private, parochial, or choice schools.  They manage to educate the little darlings within the traditional timeframe; most likely our blog keeper’s grade- and high-school hours were also ‘traditional.’  And he appears to be educated.

    The rightly-ordered society makes it a point to support the FAMILY, not the school.  No surprise that Sen. Harris is not familiar with right order, but let’s not fall for her BS.

  4. MjM

    Mar sez “I actually don’t think its a bad idea.“

    That would be great if taught actual history, actual math, and actual English instead of teaching them they’ll be dead before high school because “global warming” and mommies can have schlongs and there are 42 genders (which is kinda math, but not actual math).

    IOW, no.

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