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1436, 07 Nov 19

Away Fans

This is also a sign of a great economy. People have more disposable income to travel to away games.

With the proliferation of apps like SeatGeek and StubHub, through which customers can easily buy and resell tickets, the away fan takeover has become ubiquitous – and not just in Los Angeles. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings flooded Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for the team’s away game against the Kansas City Chiefs, generating as much noise as the home supporters and performing their signature “skol” chant with impunity. New England Patriots fans turned out in droves for the team’s road game last month against Washington; they did the same two weeks later when the Patriots played at the New York Jets. When iconic teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers or Dallas Cowboys come to town, whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere, the home fans are always at risk of being outnumbered. Resale ticket prices are an average of 53% higher than a typical game when the Packers are visiting, according to figures provided by SeatGeek. They are 55% higher for Cowboys road games. That can be enticing for a season-ticket holder, looking to resell a ticket.


1436, 07 November 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Trump keeps on winning!

  2. jjf

    Which people?  A few thousand people in a stadium?

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