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1735, 13 Jul 19

Armed Terrorist Killed While Assaulting ICE Facility


(CNN)An armed man was fatally shot early Saturday during a confrontation with police after he hurled incendiary devices at a Washington state immigration detention center, Tacoma police said.

The shooting occurred about 4 a.m. local time outside the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Northwest Detention Center, where the armed man attempted to set the building and parked cars on fire, according to police spokeswoman Loretta Cool.
Authorities did not immediately identify the man who was armed with a rifle, saying in a statement the “medical examiner will release the identity of the victim when it is appropriate.”

1735, 13 July 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Thanks to our heroes staffing ICE.

  2. MjM

    Lucky that you snagged the link there, Owen, cuz CrappyNewsNetjerks seems to have trash canned this story off of every one of their main pages now that said terrorist ID’d as a well-known anti-American (that’s what Antifa means, btw, so let’s just call them AntiAM instead) protestor.

    Indeed, various AntiAM groups are calling this nutball a martyr.

  3. Mar

    Another liberal, American hating scum bag.
    I’m sure Le Roi and jjf will condemn this POS.

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