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1431, 06 Jul 19

Biden Touts Moderates

He’s not wrong, but this won’t win him the primary in a party that has gone hard left.

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Joe Biden sounded a note of caution Friday about progressive Democrats and their policies, saying that Democratic voters are more “center-left” and not “way left.”

During an interview with CNN broadcast Friday, Biden pointed to a number of moderate Democrats who won swing districts during the 2018 midterms.

“That’s what this election is about. I’m happy to debate that issue and all those issues with my friends because guess what, look who won the races. Look who won last time out,” Biden said.

Throughout the Democratic presidential primary race, Biden has continued to tout his more moderate proposals as some other 2020 Democrats have announced their support for more left-leaning ideas, such as Medicare for all. Biden does not support Medicare for all. He said his plan includes keeping private insurance while allowing people to opt in to Medicare if they would like.


1431, 06 July 2019


  1. Pat

    True. But it could garner independents, moderates, and Republicans that haven’t been co-oped by Trumpism and the hard right.

  2. dad29

    The magic formula in years past has been 1) run hard Left (or Right for Pubbies) in the primaries; and 2) run like Hell to the center for the general.

    Biden has two problems.  First off, he’s doddering, which is not attractive to ANY voter.  It’s not horrible–yet.  Secondly, he’s not going to win the primaries by being moderate.

    As to Trump:  unless something horrible happens–and there are 18 months left–Trump will win.  He already has all the Reagan Democrats and his positions are simply not “extreme” in any sense.  In fact, he’s a big-spending/debt-incurring Leftie, just like Evers, Fitz, and Vos.  His border position is sensible, he’s not a warmonger…..hell, he’s a lot like Bill Clinton but without the shrew.

    Whoever the Dems send out there will simply be sacrificial.  Heh.

  3. jjf

    Dad29, such deep analysis!  So apart from recognizing Trump’s spending levels, and then leaping to conclude he must be a Leftie (ignoring the history of other Republicans spending and warmongering spending), and ignoring Trump’s warmongering (lately in Iran), can you name any other Trump policies that would also indicate he’s a secret Leftie?  Have you detected any “doddering” in Trump?

  4. dad29

    Campaigning for another “ignore him” medal, eh, Jiffy?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Biden is the creepy clown in the carnival of oddities the Democrats have in the race.

  6. Mar

    Biden is a joke. The Democrats can’t come up with anybody than someone who has been in politics for about 50 years. It’s a clown show right now and almost everyone is laughing at them. Everyone that is, except the uneducated fools who believe what they say.

  7. jjf

    Mar, which way is it?  Too many candidates, or not enough?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    I think we can all agree that the R’s have the monopoly on creepy clowns the past 2+ years.  They even have orange hair and makeup applied with a putty knife…..

  9. Mar

    jjf, no quality of candidates.
    Biden might have been a good candidate if he had not been in politics for 50 years.
    Other than being a lawyer for a couple of years, he has not held a job outside of politics.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Please.  The party of Clinton, Biden, Epstein…and Trump is the more creepy one?  What color is sky in your world?

  11. guinness

    Ignore him….

  12. Jason

    >Other than being a lawyer for a couple of years, he has not held a job outside of politics.

    Isn’t that every Dem candidate for the past 50 years?

  13. Le Roi du Nord


    Neither Clinton is in the WH, nor Biden.  trump is a buddy of Epstein.

    Today the sky is pretty hazy due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires caused by CC/GW .

  14. Le Roi du Nord


    And there is a great article in the July 5 issue of Science by Bastin, Finegold, Garcia, et al on the value of planting trees to capture CO2.  Reading it would do you a world of good.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    No kidding?…. your world is pretty hazy?   Not surprized.

    I am not against planting trees.   I am against doing it at the barrel end of a gun, foisted on us by a government funded cult you fuly embrace.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Changing your tune in face of evidence…  How “conservative” of you..

  17. dad29

    Doh.  Wisconsin lumber harvesters have planted so many trees that there are more of them now than there were 50 years ago–and they have not stopped nor reduced harvesting.

    Good business practice.

  18. Le Roi du Nord


    Even if what you say is true, so what?

  19. dad29

    Wisconsin is the pattern for US ‘eco’ activity.  This country–as the President told us–is leading the world on eco issues.  So there’s NO reason whatsoever to torture the US with more of the same.

    Here’s an idea for you:  take your pension income and go to Communist China, preaching EcoReform over there.  They’re sorely in need of serious ‘eco’ activism like you would provide.  And since it’s one of your religions, it counts as mission work.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    I agree, time to defund Nord’s eco/global warming religion.

    He is so hypocritical on this.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    “This country–as the President told us–is leading the world on eco issues”.

    Except it isn’t.  That’s what you get for listening to 45, a lot of factually challenged  nonsense.

    No religion involved (unlike you guys) but rather a basis in sound science.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    Capitalism leads on eco issues, because it provides the wealth and resources to discuss the issues. Environment is utterly destroyed in liberal alters like Venezuela and north korea.

    Eco policy should be based on facts, not arrogant cult presumptions that man can control the weather.

  23. Le Roi du Nord


    It doesn’t make any difference how many times you say it, but you are still wrong about religion, cults and that man can “control” the weather.  Why must you continue to be sooooo dishonest about this subject?  Nature or nurture?

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am saying man Can’t control weather by policy.

    You are saying policy can control climate and weather.

    Asked you to use facts how Oregon imposing these regulations has any ability to control the weather.

    You have refused to use facts in your god-like belief.

    Disappointing for someone who claims to live by science, not faith.

    You have faith, just in the wrong god.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    And again you are wrong.

    And no religion or god involved, just sound science.  Using religion to explain things you are too lazy to understand is all yours.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have been begging you for the science!!!

    Please connect what Oregon is will that control the climate and the weather in the way you wish?

    Use facts.

    Until you do that, it is all faith and belief on your part.  You should not thrust that on others, or force others to pay for that.

  27. jjf

    Kevin, you like science?  You’re begging for it?

  28. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m begging for Nord to provide the “science” for his god-like belief that man can control the weather/climate by hurting people with regulation in Oregon.

    I have now said, “use facts” 7 times, and Nord does not provide the science….only his faith the man can control the climate.

    If he just admitted his religion, he would not need the science here for his god-like belief.

  29. Le Roi du Nord


    I can’t do that until you quit pulling religion and god (your version) into the discussion.  Neither are involved in CC/GW, just sound science.  Until you repent, and accept science as the solution, I alone can’t save you.  When the end comes your descendants will blame you and your ilk for failing to take heed and do something about the problem.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are you asking me to repent of my heresy to secular godlessness?

    Not going to do it…I don’t live by the subjective morality of your religion.

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, just your willful ignorance. Religion and god have nothing to do with it.  Looks like being a chronic liar is moral in your religion.

  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    I asked you to “use facts” on how man can control the weather with this Oregon regulation.

    You have refused.

  33. jjf

    Are you familiar with the phrase “tragedy of the commons,” Kevin?

    Who said anything about “controlling the weather”?  Is this something you invented or heard on talk radio?

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    Is this not what we are talking about: policies to control climate/weather?

    If not, will you just admit it is failed Marxism dressed as religious environmentalism?

  35. jjf

    So I guess the answers to my questions are “no” and “Kevin made up that straw man because he thinks it bolsters his position.”

    So much of the time here, Kevin, no one else from the WisGOP B&S gallery chimes in to defend you.  Is there any meaning to that, you know, beyond assuming that everyone knows you can hold your own and your arguments are so water-tight that they don’t even need cheering?

  36. Jason

    Oh the irony of complaining about someone creating a straw man and then in the next sentence, creating a straw man.  Sadly, the dummy probably won’t even comprehend it.

  37. Mar

    “Who said anything about “controlling the weather”? Is this something you invented or heard on talk radio?”
    Seriously, are you saying we cannot control weather? That’s what many people of your I’ll are saying. Extreme weather is manmade. Warming is manmade. Blizzards are manmade. Flooding is manmade. Just ask AOC who said that this week.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann


    So if this regulation is not going to control/improve the climate/weather, why are we inflicting this economic pain?

    Unless it s is a religious perseverance test for global warming heretics like myself?

    If so, I just demand equal funding for my religion.

    That is all.

  39. jjf

    Here we go again.  Let me guess, you think humans haven’t done anything to change the climate.  But show you the science.  And then we show you the science, and then you claim that the scientists have their own religion and they’re in it for the money and the power and the groupies.

  40. Mar

    Humans have not done anything to control weather. Climate yes. We have built cities, houses parking lots and we have air conditioning. And we plant trees, flowers,grass and do other things to counteract any climate changes.
    But man does control tornadoes, hurricanes, rainstorms, sunny days, cloudy days and other weather events. Show me the evidence, actual proveable without a doubt evidence, that man affects weather events.

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your large assumption is: that policy will reverse Climate/weather change.    You are claiming policy will control that….or man controls the weather.

    Al Gore always said weather is climate.   He always used weather as evidence of climate change.  Are you now disputing Al Gore, the high priest of GW?

    Isn’t that heresy?

  42. Le Roi du Nord


    I gave you an answer to that on the 10th.  But since it requires some thought and action on your part you deny the answer.  I can’t help you on that point.

    And the big part of your confusion is that you are misusing the word “control”, and you have never come to grips with the difference between weather and climate.

    “Al Gore always said weather is climate”.  If he said that he was wrong.  Perhaps he, like you, was using hyperbole to make his point.   Or perhaps you are referring to a different Al Gore.  The one I am familiar with is not a high priest, but rather the former vice-president of the US who was cheated out of the Presidency by a FL politician.

  43. jjf

    Kevin, do you think Man could do anything, or ever has done anything, that affected climate?

    If you don’t believe he could’ve, if you can’t imagine that anything Man has done could affect the Earth, well…  you’re in a place where you can’t imagine change of any kind, so what’s the point of trying to reason with you?  You’ve already made up your mind, and it didn’t come from a place of facts.

  44. Kevin Scheunemann


    Compared to natural CO2 emitting forces, no, man has no effect on climate. It is religious belief to think man can control climate, ether way.

    One volcanic eruption can emit more CO2 than man can in span of year. Can you control plarte techtonics?

    The first 6 months of 2019 has been the coldest in decades! If earth is warming, why is it so cold?

    It’s all worship at alter of Marxism. You failed Marxists have to repackage and GW religion is it

  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    You gave me nothing on how Oregon regulation is going to change climate.

  46. jjf

    Where’d you get those stats, Kevin?  Some Marxist scientist?

  47. Mar

    Le Roi, you’re still bitter about the 2000 election? Jeez man, get a life. And it was the Supreme Court who decided the iisue. But get a life.

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.) Scientists cannot agree on just how much CO2 is coming from continually active volcanos annually. Some believe it is much as 500 million tons annually.

    2.) This does not include possibility of catastrophic eruptions, where CO2 discharge could be in tens of billions of tons.

    Here is an article discussing the dilemma:

    We could cut all our emissions to cO2 zero destroying humanity in process, but one big, prolonged, volcanic eruption could dump all that CO2 back into atmosphere.

    Tell me again why this Marxist policy grab is not a religious cause of big government worship and is all about “science”?

  49. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord is bitter his GW Pope lost 2000 election.

    This has over been about science, it is about his religious leader losing the 2000 election.

    He has never forgiven the electorate for rejecting his GW high priest.

  50. Le Roi du Nord


    You consistently used the word “control”  to describe the Oregon proposal.  Are you coming around to a more sensible position ?  Slip of the tongue?  Or hedging your bad bet?

    And you certainly are consistent with your misunderstanding of weather versus climate, “The first 6 months of 2019 has been the coldest in decades! If earth is warming, why is it so cold?”.  It really doesn’t cost any more to get smarter, and reduces your embarrassment factor.  If you chose to remain ignorant I can’t help you unless you want to be helped.

    And no, I’m not still mad about the 2000 election.  I was just asking k if he had the right guy.  As it turns out he didn’t.


  51. jjf

    OK, keep going, Kevin.  How much CO2 do the humans put out in a year?

    How did you conclude that “scientists cannot agree,” and what’s the range of estimates for all these numbers?

    If the scientists “cannot agree,” then how did Kevin decide what was correct?

  52. Le Roi du Nord

    “The first 6 months of 2019 has been the coldest in decades!”

    Source?  It doesn’t appear that real scientists agree with you…

  53. dad29

    We will concede to AGW when LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoyyyyyyyyyyy explains the warming from 20,000 years ago to date.  That’s been at the rate of 1/2 degree F. every 200 years or so.

    Short form:  just explain the years before 400 BC or so.

    Remember, it’s Anthropogenic.  No other kind exists under the Religion of Gaia.

    We’ll wait.

  54. jjf

    Sure, Dad29, here’s a chart.  Just keep scrolling.

  55. Le Roi du Nord

    And again you confuse weather with climate: “The first 6 months of 2019 has been the coldest in decades! If earth is warming, why is it so cold?”, and again in your last post.  You are making it too easy.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    It’s OK.  Al Gore confuses weather and climate all the time.

    So it is only OK if it furthers the GW religion?

    Duly noted.

    I have always been a total heretic to GW worship.

  57. Le Roi du Nord

    As I said, if Gore actually said what you claim, he was wrong.  However, after some research, it looks like a CC/GW denier blog misquoted him and that is what you have been using to make the claim.

    And the religion thingy is all yours.  I’ll stick to the science.

  58. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    I’ve had die hard GW disciples openly denounce Gore when I being this up.

    Even the true GW zealots admit Gore conflates weather and climate all the time and uses weather to prove climate change. The true GW zealots hate what Gore has done.

    Let’s get clear:

    Are you a true zealot denouncing decades of Al Gore’s conflation?


    Are you a pretend GW zealot denying what Al Gore has done for decades, conflating weather and climate?

    Make a choice, and we can deal with your religious zealotry in a more clear manner.

  59. Le Roi du Nord

    And you read (if you can read), that I said that if Gore actually made that comment he was wrong.  See above x 2.

    But could you provide any evidence that, “Even the true GW zealots admit Gore conflates weather and climate all the time and uses weather to prove climate change. The true GW zealots hate what Gore has done”, as that statement seems to be more opinion than fact.  Thanks.

    And let’s get this clear: you don’t get to put your words in my mouth. Never. Ever.


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