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1147, 20 Sep 19

Topless and High in Colorado

It’s like all of Colorado is becoming a frat house from the 80s. I almost expect Trudeau to traipse across the screen in blackface at any minute.

Going topless has been effectively legalized in six states after a town decided it was not worth anymore money to fight an appeal.

Fort Collins in Colorado had already spent $300,000 defending the law and trying to stop women from taking their tops off in public.

They had been appealing a decision, which was upheld by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in February, that the law amounted to unconstitutional discrimination.

As the Appeals court covers Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, women in these states can now effectively bare all without breaking the law, reports NBC News.

Fort Collins in Colorado has decided to stop fighting an appeal to ban women being able to go topless. The decision effectively means women in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma can bare all without breaking the law (file picture)

The ‘prohibition on public exposure of breasts by women and girls over 10 years old’ will be gone from the city code of Fort Collins as of this week.

I wonder how that will square with child porn laws. If a dude is walking down the street and a topless 14-year-old girl strolls past, is he now viewing child porn? What if he takes a picture – even if she’s in the background? Will the Google street view cars blur out the boobs or is that now sexist?


1147, 20 September 2019


  1. Merlin

    Pervs are winning bigly.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Yup, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas,…  all bastions of liberal thought.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Colorado is a liberal cesspool…the fact those other states are caught in the liberal cesspool ruling is not the fault of those states.

    It was disgusting of you to lay blame on those states for liberal idiocy.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Don’t take your shirt off if you don’t want to. And nobody forces you to look. Shouldn’t be a problem unless you are weak willed.

  5. Merlin

    I’ll be very surprised if the state AGs within the 10th Circuit don’t take this one to the USSC. This decision is both a legally and socially unworkable nightmare.

  6. Jason

    >Don’t take your shirt off if you don’t want to. And nobody forces you to look. Shouldn’t be a problem unless you are weak willed.

    Ironic you say that, and yet post stupid arguments with Kevin, day after day, like some type of weaponized autistic kid.   You won’t understand what I’ve just said though, I’m sure of it.  Go ahead, get some snarky last word in, we all know its an obsessive compulsive disorder with you.

  7. dad29

    legally and socially unworkable nightmare.

    Fits into everything the Warren Court established, though.  Now you know why the intense discussion about “integralism” is happening.

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