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2244, 06 Jul 19

Epstein Arrested

Clinton’s buddy is still at it.

Epstein was arrested Saturday and is expected to appear in federal court in New York on Monday.

Epstein faces charges brought by US prosecutors in Manhattan, after previously evading similar charges when he secured a non-prosecution deal with federal prosecutors in Miami.

The charges, contained in a sealed indictment, involve alleged sex trafficking crimes committed between 2002 and 2005, according to law enforcement sources. The indictment alleged that the crimes occurred in both New York and Palm Beach, Florida.


2244, 06 July 2019


  1. jonnyv

    You left out friends with Trump as well… Funny.

  2. jjf

    Jonnyv, you’re totally missing the point of this blog and Owen’s mission if you are wondering why.

  3. guinness

    No kidding. Zero outrage toward Epstein. Only Trump hate.

  4. Mar

    Yeah, Epstein used to be Trump’s buddy, so much so, that the Trump administration is going after him.

  5. Pat

    He’ll probably get a presidential pardon because, “He’s a good guy”.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    You libs, Clinton went on underage sexpot tours with Epstein.   None of that came up in relation to Hillary’s tolerance of that.   And her hit squad sweeping that under the rug.

    I am so tired of the Democrats acting like they don’t embrace every perversion under the sun when it comes to their people…

  7. Pat

    Hopefully Epstein will flip to get as good of a deal as possible. If that means he takes down Clinton, Trump, and any other scum bag, so be it. I won’t defend any of them.

  8. jonnyv

    Take down anyone who participated. Period.

  9. Owen

    I think we can all agree on that.

  10. jjf

    And yet you were compelled to call him “Clinton’s buddy.”

    It’s just a mystery as to who else has been accused of participating, isn’t it?

  11. Mark Hoefert

    It’s just a mystery as to who else has been accused of participating, isn’t it?

    Depends what kind of participation will be investigated.

    Participation could focus on campaign contributions (pay-offs) and prosecutor misconduct (not prosecuting or investigating on a scale that matches the severity of the crimes committed.)

    Some of finding this noteworthy from the article: A team of federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, along with some in the public corruption unit, have been assigned to the case.

    Trump moving against the Deep State? I find this interesting too:

    Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, warned conspicuously on Saturday evening that it is “quite likely that some of our faves are implicated” in the “horrific” sex-trafficking case against politically connected financier Jeffrey Epstein.


  12. dad29

    For that matter, Mark, the fed prosecutor who took a knee in the case (in Florida) is now Trump’s Sec/Labor.  Since he’s a VERY liberal Pubbie, he won’t be missed if he is forced to resign.

  13. MjM

    Bonus: All those immunities handed out by Acosta to Epstein’s facilitators back in 2007/08 may not be applicable if these are new charges or are NY based.

    If the sealed document to be released at Epstein’s court appearance tomorrow is an indictment, those facilitators may have already faced a grand jury. If the doc is a complaint, the arrest was based on an affidavit of an accuser.

    Next question: Where are the state/fed prosecutors in New Mexico?

  14. Merlin

    Epstein skated in Florida as a condition of keeping his mouth shut to protect Willy Jeff and Sweet Hillary, among others. There are perks to being a Friend of Bill.

    On the one hand this could be a great opportunity for the new Red Democrats to satisfy their TDS and finally force those old school Clintons to take that long overdue permanent retirement. On the other the potential collateral damage from Epstein’s client list could still be so widespread that Fostering Epstein might be the preferred option. We all know how Democrats feel about inconvenient life and Epstein’s life has once again become an inconvenience.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    You libs are hilarious throwing Trump into the same mix with Clinton on this.

    Clinton and Epstein were best buddies on their sexpot tours.

    Trump never took a sexpot tour with Epstein.

    If Trump did anything illegal with Epstein, I look forward to “President Pence”!

    So I am for taking down any child molestors.

    The liberal Trump hatred blinds liberals to the sheltering of child molestors occuring in the Democrat party.

  16. guinness

    Bill Clinton took 27 trips on the Lolita Express. Of course, just like he never inhaled, he never had sex on those trips.

  17. Jason

    >Bill Clinton took 27 trips on the Lolita Express. Of course, just like he never inhaled, he never had sex on those trips.


    He probably just talking about his children and grandchildren on the jet parked on the tarmac.  Nothing more, and I’m sure Loretta Lynch would corroborate that .

  18. Pat

    “If Trump did anything illegal with Epstein, I look forward to “President Pence”!”

    Me too.

  19. Jason

    >If Trump did anything illegal with Epstein, I look forward to “President Pence”!


    I look forward to the future – holding the Democrats to these higher standards.  No more sleezy criminal cadidates and party members!

  20. Merlin

    Epstein’s legal problems will likely find a political solution yet again. While he may be a complete perv and 100% guilty as charged, the clientele he served still remains above the law. In some cases they may be the law and/or those who report on the law, so don’t look for this to go much beyond a few embarrassing news cycles trying to salaciously tie Trump’s name to Epstein’s sans factual information. The value is in the continued Mueller-style slander of Trump, not the facts that would implicate Epstein’s clientele in criminality.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    New York Magazine; October 28, 2002:

    “Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” “

  22. dad29

    Yup.  And Trump tossed the Baby-Rapist out of mar-a-lago permanently after he tried to pick up an 18-y-o there.  Further, Trump gave the victims’ attorney ALL the info he had to help him out.

    Mr. Epstein will also retire …ahhh…..poor, after the damages lawsuits.  But hey!  He gets to see Hillary on visiting days!!

  23. Pat

    “I look forward to the future – holding the Democrats to these higher standards. No more sleezy criminal cadidates and party members!”

    Yes! With you 100% Jason. Democrats, Republicans, and any other Party that puts forth a sleaze bag candidate.

  24. dad29

    Interesting twist:  some of the victims here have hired David Boies as their attorney.  Boies is a Clinton ally/power-lawyer/Democrat ‘fixer.’

    Vos can retire on popcorn dividends from this case alone.

  25. MjM

    …and Billy Bob Clinton, tryin to “get a little head” start in the game, lies (again) in his denial-of-friendship statement, which no one asked him for. Wonder why.

    “I did not have sexual relations with tha.. er, … on board that Lolita.”

  26. Merlin

    The Lolita Express was merely Epstein’s conveyance to and from St. Thomas. From St. Thomas they were helicoptered to Epstein’s privately owned Little St. James Island for their fun in the sun. The smarter, alibied pervs flew either commercial or private into St. Thomas and booked a hotel on St. Thomas, then privately hopped to Little St. James. The dumber, cheaper bastards like Willy Jeff and wife are the ones whose names appeared on Epstein’s passenger manifests.

    Which begs the question of what the Secret Service protection details knew about juvenile sex trafficking, when they knew it, and what if anything was done about it.

  27. Pat

    Ahh, the Lolita Express. Yes, I read Trump was on that a few times too. Possibly along with Bill. They were chums that hung out in the same circles.

  28. Pat

    From Bloomberg;

    To be sure, Epstein’s contact list includes many prominent people, both men and women, who are fixtures in the celebrity party scene.

    The black book contains more than 1,000 names, ranging from close friends like Wexner to peripheral contacts from the worlds of politics, business, the media and European high society. The U.K.’s Prince Andrew and members of the Trump family make appearances. There’s even an entry for the main number to the White House.

    The names include well known performers, including Ralph Fiennes, Alec Baldwin, David Blaine, Jimmy Buffett and Courtney Love; media figures including Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters; former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, former British prime minister Tony Blair, industrialist David Koch and the late Salomon Brothers chief executive officer John Gutfreund and his wife, Susan.

  29. Merlin

    To be somewhat fair here Epstein also used his multiple aircraft for angel flights, organ donor transports, and allowed clients/friends/acquaintances to bum rides on repositioning flights. He was also a very wealthy guy who made his already wealthy clients even wealthier, contributed generously to celebrity causes, and performed expensive favors, so it wouldn’t be all that difficult to find quotes from celebrities praising Epstein in good conscience prior to 2007 or so. After that I would guess the number of folks on his contact list who would take his calls got a whole lot shorter.

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