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1228, 20 Sep 19

New DPI Head as Wrong as the Old One

The same people who created the problem are giving us the same old non-“solutions.”

State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor in her first State of Education address Thursday called Wisconsin’s achievement gap a “crisis” that must be addressed.

The top state schools chief said the $570 million in new education funding included in the 2019-21 state budget is a “down payment” for educational equity in Wisconsin schools, but said more must be done to close the state’s wide achievement gaps between students of different races, income levels and English language abilities.

Strike the word “gap.” The real achievement crisis is that the education being provided by too many of our government school is mediocre to wretched. And until we drop this fiction that more money will fix it, it will never be fixed.


1228, 20 September 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Same old failed educational liberalism, different day.

  2. jjf

    When you look at the rest of the world, when you look back through history, who had the magic solution to educating the young?  The free market hasn’t discovered the trick to it yet?  There’s no company who’s developed a teaching method that works across the board to a diverse population and pulls those kids ahead in a dramatic fashion?  The best solutions you’ve seen in Wisconsin, public or private, how do they compare to the rest of the world?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    What do you mean free market hasn’t “discovered the trick” to education? Thanks to free market the answer to every opportunity is out there. All that lacks is motivation.

    Public schools were an idea fir for 19th century, designed to get children to sit still in preparation for factory work. Because public schools are not in free market, they still operate on that outdated 19th century model. That is what government does, keep horse and buggy relevant because liberals romanticize against change and progress….and blame capitalism for destroying horse and buggy as mode of transportation.

    Liberalism and government monopolies are a giant sickness against innovation.

  4. jjf

    As I said, Kevin, show me the superior results.  If it’s private, I don’t care.

    I have no doubt that policies of selecting kids who are already privileged is a great way to get “better” results.

    Trouble is, public schools are in the State Constitution.  Don’t like ’em?  Change the Constitution.

    Golly, what would that be like if a Constitution contains out-moded rights?  Can’t imagine what that could be like.  If only there were other examples of this.

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