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0857, 26 Aug 19

Gun Control as Race Control

It’s an important perspective.

Kenyatta, co-founder of Detroit’s Black Bottom Gun Club, points to the growing emergence of violent white supremacist sects and the persistence of structural racism as reasons to reject calls for gun restrictions.

Kenyatta believes that gun control measures are often a  response to black Americans’ attempts to exercise their Second Amendment rights. He points to Michigan’s adoption of gun ownership restrictions after Ossian Sweet, a black physician who bought a house in a heretofore white Detroit neighborhood in 1925, used a shotgun to protect his family against an angry white mob. Sweet was eventually acquitted of murder charges, but in 1927 the state lawmakers adopted legislation giving counties control over the issuance of gun permits, a move designed to limit black gun ownership.


Kenyatta, who resigned his NRA membership over its demonization of the Black Lives Matter movement, disagrees with 59% of Americans who said they support a ban on assault weapons in a recent HuffPost poll. He points out that out that many mass shootings have been committed by white men with connections to white nationalism, and he believes that if he gives up his weapons, he may be making himself vulnerable to racists who will be unlikely to surrender their firearms.

“I know that there are people who don’t like me just for the color of my skin who are heavily armed, and I can’t in good conscience relinquish my ability to defend myself, my family and my community knowing that law enforcement and even the government doesn’t have the capability and often times isn’t willing to protect my community,” Kenyatta says.

He adds, “It’s incumbent upon especially black men to be armed for means of self-defense. Being in tune with the national rhetoric and being conscious of our history and our present here, I see nothing wrong with being able to match fire with fire with those who have historically attacked our community with physical violence and social-economic violence as well.”


0857, 26 August 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    When liberal Democrat policies allow criminals to run loose in urban centers, this 2nd amendment argument is all the more important.

    Advocating gun control is some of the worst kind of racism.

    I am against racism, especially the long history of racism in the Democrat Party.

  2. jjf

    “Urban centers.”  Oh, Kevin, you slay me.

  3. dad29

    mass shootings have been committed by white men with connections to white nationalism

    That’s a “fact-error.”  El Paso shooter was anti-Hispanic, and the Christchurch (NZ) shooter was apparently a racist, too.  Prior “mass”  shooters, however, have no race-consistency in general terms.

    However, it’s a historical fact that gun-control laws were largely instituted by Southern Democrats to keep weapons out of the hands of blacks.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Its settled then, “liberal run criminal blight” is a better term anyway.

  5. jjf

    Dad29, what did Reagan do as Governor, and why?

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