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2150, 14 Jul 19

Rich People Shouldn’t Be President

Says this guy.

I’ve written before that one of the greatest problems facing this country is a dearth of skepticism toward the extremely rich. Very rich people do not experience life — the tangled web of mutual obligation and care that makes working-class life possible — in the same way as us.

Really think about this: If for years someone is never subject to the will of another, compelled by the experience of scarcity, coerced by want, that person has been deprived of the human experience from which an ethic of mutuality, a capacity for empathy, grows.

Rich people tend to be less generous than poorer people. And the very wealthy are limited in their ability to comprehend the lived experience of others. Being a billionaire — a liberal one like Tom Steyer or a wannabe authoritarian like Donald Trump — should in and of itself be disqualifying for higher office, much less the presidency.

And while being rich isn’t necessarily a qualifier for office, people who have been in powerful positions, and become rich from it, are also accustomed to running large enterprises with competing interests. While nothing completely prepares someone to assume to presidency, such experience certainly helps.


2150, 14 July 2019


  1. Mar

    I have no problem with rich people being president. Most of the them have
    I do have problems with people who spent their entire adult in politics and never had a real job in their life.

  2. guinness

    Wealth, in itself, has nothing to do with qualifications. If the writer of the article thinks being rich should be a disqualifier, he’s being very narrow minded. There are a multitude of things that define a good leader. Not to mention that there are plenty of generous rich people, as well as selfish poor people.

  3. Merlin

    Just another clueless, self-proclaimed expert on OPM with no use for wealthy people who don’t spend their riches in a manner the author favors. Probably has no qualms about lecturing the poor on how to spend their limited resources either. Perhaps the Left’s beloved Oprah can sit down with this clown and relieve him of his ignorance about the real world.

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