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1118, 20 Sep 19

Dems Come to Pimp School

The decision by the DNC to have their convention in Milwaukee is making more and more sense.

MILWAUKEE — Big events, such as political conventions, come with a dark side, and the crime of human trafficking is already a big concern in Milwaukee as tens of thousands plan to head to the city for the Democratic National Convention in July.


“Milwaukee is considered the Harvard of pimp school,” Dana World-Patterson said.

I had no idea that Milwaukee was held in such high esteem by pimps.


1118, 20 September 2019


  1. Jason

    Most likely it’s spill over crime heading North from Chicago..  I mean due to Chicago’s outright banning of guns, Milwaukee streets are safer for thugs – there’s less thug on thug shooting up Norte.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Democrat…Party of the pimps.

    Feminists silent.

    Why is that?


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